Monday, July 21, 2008


This post is about updates to some previous posts, and to let you all know I am back in the saddle. Skeeter has gladly turned the reins back over to me, though she tells me she has had mucho fun but blogging is an awful lot like-ready???-work! She will fill in again as I need a break. Ready Skeeter? I will prepare a post on her and my other commenters soon. Many bloggers have been asking me about all of these wonderful commenters and unless you have followed along from the beginning, most will not know the story of my faithful group, so it bears telling. Though, even if you have followed along from the beginning, you might not know about Lola and Skeeter and my mother and my sister and Anonymous and Nina. I will promise not to be toooo boring. Okay, now on to garden updates! The above picture shows the bloom of my tuberroses. Lola had mentioned way back when how good they smell. Nina kindly sent me some bulbs and here they are blooming! They do smell good too!

Do you remember my post on the 'Lords and Ladies'? And how I hoped I would get an orange candleflower? I did! Here is the one and only, but it will be joined by some siblings next year as the plants grow and mature. It is very colorful and makes a great dried flower.

Here is an updated picture of the 'chocolate' with the 'Goldsturm' brown eyed Susans. I love the look. Growing along side the brown eyes are some Joe Pye weeds (a post forthcoming), some yews, nandinas, and some other perennials in this 'Perennial Garden'.

Here is a better picture of the banana bloom. Or at least a more updated picture. I am sure I will not get any bananas simply because this is the only bloom. This bloom needs to be pollinated by another and it isn't happening this year.

Lastly, an update on Compost the kitten. Compost made the 22 hour drive to Maine with us. Maine has no kill shelters and is much kinder to stray animals than the state of Tennessee. My daughter Christine is currently fostering her and looking for a good home for this sweet little kitten. Christine just called me yesterday to say she thinks she has found a forever home with a dear friend of hers, and I hope it works out soon!

in the garden....updating.


  1. Hi Tina, welcome back, we missed you. Skeeter did an excellent job, as you know. So nice to have back up. I am looking forward to hearing about your friends in more detail.

  2. Welcome back Tina. As Frances said, Skeeter did a great job. Your garden is looking great this summer. I love your perennial bed. Too bad about the banana, that would of been so cool.

  3. Welcome back Tina! I'll have to go back and read Skeeter's posts since I've been out of town for a bit also. I'm sure she did a great job! I'm glad to hear that Compost has found a potential home.

  4. Great update, Tina--I'm so glad to hear Compost found a home. I love the tuberroses--I had them years ago, now you've inspired me to get some more!

  5. Hi Tina and welcome back --great news about Compost. My yard needs weeding but with the heat it shouldn't grow too fast, right??? hahhaah Getting ready for back to school --some great supply sales in the paper yesterday. I'm also hoping to clean up the flowerbeds around the pool. They are getting so big and need a little trimming back. See you all later! Children must get out for a ride -before it's too hot.

  6. Welcome back! Those tuberroses are beautiful! I am one of those readers who don't know the story about your group and would be interested in hearing about it.

    Skeeter's Sunday post on all the blooms was great, too. I have the Homestead Purple verbena, too, but here it doesn't last over the winter.

  7. Lovely tuberroses. I can almost smell them! Your bed with the black eyed susans and Eupatorium 'Chocolate' looks very elegant. Nice combo.

  8. Frances, Thanks! Skeeter did such a good job I joked no one would miss me and want me back. She said SHE wanted me back. Glad to hear I was a bit missed though I was able to check in. Friends coming up soon.

    Perennial Gardener, Thanks! I love my perennial bed but it has given me such problems this year! First time ever. I will post on it soon. So much to talk about I can never fit it all in.

    Dave, I know you were busy and that was such a lovely picture of your family on your blog. Glad you are back too!

    Cosmo, Those tuberroses are great. We loved talking about them. Good luck finding them as some of our commenters had a hard time.

    Anonymous, Those weeds are growing too too fast because of all the rain. I could not believe the amount out there. Though I am trying very hard to focus on the house. Wait until after tomorrow, maybe we'll get some rain. I hope so!

    Rose, Thanks! Many bloggers have been asking about our little group and I tell you I think I have the best commenters and we have all come to know one another. I will prepare a post soon. This week is pretty much tied up but there is always next week.

