Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Visiting Maine

While on leave with Mr. Fix-it recently, we were able to slip in a vacation in sunny, sunny Maine. Can you guess what we also had a chance to do? Hint: See the fishing pole in the foreground? Yes, that is my fishing pole and I so thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant day on the dock with the salty ocean breeze and sturdy lobster boats buzzing around. No, I did not catch anything on this day, but Mr. Fix-it did! He was about to give up but on his first cast he caught two pollack (we think)! The next catch saw him reeling in two mackerel. What fighters they were!

I am not sure part of the whole trip Mr. Fix-it enjoyed most, but those fish were right up there close to the top. He needed a break after working sixty plus hours each week trying to put young people in the Army. Recruiting is a rough job and takes it toll. The trip to Maine was relaxing and enabled us all to enjoy life's little pleasures-like fish and lobsters straight from the ocean! Do you notice the coat? We found the weather a bit chilly at times. What a relief and nice respite from all the heat of the south.

The Jimster got in some good recreation as well. One of his big sisters is a rock climber. The other one white water rafts on kayaks. On this trip the Jimster got to climb a tall rock wall at the local YMCA with is big sister Christine. You all have seen her on here before as she does check in frequently. We could tell just by watching Christine and the Jimster climb the wall that it was tough work! You need lots of upper body strength and strong fingers. The Jimster did find his groove after a few tries and managed to quickly climb to the top of the bunny climb. Is this what they call it? Not sure. Here is a picture of the Jimster climbing with Christine belaying him at the base. As a bonus, my grandson, Josh, was in attendance. That is him in the blue and white striped shirt. He had a great time playing with balls on the soft mat under the rock wall. We really enjoyed seeing him as we had not seen him since he was a mere six weeks old. It is hard when family lives so far away. Visits are rarely long enough and time passes quickly.

Joshua's daddy, my oldest son, was very enthusiastic when he showed us the factory where he works as a manager. We are all quite proud of him because he works very hard and has a lot responsibility at this food factory. Here he is showing Mr. Fix-it and the Jimster how the line runs. The factory where he works makes biscuits and sells them nationally. The company, Gagne Foods, is growing and my son is a key player in the growth of the business. He enjoys his work very much. Don't they all look funny with the fancy hair nets on their hair? I too had one but since I took the picture-you won't see me with one of the nets!

We all had a really good visit with my parents, sisters, multiple nieces and a nephew, two of my children, my grandson and the flora and fauna in Maine (much to the misfortune of a few ocean going school fish). I am going to do a few more posts on Maine having to do with gardening, but wanted to share this little vacation. Maine is known as the 'Vacationland', and it is a truly beautiful state-especially in the summer which is the only time I like to visit! Sorry Mom! Here are a few more pictures from our vacation.

The famous coast of Maine is known as the "Rocky Coast". Can you guess why? Here is the Jimster playing with a snail which bit him on the leg. What a surprise that was to him! The rocky outcropping he is sitting on is called a ledge. The tide was out at this particular beach. When the tide is in this ledge is the perfect jump off point to go swimming.

Mr. Fix-it was busy picking up sea glass from this beach. Sea glass is merely broken glass which has been washed up on the beach. It is usually very soft and worn from its time in the ocean. When I was a kid sea glass was a simple thing to find. Now a days it is rare. I think the recycling movement has cut down on the amount of glass that winds up in the ocean, plus, summer is the peak tourist season in Maine and many other beach combers were busy searching for sea glass as well. I am happy to say we did find enough to give to our special friend who watched our house and animals while we were gone.

I will leave you all with a picture of my only grandchild. He is the sweetest little boy you will every meet and rarely do you see him without a smile on his face. Here he is a bit befuddled by an acorn he found outside. His auburn curls are so cute and he was a joy to be around during our visit. We only wish we could've visited longer. Anonymous, remember this baby? One of my first posts?

in the garden....


  1. That sounds like such a nice get-away for you. It's always nice to visit with the family. Your Grandson is just adorable. I love those curls!

  2. It's really beautiful Tina and wouldn't it be fun to have that ocean nearby! It is hard to not see your family, especially a grandbaby very often. We are a lucky people who have cameras on our computers and cell phones to be instantly connected...do you use skype?


  3. What a lovely vacation. You got to fish in Maine. Looks as though all had a marvelous time. Baby Josh is so adorable looking & THOSE CURLS. Looking forward to more on your trip to Maine.

