Monday, June 15, 2009

Bloom Day-June 09

Pink Angel Trumpet. Also blooming is a yellow one. These were wintered over as cuttings. The plants are only 1 foot high and they bloom already! Strange.
'Sunny blue' veronica. If ever there was a plant of the year (actually it was in 1993) THIS IS IT! If you do not grow this wonderful plant,
run out and buy it now. It blooms for more than three months and just look at the bees. Butterflies also love it.
'The Fairy' rose.
Oxalis and catmint.
Perlagoniums wintered over as cuttings.
Lacecap hydrangea. Probably 'Blue Bird'.
Oakleafs, Ladybells, and campanula.
White valerian.
'Miss Huff' lantana.
Hosta. Not sure the cultivar. Many are blooming now.
Goatsbeard. This is going by now but was it ever stunning. It is about 5 feet tall and wide. It took five years for it to get this big.
'Visions in Pink' astilbe and 'Annabelle' hydrangeas.
Indigofera amblyantha and Love in a Mist.
Onions with a friend.
'Crimson Star' clematis. (Group 3). This was supposed to be a red clematis but you can see it is more magenta. Sigh.
Butterfly weed.
Hollyhock. Also blooming are white ones. I am not sure if this one came from Linda?
Unknown lily.

Also blooming not pictured: crocosmia, feverfew, verbena, daylilies, impatiens, cosmos, Queen of the Prairie, coneflowers, 'Goldsturm', three colors of beebalm, 'Luxuriant' bleeding heart, mophead hydrangeas, Annabelle hydrangeas, tons of hostas, 'Garden Wonder' and 'Lavender Perfection' dahlias, verbascum (mullein), Shasta daisies, 4 O'clocks, verbena bonerienis, dianthus, privet, heucheras, begonias, Superbells, spiderwort, Baby's Breath, and that's all I can think of now.

What's blooming in your garden today?

in the garden....


  1. Good morning Tina, your garden looks awash in flowers, how wonderful. Could your hosta be Gold Standard? Hooray for the butterfly weed too, and I agree about Sunny Border Blue Veronica. I have spread it far and wide, it loves to be divided. Happy Bloom Day! :-)

  2. Tina, your blooming list is endless...just the way we like it! Please post your of my favorites! My holyhocks were about 3ft tall..with buds one day, and the empty stalk with nubs!! Your white asiatic lily would look great next to my deep red one!

  3. Wow! That's alot of flowers.

  4. Tina girl : ) I am happy to have a fellow goatsbeard fan .. my 2 patches are doing well after a couple of years .. and they are beautiful yet under used plants still .. I vote we spread the word ? LOL
    All your flowers are ahead of mine of course .. but ... in a few weeks I will catch up !
    Pretty post for my rainy day : )

  5. Hi Tina, I love all the fantastic bloom going on in Tiger Garden! What conditions is Goat's Beard growing in? Answer this question on a less busy day...I am not planting another thing this's too hot! gail

  6. Great selection of blooms. I just came in from taking some photos for today...lots to choose from! Must be summer!

  7. The 'Sunny blue' veronica sounds like a dream. Stunning blooms again this month. The colour of the hollyhock is awesome. So are the yellow/orange and the pinks!

  8. I love angel's trumpet and look at those fuzzy bees. Despite your much warmer climate, our Valerian is at the same stage. :) Cats love it, by the way.

  9. It's amazing what you have in bloom. Wow, Angel trumpet? Mine is months off. Something is eating the milkweed and its not monarchs. Doesn't look like rabbits either. Chewed from the top down.

    Very nice selection of blooms. I won't hate you for being blooming! H.

  10. Tina,

    Loved your hosta even without the flowers. The Lacecap hydrangea is to sweet too!

  11. Good morning Tina, I have the same veronica which is just days from blooming. The daylilies, on the other hand are weeks away.

    Your Torenia is something I've never seen. Looks like fried eggs;) Will do some research to see if it's hardy up here.

  12. Tina,
    A lovely show! I can't believe your brug is blooming! I've got to get mine out of the now-shady (was sunny when planted) location.

    I don't have a Veronica. I think it may be on the deer menu? I may be able to squeeze one into the left bank of the cottage garden.

    Do you like the valerian? I want to add white to the garden and have been thinking of this one.