    My computer is down. I am on the Jimster's computer. Darn! Gotta get it fixed soon. Skeeter, this is why I keep so many posts in the hopper-puter problems. My next computer will NOT be an HP, too many bugs. This one I am on is a Compaq and it works great!

  9. Layanee, Thanks! That chocolate and brown eyes was a happy accident. I sometimes run into them though I wish I could do it be design the way seem to do. Your garden is lovely.

  10. Welcome back. The banana bloom looks hugh or is that just a close up? Have you seen the small cane trees they have out at walmart. They are really cute but I'm not sure how well they will do here or if they will take over other things. Everything looks great.

  11. Welcome home! I want to smell the tuberose.

    Your Goldstrum bed looks great. I need to move some of mine around.

    I'm happy for Compost. I hope she does find a good home and has a long life.

  12. Dude, you need to get a Dell... Sorry Tina, that popped into my brain when you talked about the puter... LOL...

    Thanks to all of your for your kind words. It was fun but a bit stressing to know I had someone depending on me! My cats depending on me is one thing but a person which carries a great Blog, is another! I will admit, it was nice to wake up this morning and not feel the need to run upstairs to the computer first thing! LOL... It was fun and I will jump in again when needed, it is nice to feel needed at times. I must work on keeping things shorter though. LOL....

    I never did find the Tuberoses in our area and I wonder why? I will keep my eyes open for them next year.

    Tina what is your trick for keeping your Susan's standing tall? Mine fall over with height. Maybe not enough water? They fall over every year....

    Saint is home and wants to take me to lunch so bye for now....

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Ops, My Bad!
    I was studdering again... LOL

  15. Lots of good news in your're back, skeeter did a great job (excellent job skeeter), your garden looks spectacular and Compost has a new home! I like good news!


  16. Hi guys, Too funny, I was going to say "DELL" I'm looking into them, not to badly priced and I hope to get one soon!
    Skeeter, I was going to tell you the other day when you mentioned about being a wee bit worried, you did a great job! Takes alot to do it everyday, although i seem to get other things done!
    Good update Tina, beautiful pic of the tubers, and yes, Jack of all trades had his fax,'cept on Sunday! Never is THAT needed!

  17. Lunch was good! Yum...

    I did not have time to mention Compost with my earlier comment! Being the animal lover I am, I am soooo happy that Furry baby has Christie as a Foster Mom! I am sure she will find her a great Forever home!

    Tina, you are a jewel to pack that baby and get her into a NO KILL state! If only all States were no kill and we had stricter rules like mandatory Spay and Neuter! Gripes my mind how people can let Cats and Dogs stray around and fend for themselves when we humans domesticated them! Just not right... Okay, I will get off my high horse now and shut up... To Blog hopping I go…

  18. WOOHOO After 3/4 inch of rain 2 days ago we got an inch yesterday and more coming tonight and tomorrow, so they say. After 4 months with none that is a true gift. Maybe now we will back back in a normal pattern.

    Welcome back Dawn.

    Tina that was a great photo of Dave and his family, great looking family. So good to have a face for Dave and Jenny.

    I am on my 4th computer and they have all been a different brand. The one I have now is a Dell (the Dell Mini Tower) and I LOVE it. I ordered it with what I wanted on it and it is now 4 years old and I have no urge to get a new one, that is how much I love it. It works fast and takes up little space.

    Christy also called and told me she thought Margaret was going to take Compost. Hope it works out as Margaret takes very good care of her animals. She used to live almost across the street from me and built a new house 4 or 5 houses up from me and is a great all round person. She is my age but her and Christy have had a good friendship for several years and she has been soooooo good to Christy. She also does a lot of gardening and loves it so Christy thought maybe she would keep the same name.

    When I saw the deleted comment I laughed and thought, oh Skeeter must be stuttering again and sure enough. LOL Skeeter, you and I seem to do that more than the others. What are we doing wrong?

    Is Skeeter having another pizza day or will she fool us?

    Yes Skeeter you did a great job and I should have thought to tell you sooner!! What kinda of a cyber world friend am I anyway??
    Shame on me.

