Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Were Overrun....!

This tree frog obviously liked our tall windows on the covered porch. He was a joy to see and the Jimster had fun playing with him. He is one of the largest tree frogs I have seen here.

Disclaimer: No frogs, toads, skinks or bugs were harmed in the making of this post, though one egg did perish.

What kind of bug is this? Hint: It is a favorite of kids in the summertime!

This is an update of tad. They are all doing fine and growing up very fast. As of the publish date of this post, all have 'flown the coop'.

Mr. Fix-it was helping me to dig out a clump of grass from a large wooden planter when we came upon a funny looking organic pea sized 'thing'. What could it be? Actually there were many more than just this one. We had no idea what they were so I squeezed one just to see if it was a seed of some sort. It squirted-oops!

Upon further investigation and digging we found the mama responsible for laying the lizard eggs-there she is above. We felt really bad for disturbing her and gently placed her back in the pot after we planted a little redbud. Seeing this part of Mother Nature was really cool because neither one of us had ever seen lizard eggs.

Our dozens of resident bull frogs LOVE our swimming pool. Poor Mr. Fix-it spent about four weeks trying to replace the liner and skimmer in our pool. It took a while because he only has time to work on these things on the weekends. All the while these bullfrogs were croaking and swimming-even with the pool pump running!

Here is another one I got up close and personal with. Their throats expand so much you can see through the skin. They are not bothered by people but only come out at night.

Here is another one floating on a noodle. They were literally ALL over. I think the rains this spring made a bumper crop of frogs and toads and lizards. What do you all think? Even as I write this the bull frogs are still croaking by our pool, though I hope they are not in it anymore since the pump is running.

This is some kind of tree frog. He was in the way of progress during the liner change out. Tree frogs are fairly common if you know where to look for them!

This last little toad/frog (not sure which) might be kind of hard to see. He is located in the middle of the picture a little below the midpoint directly under the middle purple leaf of the upper leaf. He is brown and blends with the leaves. Geri could not believe how many of these buggers we have in the garden. They were EVERYWHERE during the first two weeks of June or so! I don't see them as often now. But we do have huge toads. I know where most live and am going to begin naming them soon. Any suggestions for names?

in the garden....


  1. Great pictures of all the wild things! I never saw lizard eggs before, what a find.

  2. I love the frogs although I've not seen too many with the throat thingy. Bullfrogs I believe. They all do like the pools. Neat to see a lizard egg.

  3. Tina,

    That is a wow! Terrific photos! I have just recently begun to see lizards around...that has to be a good thing! No froggies here I wish we had them!


  4. I hope those tadpoles are busy eating mosquito larva. They should all be fat and happy.

    I was weeding last evening and found Toad Hall in my dry stacked limestone wall;)

  5. Toads are always welcome in my garden, but lizards are another story. Actually, I don't think we have them this far north. I guess if they ate mosquitos, I would learn to live with them.

  6. The lizard eggs would be a neat find.

  7. Hey all! Doing lots of traveling today. Urrr! I don't like it so much.

    Cindy and Dawn, Finding those lizard eggs was the coolest! We had never seen them either.

    Gail, Thanks! If you have lizards I would think the toads would come along too. They do eat the bugs.

    Marnie, Lucky you to find some toads! They will hang out there pretty permanently. I like the little fellas. I just have to be careful not to mow over them. They move pretty fast.

    Rose, You may be right about the lizards. But if you ever find them they are good for the garden. They eat all sorts of things-like beetles, slugs and snails. Not sure about mosquitos though. They can bite but it doesn't hurt, unless it is a big lizard.

  8. Nancy, Thanks! They really were a great find and what a surprise. We truly had no idea what they were until we found the lizard with some eggs still attached. Yuck!

  9. Wow you have an abundance of lizards, frogs and toads in your garden. I hardly ever see one in mine. I would of freaked seeing one in my swimming pool when we had one. We used to have an above ground one when the boys were younger, they outgrew it and we needed the space for an addition to our home. Anyhow, nice pics! I've never seen lizard eggs either. How cool is that? :)

  10. Well Tina, it seems that the lizzard egg is a great find!!! Very cool. Never have had a frog or anything in the pool and for that I am thankful. We do get the darn beatles but the skimmer mostly takes care of them. The tree frog is really big. Thought it was a regular frog because of the size when I first saw it.