  4. What a nice vacation and cute grandson. My friend just got back from Maine also. Must be really beautiful up there.

  5. Oh, Maine sounds lovely. I just got back from a little east coast adventure with my dad and hope to come back soon with my husband. Been to the west coast alot and to many a tropical place - but didn't know what I was missing by passing up the east coast. :)

  6. Tina he is so adorable. I can imagine how you felt when you first laid eyes on him after such a long time and how he has changed. Those grandbabies give so much joy and Gail is right, thank goodness for internet photos! Glad Mr. Fixit and Jim enjoyed the trip. Did you eat fresh caught lobster? That is my favorite food.

  7. Hi Tina --wow --so hard to believe baby has grown so much --I remember the picture of the Jimster holding him in your blog like it was yesterday. He is just precious! I'm so happy you visited with family --it certainly looked like a great vacation --with fishing and the water. Thanks for the advice on the tree --I'll have to get at it sometime today. It's been a little busier here. See ya! Have a great day everyone:)

  8. Oh, that Grandbaby and those beautiful Curls, reminds me of my nephew at that age! All smiles, red curls and full of curiosity!

    Okay you have convinced me, I am packing my bags for Maine! Not really but wish I were. It was 101 degrees yesterday and calling for the same today! Whew, hot in GA and looks nice and cool in Maine!

  9. Tina, how much fun to see your photos of Maine. I love your coastal shots, and your grandson is adorable.

    I don't even have to feel homesick now that I'm back, although sorry to miss your visit. You took the sun, and I brought the rain. It's still good to be home, and my lawn appreciated the much needed rain.

    Nice to read in your update that Compost has found a home in Maine almost. Skeeter did a fine job holding the fort.

  10. I remember that you asked about my location map on my blog. If you look at the live traffic feed and you see someone that came from a search engine you can click on the lets say "google.com" and it will tell you what they searched for to find you. Just thought you would like to know some info on it. I just found it and and thought I would let you know.

  11. Sounds like you had so much fun. Your grandson is sooo adorable!!! The fishing sounds relaxing and the sound of fish makes me hungry. lol. Maine is really pretty too!

  12. Looks like you had a nice vacation. I bet it was really nice getting a break from the heat for alittle while.

  13. I'm with the others, a break from this heat in Maine sounds great! I'm glad you had a good trip. That coastline would be interesting to walk looking for gifts of the ocean. You have a cute grandson!

  14. I would so love to go to Maine. It is a fascinating place. I know because I read "Yankee" magazine. LOL...I am so adding Maine to my bucket list.
    This seems like an ideal vacation. I live on the Gulf Coast and I do love it, but when it gets hot, I have thoughts of cooler places.

  15. Hello Tina, Welcome back and so glad you had a great vacation. Baby Josh is adorable. Grandchildren are such a joy to be with!!

    I have never been to the east coast. We have made numerous trips west, the Oregon coast was absolutely beautiful. Hopefully before we get too old to travel we'll make it up the eastern coast.

    Skeeter enjoyed your blogs, you did a great job!

    Tina my tuber roses are in bloom and are doing great this year. I'll be sending you a picture later.

    Hello to Everyone! NINA

  16. Hi Everyone! Long day visiting with friends today though it was kind of nice NOT to be in the garden. lol

    Thanks to all for your kind comments. We had a super time and loved every minute. Especially seeing the family-which the three family commenters seem to be absent today. Funny to me but I am sure they will show later.

    I wanted to say a hello to SuzyQ up north-the east is great. Never been to the west coast. Would love to.

    Nina, Hey there young lady! My tuberrose bloomed too and I love it-thanks!

  17. Hi Nina, so good to see you on here. I have missed you. Come east anytime and we have plenty of room for a RV. Even have a place to dumb your tank, hook up electricty and a water hook up!! We even have 5 bedrooms if you wanna sleep in the house. That also goes for you Skeeter. Anyone else that comes to Maine is also welcome in our humble home. Anyone that has not tasted fresh lobster from Maine and cooked the Maine way, has never really tasted lobster. I have eaten many lobters in my life but NOTHING has ever compared to ours.

    Tina 2 things about the pics....In the first pic I think (but could be wrong) it is looking over to the marina and I was amazed as it does not look like many boats at the marina. Things have changed so much there since Mal passed away and I can't remember if I told you or not but Jean just passed away on the 6th of this month. In the 2nd pic with Mr Fix It holding the fish did you realize that the house in the background, far right one, was where we lived when you were in your teens?

    Ahhhh, good ole Lowell's Cove and yup, that ledge was great to jump and dive of at high tide. You kids used to swim across the cove to the high wharff but I was too chicken and stuck with the ledge. LOL It was the BEST swimming place and since the highlanders did'nt know about it, there was never too many people to spoil all the fun you wanted to have.