  19. Oh dear, I forgot to say but those flowers are all great and the Banana and the first 2 I have not seen too many of. They are awesome. Maybe for the tuberrose a catalog or on line would be the best place to buy it.

  20. Skeeter your high horse is a good horse so stay on it!!!!

  21. Sarah, Hello! Hot here today. I have not visited Wal-mart lately but will keep a lookout for what you are talking about. The manager of the garden shop here on Ft Campbell Blvd store is super knowledgeable so you might ask him if you see him sometime before you buy it. I will check too.

    Marnie, Thanks, we are quite happy about our little Compost.My daughter says she is the sweetest kitten and she would know as she fosters ALOT and has even bottle fed a few litters. Goldsturms are great this year.

    Skeeter, I am not sure the trick with standing up susans. I don't do anything special. Mine might stand because they are crowded and reaching for light, not sure. If your flowers are too heavy and causing them to fall and they are in sun, do you fertilize? Fertilizer can make the flowers too big and floppy. If you don't fertilize and they are in full sun then I have no idea how to stand them up. Let them get crowded so they hold each other up maybe. High horse or not, you go girl.

    Gail, Hello there. I am so lucky to have some helpers on Skeeter and Skeeter did do an excellent job! My stats are way up and much of that is owed to everyone on here, especially Skeeter.

    Dawn, I think neither one of your kids will appreciate David as much as you-I'll lay money on it! Kids now a days just roll their eyes are 'fine art'. Though I love it. Sorry I am talking on here but had to get it out! Are you online yet? Is that the problem with your puter? Jack of all trades wishes for his fax back. It does take alot to blog daily, now like Skeeter said, if I could just keep it short!!!!!!!!!

    Mom, I am so happy for your rain! Those plants and bulbs I planted should be popping out of the ground. Check daily so you won't miss it. Hope your leg is better so you can get around better too. I bet it is another pizza day for Skeeter. Did you hook your Dell back up? And how about the tv center? Just wondering how they are working out. Like Terri says, be patient and wait a quick second so she can look at the puter before you pull it.

  22. Thanks for the praise Jean. I stutter because when the computer is slow, I get impatient and think that maybe I did not push “Publish your comment” button correctly so I push it a second time. LOL

    No pizza today. LOL…I like Pizza and could eat it every day but not the Saint. He likes pizza, just not every day! He was asking me out so I had to go with something he wanted! LOL, we opt for Souvlaki (sp?), Gyros of sort. Greek seasoned pork on flat bread with shredded lettuce, onion, tomato, feta cheese and Ziziki sauce. I probably did not spell that correctly but it is cucumber, garlic and yogurt mixture to form a creamy sauce! Keeps the Wolf and Vampires away for days! Okay I can’t spell those two words but anyone visiting Europe should know what I am talking about... Anyway, this guy is going to Franchise his place and I think he will do well. He has two open in our county now. He donates tons to the community and is closed on Sunday so his workers can enjoy church and their families. Good person and I hope he does well with franchising...

    Tina, I dont fertilize much of anything. Remember I have horses next door and dont use their poop! LOL...I am rethinking that though! I do thin them out a bit each spring because they are in a planter. I am going to take them out of the planter and put them in an area where they can grow thick as they like. Just waiting for the drought to lift before I move them so not sure if I will move them in fall, winter or next spring...

    Saint creates our computers with Dell. That way we get what we need and not dont have to pay for junk we dont use like games. He has created them for my mom and several of our friends as well. He sets them up for them and transfers everything from old puter to new! I think he should charge for his services and form a side business creating and installing them for money! Then I would have more money to spend on flowers and pine straw! LOL...

    Joking aside, Tina if you need assistance, he can talk with you and create you one free of charge. Well, the create part, you must pay for the computer! ha.. But probably Mr. Fixit and you know how to do all that fun stuff. You two are so handy in all departments. Kind of like us. What I lack, Saint makes up for. What he lacks, I make up... Good Team work here... Just let us know if you need Saints services. We are here to help when needed, just ask....

  23. Dawn, I still vote for a fig leaf or red thong to cover up David! tee hee...

  24. Skeeter, Greek sound good! I had some at Niagara Falls while Mr. Fix-it and the Jimster had Chinese. Sometimes you just gotta be different. Pizza another day. Yes do try to let the Goldsturm grow au natural in full sun and they should stand up better. I say no to the fig leaf Dawn unless company is coming.