  13. Tina, you have so much going on your garden today! Wow, how beautiful it all is, I really do like that pic of the white lily! So bright and pretty! The Trumpet is awesome as well...

    Too hot to plant anything else in our garden. We are now in the 90's to stay and sticky outside. Yuck!

  14. Magnificent blooms, Tina. You really have a lot. Not many here. Too hot to do much of anything.

  15. Hi Tina, wonderful to see how much is blooming in your garden. it's winter here but still there are flowers. BTW, I am so pleased you included my signature plant - cheers, catmint.

  16. Wow, Tina, your garden is much farther ahead of mine! So many blooms I would have a hard time picking a favorite. I'm impressed by your geraniums/pelargoniums that you over-wintered; mine usually get so neglected they're barely alive by March:)

  17. I am jealous, all of the Goatsbeard I have planted so far have died. I love the White Valerian, and the Oak-Leaved Hydrangea looks wonderful.

  18. Good morning all!

    Frances, Very likely Gold Standard as I do have several here. My head hurts when I try to identify them and keep up with them, though I do occasionally try:) Sunny border blue is SO wonderful!

    Lynn, I'll post them for sure. I posted them last year. The Garden wonders are my favorite. They keep going and going. I do dig them each fall. I love them all!

    Dawn, Yes, it might be a bit much huh?

    Joy, It took so many years for it to finally take off. I lost two others in the process, not sure why as they were planted the same place. I love that Goatsbeard though! I posted on it last year. It is also known as bridal feathers. I compared it to astilbe. Both great plants here. We can spread the word for sure.

    Gail, Goatsbeard grows under a cedar tree but in an area that gets runoff from the gutters in a round about way. It is bordered by my little greenhouse so that helps it retain moisture. It is a really regal plant that needs lots of room. I'd think it would grow at C & L easy. Thanks for asking!

    Janet, Oh yes-summer indeed but one with rain-yahoo!!

    Kanak, You simply cannot beat Sunny Border. It is one of the most awesome plants in my garden-a must have. It should be available there I think?

    Monica, It is too funny about plants. I notice this all the time how some have different stages in the different parts of the country. Really weird to me.

    Helen, my Angels should not be blooming. They are confused. Our local expert even says the same thing. Really weird. My brain is trying to figure out what is eating your milkweed? From the top down? Not bunnies? Chipmunks?

    Randy, Thanks! I am mostly a shade gardener here and it is amazing I get anything other than hostas and hydrangeas-good thing I like them.

    Marnie, Good morning! Torenia is an annual here. I've grown it before and like your Mexican sunflowers it is very floriferous and fun! It blooms all season. Very easy to find different colors and is a great filler. Weird on the different stages of blooms around the country.

    Cameron, That brug should not be blooming. A very confused thing. I took about half a dozen cuttings last fall and this is from a cutting. Maybe it was preprogrammed? Not sure. Yup, they want sun for sure. Now is the time to move yours. I do like the valerian. I bought it in Maine two years ago. It is very reliable but not a big spreader. I want more and it is not cooperating:( Sunny Border is probably deer food, but it is so worth finding a spot for it. It blooms more than three months here!

    Skeeter, That lily was moved this spring and still it blooms. I am slowly consolidating all plants-finally! Yes, muggy muggy muggy! Might be a great day on the boat. We did not go yesterday. It looked like rain but then it didn't:( I still gardened though and got lots done! I want to be finished with planting though!

    Lola, Stay in the a/c and relax. I agree, too hot to do much of anything and Florida is way hotter! I don't know how you all do it at all.

    Susan, I am not used to the name-so hello! Yes, lots of plants blooming here. I always enjoy your posts from down under when it is winter here-gardening all year indeed!

    Rose, The geraniums are keepers. Love the red of them! I started with two last summer, brought them in then began doing cuttings from those. I wound up with about 30 total. And they are all blooming. Not sure if I'll do it again but it is so nice to be able to overwinter them. Yours will take off too. Barely alive is better than nothing for them as they are easy and hardy.

    Sweetbay, Two plants died before this one took off. It only took 5-6 years though:) Try again. it likes shade and moisture but well drained I guess. My plant does get some sun, but not much. Once established it is quite easy. I even moved this plant and it is okay. I've heard you cannot move goatsbeard but it worked.

    You all have a great day!