    Josh....what can I say about my 3rd great grandchild?? He is such a doll and so happy all the time, like you said, smiles all the time!! His curls are cute but, ohhh, those huge eyes sure do get me!!!! His curls are so much like yours were Tina but not as red.

    It now is a sure thing that Margaret is taking Compost. She is going to change the name as her granddaughter (Megan) wants to name her Ginger. Megan and her mother lives with Margaret and I think it will be Megan's kitty. Ginger spent 4 hours with them last night and will spend the coming weekend with them and then in 2 weeks from now will be there forever.

  18. Tina I have been with Dawn and Jack of all Trades today at Parkview. Dawn has her posts for her blog set to go each day but will not be on till Thurs or Fri.

  19. Mom, You really can't see the marina in the picture, or the boats. I did not notice it though, nor did we venture over there this time. Yes, Mr. Fix-it and the Jimster EVEN know I used to live in that house. The garage has been torn down. It has changed a bit. I talked with Christine and she told me about Ginger (formerly called Compost). She also said Bella is sick. Hope she gets better. And Dawn too. Isn't Josh your second great grandchild? :)

  20. Hello everyone and a special hello to Nina! Good to see you back, we missed you! Gee, everyone is going somewhere but me! After all this watering I need a get away! But if I get away, it will all die unless we have rain.... ARggggg... Funny how the 1/2 inch of rain on Friday made the grass grow and it looks so lush, soft and pretty but the flowers and veggies all needed a drink. I spent most of the day in the yard dragging that darn hose around! Gave every thing a good drink and now have the sprinkler set up to get the surrounding areas in the main flower garden. I need to show y’all my flower garden at some point. Oh well, one day...

    Jean, I may take you up on the offer to Maine some day. Will need a good tour guide to tell us where all to go to stay away from the tourist. Ha...

    When we were in Germany, we were members of the Rod and Gun Club in Heidelberg. About twice a year, we would have a Steak and Lobster night at the Club as a benefit so we could sponsor a Christmas party for a Children’s Orphanage. We would get live Lobsters flown express overnight from Maine! Saint would cook the critters and or grill Steaks while I worked the kitchen making salad, baking potato, toasting garlic bread or just barking orders while preparing plates. We always worked our hineys off but had a great time. Some Germans had never seen a lobster before so would order the steak. Once they would try the lobster, they would want one but we were always sold out ahead of time as we sold tickets for the event. They would be sure to get a lobster the next go round though. That was my first time eating a Lobster.. Go figure, eating a Maine Lobster in Germany!

    Ah sitting here under the ac vent with wet hair feels soooo good! lol

  21. Hey Skeeter and Mom, Should've said we had mucho lobsters-about $3a pound. They were so good-thanks Mom! Well, gotta go work some posts. I am behind and have a headache. Urrgh!

  22. Hi Tina --see you need a good caffeine laden soda pop:0) None of that blah stuff like gingerale, hahaha. Keeps the headache at bay. I had such great intentions of weeding but the mowing took me longer --happy to say both yards are completely mowed:) What a sigh of relief on my part --red beauty was mowing with the lights on by the time I was finishing. I must admit none of this would've happened without Boy 1 --he was designated child watcher --he's getting really good at this --I repay with hours of uninterrupted computer time --right Tina?? :0)
    Hi Nina --the east coast is great but I've never been on the west coast. I'm sure it's equally as pretty --furthest west was Oklahoma.
    Hi Jean --your girl was making my husband turn shades of green when he heard the price on fresh lobster. I do believe he had a bit of drool on his chin, hahaha.
    Hey Skeeter --hoping it cools off for you --we had a nice t-storm this morning --several trees down. Not alot of rain with it but I'll take any rain I can get --I also despise toting the hose around the backyard. Simply amazes me how the yard grows like crazy but the flowers and trees get that saggy look if I don't refresh them with some water.
    Lots of fun stuff to do tomorrow --piano, dentist and Boy 1 is scheduled to get his braces off --this has been anticipated for SOOOO long --we should celebrate with some corn on the cob since he hasn't had any in 2 years:0) Yum-yum --making myself hungry. Night y'all!

  23. Oh my goodness did I goof or what? Yes, yes, yes, Josh was born 4 and 1/2 months before Carmen!!! So he is second, you are so right. I musta had a senior moment!!

