Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garden Art, from Bowling Balls

Okay, okay, probably everyone has heard enough about bowling balls from me, but I just can't seem to stop. If you don't like reading about them-stop right now.

My friend Geri is an excellent gardener and also likes crafts. She doesn't have any bowling balls lining her gardens or on poles suspended in the air, but she does have some bowling balls. Where are they you ask? Why in the garden of course! I just saw them yesterday and they are looking good!

I shared a few of my many bowling balls with her so she could make these beautiful treasures. In return, I insisted she let me post about them. They are so beautiful! The picture really does not do them justice. These bowling balls are covered with glass gems and absolutely sparkle! She made two, and Clare (her daughter) made two. It was one of their craft projects over a long weekend. Here are the directions Geri and Clare used to make their cool bowling ball art courtesy of Backyard Living, Lynne Hansen, Nov/Dec 07.

1. Fill finger holes with silicone caulk

2. Spread tile adhesive on the ball and add the accouterments to it. Leave about 1/2 inch of space between decorations for grout application. If you are going to set the ball on a stand, leave the bottom clear. Let dry for 24 hours.
3. Mix grout to the consistency of cake batter. Adding a grout additive instead of water will help it weather better.

4. Apply grout with a sponge, wiping off excess as you go along. Let dry.
5. I am planning seal mine, though the directions don't say to do so.

6. Now enjoy!

Today is my sister Dawn's birthday. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! I won't say the age though I am still older even though we are the same age now.

in the garden....


  1. They look like garden jewels. I saw one done in pennies.

  2. Crafts are fun, I have wanted to mosaic a bowling ball in mirror pieces but never have gotten around to it! Would you tell Geri hers are super looking! I love all the cobalt blue!

    Happy Birthday Dawn!


  3. Those are really cute. Where do you find the balls? I never see used bowling balls for sale. It looks like a fun project to make.

  4. Wonderful project Tina. I love these bowling ball turned works of art for the garden. I bet the bowling balls are easy to find at thrift stores. Your welcome for the fave by the way.

    Happy Birthday Dawn!

  5. These are really pretty, my daughter and I always find bowling balls at the second time around store, she found a green swirly one yesterday. At some point I'm going to have to replace the gazers with something tougher.
    Ah, another year...thanks guys!

  6. Mother Nature and Gail, My next project is to do one in mirror. I just happen to have a broken mirror with lots of leftover pieces. Should be cool but I like the penny idea as well. Gail, would love to see your glass on glass. I'll tell Geri your compliment-she never gets on here as she is so not a computer person.

    Marnie and Dawn, I collected bowling balls at yard sales and thrift shops for years, without really acquiring a bunch. I finally found a local bowling alley that is happy to give them up. Some are cracked, but that is ok-just not for mosaics. They have to be whole.

    PG, These bowling balls are SO pretty. Not sure if it is the glass or the design, but I sure love them!

  7. Very pretty. I've always wanted to make one but lack the bowling ball. I will have to look around and see if I can find some.

    Happy B'Day Dawn!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my second born daughter!!!

    What a great project to do with a daughter. With my large collection of cobalt blue dishes I have to agree with Gail. Since my dishes are mostly all of the old version, they will not be going on anything like that. LOL

    Funny how you bloggers do things on the same line at the same or nearly same time. Gail's post yesterday was real neat. I am sure you saw her great bar top.

  9. Those are some gorgeous balls. I'm assuming they'll never see the bowling alley, again? They are too beautiful for use.

    Happy birthday to Dawn!

  10. Hi dp, you commented just 1 mintue after me and I had to laugh when I saw it cause as I was typing my comment I was wondering where you were as you had not been here or at Dawn's for a couple of days.

  11. Oh darn dp, I just went back and checked and you were here yesterday, sorry. Guess I was the one missing. LOL

  12. Happy Birthday Dawn!!! Another year down but still younger then sis Tina! LOL.... I always say that to my brothers! LOL...

    These bowling balls can no longer be called bowling balls! They are beautiful works of art! Tina it would take you years to do that to all your big balls! LOL. I think they are beautiful but I would not want them in the garden for fear they would break. Maybe on the porch though.

    Tina great idea using the old mirror! Nothing wasted and Mr. Fixit was just setting you up with yet another craft! You may freak out your birds though and make sure the glare will not get in the eyes of passing cars. You already have them parking in your ditch with no glare! Oh Wait, was there glare coming off the moon that night? Hummm….

    To the yard for mowing I go. Ho-hum...

  13. Very pretty. I have two of Dad's old bowling balls here with plenty of crafy stuff. I just haven't been able to bring myself to do the deed yet. Thanks for sharing the directions. Maybe I should make one to put at his grave sight. I wonder if I could find some plastic fish to cover it with....

  14. Well this is the first time I've seen bowling balls in this way -- and I think it's unique! That was nice of your friend to let you post about them too.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit. Vicenza...ah...and the cat reputation. I really liked the area further north up in the higher altitudes. And they make wonderful cheese too!

    Btw, I'm not so much of a great cook as I am an adventurous one. ;-)

  15. Wow those would make great Christmas lawn ornaments! Christmas in July! They look great I don't think I would have thought of that.

    Happy Birthday Dawn! It's a good month for a birthday. :)

  16. Hello Tina, These are very nice and look so much easier to do than the lady bug one's we discussed early on.

    Happy Birthday Dawn, hope your day has been a memorable one.

  17. I saw the article on this project in that magazine. Thought it would be great craft to do. Sadly no balls. They look terrific & sounds easy.
    Thanks for info Tina as can't find book.

    Happy Birthday Dawn. Great month & great yr.

  18. Hey Cindy, Mom, DP, Skeeter, Cinj, Dave and Lola, Thanks! I passed on the info to Geri and she appreciates the interest. Maybe we can get her to comment one of these days?! Geri??

    Rowena, Welcome! Your blog is a fun blog and you sound like an excellent cook despite only be adventurous. Vicenza? Been there and loved it!

    Nina, You got your profile working? Yahoo!

  19. Hi Jean! So happy to hear that my absence from commenting was noticed. I feel special. :-) Yay, happy birthday again to dawn.

  20. Hi Tina --these were so pretty! And, I was so excited to see a poster from Vicenza area --lived in Torri Di Quartesolo for 3 wonderful years --awesome food!!!! Very nice people and great markets! Still have several friends over that way --hope to visit them one of these years. We had a blast today --went to Indiana --the zoo was WAY better than Nashville --well at least that is what the kids said:) Such a nice zoo and beautiful flowers. I took a hundred pictures --at least hahah --went to the kids museum too and a Audobon (sp) state park --made it home in time to swim as a break from all that fun. Skeeter you knew we'd be getting our swim in, hahah. Lots to catch up on with one day away from the house. See you all later!
    ****Happy Birthday Dawn! *******
    Skeeter --girl model did see your email --very big smile on her face just knowing you got it:) She is something else I tell you. Ciao!

  21. Anonymous, You sound like you are running 5 miles a minute! And I know even you can't go that fast! Can you? lol What part of Indiana did you go? Indianapolis? That was a drive! I love the state myself so I know you had a great time. There is an Audobon park in Evansville-did you go there? I have been wanting to go there forever! Let me know. ttyl

  22. Anonymous, it was a pleasant surprise!
    Thanks for the smiles on my end....

    I love zoos and gardens. My two favorite things to visit!