Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Garden

It has been almost a year since we had a horrible Ice Storm here in my GEORGIA GARDENS. With such events comes destruction such as this fallen tree.
 And a very large tree indeed! Look at the root ball of that Willow Oak tree. 
In this area, we lost several large trees. With an open area for sunlight, came weeds that we did not like to see this past year.
 What does one do to get rid of weeds? Well, create a new Garden of course! In the Garden's, Master Gardener, Tina visited me during the McCorkles Giant Plant Sale last fall. I had her help me collect plants to start this new garden. How fun to have Tina's eye in my garden. 
 Next came the clean up of this area by the Saint and I. Piles of debris lay in the area from that Feb day until late Sept. Tina set the plants in place before she left us.
 Due to underground roots, the holes were not dug exactly where Tina had placed the plants. But we got them into the ground before winter which was our goal. We also spread many bales of pine straw as mulch. I was hoping that in time, it would become natural looking.
 The leaves begin to fall in time slowly blending the mulch.
 I was happy with the transformation taking place.
 We now jump to the present time and the area is really looking natural. We have yet to decide what to do with the tree stump but for now, I will NOT allow the Saint to cut it down as he so wants to! we checked into getting a chainsaw artist work magic but we did not have an extra 1,000.00 laying around for that! I see a birdhouse or something atop this tree and in time, something will happen. But for now, Back Away from this stump Saint!!!

Only issue I am having thus far, the deer have found the Azalea and Loropetalum plants and have enjoyed munching them! With all the rains we have had this winter, I let my guard down where the gardens are concerned. Last week, I sprayed Liquid Fence on the plants and hope they will make a comeback this spring. Thanks Tina for your help in creating this NEW GARDEN, In the Garden...

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  1. It looks really good now that it is mulched and growing in! I see the pattern and have the vision. Just hope you like it once it has filled in. Can't wait for that! So glad you posted this. I think I'd love to come back for that sale again--just depends on my schedule. Bummer on the deer. Time to start spraying. I was shocked the deer like azaleas and rhodies but they do!

  2. Isn't it fun to make a new garden. Love all that pine straw mulch. We can't get that around here. I have been eyeballing the neighbors pine straw that they just mow over. I might ask for it. Surely they will let me have it if I rake it up. Your new garden looks right at home here. I think you should have the Saint carve on the stump. :)

  3. I did a double take when I saw your snow picture. Looks just like northern Illinois. I got lucky last fall and picked up a few bags of pine straw. It's sitting in the barn waiting for mud season when I will use use it. Hard to find pine straw in this area.

  4. I like it. Eventually, you'll be so used to the change you'll have to find photos to see what it looked like before.

  5. What a great job of turning a tragedy into something joyful, Skeeter! This is a lovely place for a garden area; can't wait to see it as it progresses. Maybe Mark could practice his chainsaw skills a little first and then try to carve the stump himself:)

  6. What a great job of turning such a big mess into something beautiful! This seems like such a natural area for a garden; looking forward to seeing its progress. I think you should encourage Mark to practice his chainsaw skills for a little while and then he could carve the stump himself:)