    Yes, something is going on with Bella. If something happens to her Christy will be devastated.
    Bella is her baby and she has done such a good job with her. She is such a good dog. Hopefully she will come out of whatever is wrong and without it costing too much as Christy has already spent money on starting Ginger's shots and is going to have more shots and get her fixed before she hands her over to Margaret. BTY, I forgot to say before but Barbara said she thinks Ginger is probably a little older than thought, just a small kitty.

    Any time Skeeter! For really beautiful sightseeing Maine is a magnificence state. We have it all....tons of clear, blue lakes, the ocean, mountains, tons of ponds, brooks and streams and even a small desert.

    Yup, Maine lobsters are flown all over the world but I'll tell you, even the ones that are flown overnight have, for the most part, been in a holding tank for a few days. Nothing like getting em fresh off the boat, esp when you pay boat price for them as there is NO mark up then at all!!!

    The Rod and Gun clubs do that here also fo many different causes. My cousins wife that just passed away last month worked very hard at the one they belong to all year. But they also help a lotta local people. When Judy was still alive but quite sick they had a supper for Judy and Phil and they got over $5,000.00. With all the medical bills over the past 5 years and running back and forth to Boston, it sure helped.

    Tina, you are MOST WELCOMED!!!!

    Anonymous you will have to talk hubby to coming to Maine. I'll fix you lobdster like you have never had before. Also Maine is a GREAT fishing and hunting state.
    Hubby would like that. People pay really big bucks to come here fishing and hunting. It is a big business in Maine. Moose hunting is for Mainers only but everything else is fair game.
    Sidekick would love all the critters we have!!!

  24. Yes, Everyone Ginger, formally Compost, has found a great home with Margaret and her family and will be Megan's (age 11 or 12) own personal kittie. She is the sweetest kitten I have had in my home and I have had alot because I use to foster orphans for the local animal shelter. The vet says she is in great health and about 9 weeks old. She weighted in at 2.25 lbs. Gets along with all the other kids I have at home very well and has no interest in leaving the nice family filled home for the outdoors.
    Bella...Yes Mimi you are right I would be totally devastated if anything happened to her. She is going to the vet today at 1045. She is worth the money regardless, I'll find away! She still has not gone poop and is still not eating but she was given pepcid last night and did not vomit, so that is good at least. Barbara still says to take her in...the not pooping and sickly behavior have us all worried...it's not like her. She barely reacted to Jay coming over last night. She wouldn't eat a little piece of lobster that I gave her and she would not drink the chicken broth that the vet told me to offer her. She did drink alittle water. Wish me luck with my biggest baby.

  25. Christy, Let us know how it goes and here's hoping Bella is okay!

  26. Jean, I am only 45 and have Senior moments daily! Okay Jean, if we get up there, I will be expecting a cooked Lobster by you! LOL...

    Christine, I hope your Bella gets through this! We dont have kids so our furry ones have become our kids so I know how devistating it can be to loose one. Hang in there and we will be crossing fingers and saying prayers for a full recovery! I am soooo happy Ginger has a new Forever home!

  27. Skeeter-Thank you. Like you I have no children and do not really have a desire to have any, or get married for that matter, so my pets are my babies and I would do anything for them. I'll keep everyone updated on Bella. Worse case she is blocked by something, though she is not an eater of things that she is not suppose to eat cats use our dirt yard as a potty and she loves that, as do most dogs, and she has thrown up rocks once because of it...feeling in gut is that she has eaten some that she hasn't been able to throw up...surgery will be needed if this is the case:0(

  28. Oh forgot. Thanks to everyone who is putting my baby in their thoughts...

  29. Ok, so I just got back from the vet. They gave her fluids and a shot for the vomiting and meds to keep her from throwing up for the next few days. They don't think that she is blocked (thank goodness), but they do feel that there is something other than a tummy upset going on. They took blood and are doing a full work up for chems and cbcs to check all that. Should know more this afternoon. On this list, at the top, is pancreatis, not great, but doable. Hope for something really simple...

  30. Me too Christine! Let us know.

  31. Fingers crossed & prayers being said. Hope you baby gets well very soon Christine.

  32. Update: Christine took Bella to the vet. They could not find a blockage or anything out of the ordinary with her bloodwork. But Bella is dehydrated and not eating or pooping. She is still keeping a close eye and hopefully whatever it is will work its way out of Bella's system soon!

  33. Mom, I wish I had seen this post earlier. So I could have corrected you. I do not white water raft on kayaks. It is called white water kayaking. However, I did have a good laugh. I kept picturing something like water skiing with a raft and kayaks. Too funny!