  25. But it would have to be a fig leaf cause....David's feet are fixed to a base, if I got a thong, I'd have to do some sensitive tailoring to get it on him! Noooo, thank-you. Not that up close and personal.
    ps. people are probably wondering.... what!?!
    They have lost it!

  26. Well if they are wondering, they will have to go to your blog Dawn and find out.

  27. Tina - Welcome back! I love those tuberroses and the lords and ladies. Well, everything in your garden looks good.
    Too bad no bananas though :(

  28. Hey all,
    Cindy, Thanks and I appreciate all the all nice comments from everyone on the perennial border. It has given me many problems this year but looks ok now. Maybe next year on the bananas.

  29. Hi Tina --dry out here --I ended up mowing my front and a friends. I will have to do the backs another time --too much mowing for one day. I push mow the fronts. Picked up more school supplies:) And, Jean I am very, very happy that you got some rain. I get a bit giddy myself when I get rain --it makes my night alot easier --I don't have to lug the hose around the yard in the back. So, rain is GREAT!!! We did some swimming tonight --the water was bordering on hot in the pool --it felt pretty good after mowing:0) And, I love our Dell computers --we've had about 4 or 5 and these hold up the best and move the fastest for us. Quick update on my dogwood --it is doing fine even though I gave it a mild trim :0) The mower was getting hooked on the lower branches. Another question though??? Tina should I trim that curly willow? I mean like all those little green leaves on the bottom --or do I let it go? I hope you know what I can't seem to describe, hahaha. Dawn, I say let David go in the buff --that was how the art was designed to be --right:) Then again my Sidekick is constantly in the buff around the pool so I guess it wouldn't bother me, rofl. Hi Lola --stay cool and enjoy those kiddos --soon enough they'll be back in school. Ciao!

  30. Hello All.
    I hope everyone had a lovely day. Tina the garden is wonderful. I love your susan garden.
    First, let me say "Welcome Back". Your were missed. Glad you got a chance to travel.
    Second, Skeeter did a fabulous job. She does have a way with words & her pics have been very enjoyable. Way to go, girl.

    Jean glad you finally got some precipitation. A little is better than none.

    Anounymous, I have found that the busier you keep the kiddos the better. Best to tire them out. Oldest GGS had to spend night. Think he missed Papa & me. Pour child ask me why he had to wear that patch. He is so smart.

    I agree Dave has a lovely family.

    Dawn I would say el-natural. Wasn't that the way all things started!!!
    I agree Dell. That's what works here--that's what works for me. Now Young'un that's different. He builds his own the way he wants. I'm completely lost with his puters. Yes, he had 2 of them in his room.

    Glad Compost will have a good home till it has a permanent one.

  31. Anonymous, Hope it rains today! Glad you got the yard mowed. I think with your curly willow you are talking about suckers-extra stems and twigs coming up along the trunk at the base. I would cut them out. Here is the thing, some trees you can grow multi stemmed (like birches), when you do it slows down the vertical growth but is still attractive. I am not sure if you can do this with your willow but probably. It is up to you if you want multi stemmed to pick a stem, if you don't, just snip them and the tree will put more energy into growing. I have to get a new driver's license soon so I will try to stop by when I am over there.

    Lola, Thanks for missing me. I am back and you see on here early, though I promised myself after vacation I would not check until after breakfast, coffee and paper. Sigh. Skeeter knows what I am talking about. Blogging is fun.

    Dawn, Lola and Anonymous vote au naturale, Skeeter and I say cover up. Wow! A tie. What say you Mom?

  32. Jean, you have enough Rain now so send me some!!! Showers passed us by again yesterday. 101 degrees and hot hot hot... Love my air conditioning!

    Tina, looks like you and I are fuddy duddys being too modest! LOL…

  33. Skeeter, Fuddy duddy we are-in public at least.

  34. Just wanted to stop for a moment and say how much I enjoyed the pics of your garden.

  35. Hi Mr. Brownthumb and thanks for visiting our little blog. Glad you like the pictures.