  11. I had to enlarge some of the pictures to see the frogs, they blended in so well with nature! We have lots of baby lizards but I am yet to find eggs! I have seen a lizard pooping though! LOL... Yesterday I pulled a large Toad up when pulling a weed out of the flower garden. I moved him to a safe spot in a planter. I have longed for a pool but the Saint says leaves and wildlife would be a constant issue and I know he is right. So no pool, we must go to the lake instead. Frogs and Toads do their part in the garden of eating bugs so I love my frogs…

    Hope you have safe travels today Tina! Traveling is a pain in the rear but once you get to where you are going, usually worth the hassles...

    A spotted Fawn has been bedding down in our yard this morning! I have been trying for good pictures without luck. Thing keeps changing locations but gets behind a tree or in tall brush with each move! Smart little thing and cute as can be. I need to mow the grass today but will refrain until later this afternoon. I dont want to scare the thing to death. Maybe mommy will come get it by the time I run some errands in town and return... Wildlife rules my every move around here!

  12. kidding! This is so great to see. Loved the photos!

  13. Lizard eggs? I never gave one thought to how they had babies. I sure hope I haven't harmed any.
    It is easy to see the tiny frog if you click on the pic.
    That is quite a Menagerie, you have there. Great photos!

  14. Neat, I'd love to see some lizard eggs. I haven't seen any lizards around here, but then again I haven't been looking for them either. A toad made a home in Peanut's shoe planter though.

    Peanut has some names for your crew since no one else came up with them for you. She thinks Frogger is a good name for a frog. Sticky for a tree frog, Todd for one of the toads, and Lizzy for the lizard. (Gee, she's pretty original, isn't she? She's 7 though.)

  15. Hi Tina, you did a great job on the photos, so many different kinds there. We have the blueish skinks, they live in the cracks of the long wall. I wish they would eat the voles. LOL. One time at our other house in TN we had friends over and were sitting by our pond and a frog or toad was sitting on the edge. The next thing we knew he had swallowed a lightning bug and it was lighting up his throat! No one believes this story, but there were four of us. Yes, a little wine maybe, but this really happened, we'll never forget it.

  16. Cute little froggies!!! In Tennessee, we get tons of toads in the summer time. I used to go catch them when I was younger. I think they are cute.

    For name suggestions, how about Kermit? LoL. J/K.

  17. Great pics of all your pets. Love them. They are good for the garden. I picked up a pot with a lily in it & disturbed a big from. Startled me I almost threw the pot. Got over it real quick & placed the frog in the garden so he could eat some bugs for me. We also have lots of the little green tree frogs. Neighbor has some kind of frog that calls for rain.They are all neat & welcome here.

  18. oops. Disturbed a big frog.

  19. I mowed the grass today and upset a large green tree frog! Poor thing had grass blades all over his body! He was lying low in the tall moist grass by the Air conditioning drip. Smart frog. I stopped the mower to make sure he was okay. He was fine and I continued with my mowing...

    We call Frogs Peaty and Lizards Charlie…

    I am so upset with the weatherman. Yesterday he reported we would have a day of good rainfall on Friday, so I pulled the hose in and stopped watering yesterday. Now he reports that tomorrows (Fri.) rain chance has been dropped to 20% possible pop up showers! Out with the hose to finish up the dry spots. Arggggggg. My fault for A: believing the weatherman and B: for not doing the rain dance last night!!!

    I am ready for a glass of wine Frances; unfortunately it is bed time for me…

    On a good note, the humidity has been so low that it is great outside even in 94 degree heat!

    Lola, I would have probably thrown the pot! LOL

  20. Hey all! Summertime this year has been awesome! Lots of wildlife and all. I will certainly throw Kermit into the mix with Toadie and Bullie as well. Thanks everyone. And keep a look out for those lizards and their eggs now that you all know what they look like. Do NOT squeeze them!