Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bloom Day-July 2008

This month's GBBD sees many things blooming in the garden....

I will not publish pictures of all blooming flowers, but will mention that all pictures I published last month are still blooming with the exception of: gaura, clematis, santolina, Easter lillies, heucheras, drumstick alliums (the blooms are everlasting), goldenrod, butterfly weed, Queen Ann's Lace (removed prior to finishing bloom), yuccas, yarrow (blooms are everlasting), feverfew, most bee balm, pink astilbe, penstemon, spireas,


Buddleia davidii 'Black Knight'....

Pink glads I cannot get rid of!

Unknown daylily. Many, colors are blooming. Mostly yellows and oranges, with a couple of peach and mauve ones thrown in.

Unknown flower. Probably some type of blanket flower.

Eggplant bloom showing the holes from the flea beetles. Eggplants are really not worth growing if you ask me. I don't grow them each year, but this year I thought I'd put one in. It was not worth it.

Onion bloom... It looks just like last month's Elephant Garlic bloom doesn't it?
Crocosmia and orange cosmos. I love both of these and so do the butterflies. They coincidentally grow in the butterfly/bird garden.

More crocosmia. Isn't it great? 'Midnight Duchess' hydrangea macrophylla. A new purchase. I am on a hydrangea collecting kick lately. This was a markdown purchase at Wal-Mart.

Canna. I have many varieties of these, all growing together in this sunny area next to the veggie garden.

'Pink Diamond' hydrangea. Similar to Tardiva; which blooms a bit later. In the paniculata family and my second favorite type of hydrangeas after the oakleafs.

A variegated hydrangea I started from cuttings two years ago. I have three that are blooming. The bloom of this hydrangea is a rare sight in my garden, but I like the hydrangea just for the foliage.
Also blooming but not pictured: begonias, yellow potentilla, balloon flowers, hostas, Cimicifuga racemosa, melampodium, dahlias, brown eyes, rose campion, veronica, sedum, 'Summer Snowflake' viburnum, coneflowers, Rose of Sharon, Natchez crepe myrtle, mums, salvias, beautyberry, oregano, shastas (going by), and cleyera.
I hope you have many things blooming in your garden this month and every month!
in the garden....


  1. Hi Tina, great blooms. I have only seen the variegated hydrangea bloom once here, and that was the year it was grown under the deck and covered in Christmas tree branches. It still lives though, so there is hope. I also have trouble with the cannas, maybe too dry here. I agree about the eggplant, I am pulling mine, I don't even have flowers yet.

  2. Tina,

    I didn't know you were on a Hydrangea kick...let me recommend the H arborecens sps. It is a lovely, very simple bloom, similar to the pink diamond...but white!

    Your bloom photos are lovely and I am glad to know the Cosmos we both have is a bee and butterfly plant!


  3. I am smitten with that variegated hydrangea--do you know its name? I agree, even if it never bloomed it would still be lovely.
    I am with you on the eggplant--I grew one last year, but I had trouble telling when the fruits were ripe. Much easier to buy the occasional one in the store!

    Enjoyed your snowy view yesterday; always a good reminder when we're complaining about the heat:)

  4. I am trying some unusual buddlieas this year, one pink tubular I think, and a special yellow one. They are so small.

    Thanks for naming the Crocosmia, we have had them for years in the past, and I didn't know their name.

  5. I like the hydranga too. Alot of pretty flowers. Never grew eggplant

  6. Tina - Very lovely blooms in your garden. That Butterfly looks huge !

    I have the same issues with my eggplant. I have no idea how the flea beetles can find them so quickly. But I love eggplant and for some reason I never buy it from the store so I rely on the summer garden.

  7. Hey all! Good Tuesday morning to you!

    Frances, Rose, and Dawn, That hydrangea is so worth growing just for the foliage as Frances knows. I have no idea the variety but I believe the cold kills all the buds. I was surprised all of these bloomed this year! You can pick them up just about anywhere and it is adaptable. It is easy to start from cuttings.

    Gail, I LOVE that same cosmos more than any other. But I am a hot color person in the garden so this one fits in. The butterflies will soon flock to yours. I do have the arborescens hydrangea and love them too but I am not sure if mine is wild. Aren't Annabelle's arborescens? I am getting confused. Your bloom picture of it is lovely.

