Friday, February 13, 2015

A Couple's Bird Lovers Country Paradise Pond Part I

You all are in for a special treat today and Monday. A special garden/house tour that most would not normally see. In my role as a garden coach I meet super folks and Tom and Kimi are just those kinds of folks. Today and Monday we will tour their newly built country pond and a bit of the home and garden. First, let me say this property was purchased by Tom and Kimi a few years ago and prior to that it was owned by another client of mine. I have had the pleasure of helping with the berry patch and orchard for several years now and wow! Tom and Kimi have really developed the place beautifully. The orchard on this property will not be featured because it is dormant, but I used it as a model to develop my own orchard and am ever so grateful for the experience I gain in helping others in their gardens. So this property is extra special to me and Tom and Kimi are really nice folks.

Tom gave a wonderful garden program to my garden club this past October. He is a published photographer and avid bird watcher. His program was on the birds of Iraq. Birds of Iraq? Yes indeed, beautiful birds and gorgeous pictures. Everyone in the club loved his talk and they want him to come back! Kimi is also a bird watcher and they have developed their 20 acres to be a wildlife friendly paradise that is especially designed to attract all sorts of birds-including water birds. Today we'll look at the pond area and Monday we'll explore up by the house with a few pictures of inside the house.

We'll start with the gorgeous waterfall. Both this pond and the waterfall, as well as the other various features on the property were built by Robert and Beth of Teacup Gardener. Robert and Beth were at the recent dinner party I attended at Tom and Kimi's home. The party was in fact in their honor now that the beautiful pond is finished.
The waterfall lit up after dark. A beautiful sight! The picture does not do it justice.
The large pond looking down from the orchard area. This pond was built by the previous owners but the area did not hold water. Tom and Kimi hired Teacup Gardener (Robert and Beth) to line the pond so that it would indeed become a pond instead of a big basin for drainage. The pond holds 575,000 gallons of water. How would you like to have a koi pond that big??
Looking up toward the orchard area from below the house near the pond.
Another view up to the orchard.
A perfect seating area near the pond is wrapped around a pine tree.
The waterfall again. This waterfall makes beautiful music to all who visit the property because you can hear it from all over the property. The sound of water is also a very big attractant for birds of all types-a good thing for bird lovers!
One last picture looking up to the house. This is a very special house and the way it was built; as well as the layout; is quite unique and hard to find in this area. I'll showcase a bit of it on Monday....

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  1. A very special place indeed. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Wow, not just a property, an estate. My brother has a big pond on his farm. He is working with the state conservation department to develop it as a wildlife area. It's a huge undertaking. He is on a 4 year plan to rid the farm of weeds and foreign grasses and reestablish prairie grass. That is the hardest. I know your friends will enjoy their pond. I envy them.

  3. A treat for sure. Thanks for sharing. Seeing other gardens is so inspiring.

  4. Looks like such a peaceful retreat!

  5. Wow, what a wonderful waterfall and pond! Am most impressed with its size....