    Linda, Thanks for dropping by all the way from Australia! I just read about the oldest known blogger from Australia this morning. I thought it cool. I would love a yellow buddleia. Frances and Skeeter both have one. They are all cool and will grow fast. Crocosmia is lovely. I so like to say the name. It is a little known and grown plant here in my neck of the woods.

    Cindy, I love eggplant but what a pain to grow! You must be doing something right to only eat yours from the garden PA. Any secrets for the rest of us? Tennessee has not been good for eggplants.

  8. Good morning everyone! I envy all the color in your garden Tina! I usually have more color this time of year but the drought is really getting to things. I am so ready for major rain...

    I planted Egg Plant for the first time ever. You will hear more about it tomorrow.

    Not as humid today so that will be a relief. Voting Day in Georgia today so the Saint and I will meet up to Vote then have lunch together.

  9. Great GBBD post Tina. I love all your blooms today, but I am partial to the Hydrangea and the Butterfly Bush. I have been adding more Hydrangeas to my garden, they are my favorite plant of the moment. Come check out my GBBD blooms!

  10. Lotsa pretty flowers. Hard to pick just one as a favorite but I do like a plain ole Zinnia.

    Have fun today and are you having Pizza?!!

  11. I love the pink flower there-the one you can't get rid of :-) It is really a great color, and it's so pretty too! I actually am enjoying the eggplants this year. I think I will replant next year. The blooms are nice, and the actual eggplant itself is doing wonderfully in my garden.

    The photos are very nice. And I love the shot of the butterfly. :-)

  12. Jean, I had pizza for lunch! How did you guess? You have a hidden camera in our car???

  13. LOL Skeeter. I think we have all caught on to the fact you like pizza!!

  14. Tina,

    Did you post a photo of Annabelle that I skipped past? Yes Annabelle is a named variety...her bloom is bigger the species H arborescens has a different flower that I prefer!


  15. Great pics Tina. I didn't know there was so many different kinds of Hydrangea. The one I have is pink but it doesn't bloom very good. It's in shade. Should I put it where it can get more sun?
    I can't really pick a favorite as I like them all.I have cannas but this is the first yr. I have made a canna bed--All colors eventually. Now I have red, yellow, orange, beige & tropicanna. Am waiting for all to bloom so I can take pics for real color to document.

  16. If anyone wants some free wildflowers here is a link to help you out.

  17. Are you tring to get rid of the Glads? I think they are very pretty. Walmart discount is the best. Do you venture to Oak Grove walmart. They have some stuff that is different and lower taxes.

  18. I've seen variegated mopheads, but not a vaiegated lacecap. That is something special. I really don't like Glads, but I find it kind of amusing that you can't get rid of them whereas here, they have to be dug every fall & replanted.

  19. Hi all, the name of the variegated hydrangea is 'Mariesii'.

  20. Tina the butterfly on your flower is just lovely! your onion bloom is amazing! I would like to get some more hydrangeas at our house.Sarah

  21. Great to see all the chit chat here today! Tina must be making Mr. Fixit a special dinner tonight now that she is finished with her school paper and test! Good job on the scores Tina! I know you are too modest to share with everyone so I just did it for you! LOL...

    Lola, I made a canna bed for the first time also! I was so distraught with them until they finally decided to pop up. They are now blooming and I am snapping my heart away! Look for Cannas soon...

  22. Wonderful blooms Tina! I love the variety that you have. I wish my hydrangeas were blooming, I have two and still nothing. Weird.

  23. Beautiful blooms Tina!

    The photo of the butterfly on the Buddleia is stunning.

  24. Looks like your garden warmed up quickly from your "snow day..." The blooms are gorgeous!

    And oh by the way, you'd tagged me months ago, and I've finally gotten around to getting going on my own round of tags. It's at: http://www.soenyun.com/Blog/?p=381

    Sorry it took me so long!

  25. Send me your gladiola bulbs :) you are trying to get rid of. They really are an unusual color. My husband agrees with you, he says Glads just keep multipling beyond belief.

  26. It's nice to have this record of what's blooming once a month. There is certainly a lot growing in your garden.

    And what is this that eggplant isn't worth it? I love eggplant, my favorite way to fix it is battered and fried. I'll always have some in my veggie garden!

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  27. Tina, I have egg plant and you dont? You have so much more in your gardens then me but I have something you dont.. na na... LOL..

  28. The pic with the butterfly looks like a postcard! You certainly have a ton of blooms, must be lovely.