  19. Wonderful blooms today Tina. I love your unknown White Lily, I need to add more white into my garden. :)

  20. That is a "red" Clematis. It's like a "blue" Rose. That's about as close as they get, although there might be a newer Clematis that is more red. I think it also depends on the light situation and the time of day. I'm really admiring your lacecap Hydrangea. That blue is impossible around here.

  21. I'm not so lucky with the brug.

  22. Wish I had all that many flowers and color in my yard. Not too much blooming here right now..many Lupine and they are HUGE and stunning, the late Lilacs, Johnny Jump ups, Butteryfly bush, Cup and Saucer and a small pink flower that I think might be some kinda Primrose. Did you happen to plant a Primrose in my garden out front last summer? It is real pretty but I have no idea where it came from.

  23. What a bounty! I'll try not to be "green" (as in: mostly no flowers) with envy.

  24. I agree with you on the Veronica Tina. I have it too although mine isn't blooming yet. And shock of all shocks was seeing your brugmansia in bloom! I'm stunned. I remember you stored these last winter. I brought mine in too but it is just sitting there. ugh. I wish it had even one measly bud on it. Its pattern has been to not bloom until August. It may have to go. Beautiful blooms. The Goats Beard is magnificent. Happy Bloom Day!

  25. I have quite a few of these blooming here now. I looked at 'The Fairy' wondering if I could find a place for it, I really like all the sweet pink flowers.
    Your gardens look beautiful!

  26. Hey! I recognized the Goatsbeard from our trip to the bontanical gardens. I actually learned something while we were there! Beautiful blooms!

  27. Hi Tina

    How beautiful and gorgeous your June garden is! Every flower is shining happily! Now lots of hyndrangeas are blooming here. Thanks for sharing all these.
    I'm so impressed!

  28. Tina, you have so much beauty there and you didn't even post half of what you've got blooming! But I understand -- we'd be here all day otherwise. I'm really interested in that Torenia and the veronica, too!

  29. Beautiful as always Tina, I love them all!

  30. I so envy you that pink brugmansia, I have such a hard time getting mine to bloom, even by the end of the summer (which is October, here). I'd never seen that kind of torenia, either, and I enjoyed the whole display. Monica's comment on the pace of the valerian - it's so true, that does happen, plants in different climates match each others' growing pace. Odd but true.

    Maybe you could go for one of the scarlet passifloras to soothe your red-clematis desires?

  31. Beautiful Tina! This spring's rains have definitely gifted us with a great gardening season!

  32. Fun pictures, Tina! I was going to participate but my peony pictures from the market were more fun. I am reminded how much I love The Fairy rose when I see your picture. Have a lovely day.

  33. Nice blooms Tina! The pink angels trumpet is looking particularly good. I just planted mine in the soil out front a few weeks ago. I am going to try growing it out of the pot this year. I played along with GBBD this time as well.

  34. Racquel, thanks! I keep finding them all over the garden. Poor planning for sure. I'm working on fixing it now.

    MMD, Yes, I know but it oh ever so frustrating! I researched and researched as I so wanted red and what do I get? It's okay. I've come to love it as it blooms and blooms. Thanks on the lacecap. You must have sweet soils. Ours are pretty acid.

    Donna, So sorry on the brug. They can be tricky and marginally hardy but worth the trouble.

    Mom, Nope on the primrose, however it may have come from a wildflower mixture? I bet that is where it came from. I hope some of the perennials I planted hold their own against the lupines. If not, just pull them out. Edit, it will be okay.

    Helen, You have lovely flowers in your garden. And you know green is my favorite color-all year round:)

    Kathleen, that goatsbeard is pretty awesome. I could not believe how much it grew this year!@ But it has been a good year for rain. Hang in there with the brug. I wintered mine over with cuttings. The one I put under the house never came back, but the one I left in the ground did. I was so happy as it is well established.

    Catherine, I am not a rose person but if I had to chose only one rose, it would be the Fairy. I love that little thing! So easy and friendly and sweet. I just let it go and shear it every once in a while. With all the roses you have I think if you don't have a spot you'd never miss the Fairy but it is sweet.

    Jamie and Randy, It must've been so much fun there! I got mine from mail order many years ago. It needs some shade. I bet the specimen at the botanical gardens was awesome.

    Sapphire, You do indeed have many lovely hydrangeas. They are one of my favorite shrubs-actually I think they are my favorite shrubs. I like the oakleafs best though since they are so much easier for me than the mopheads. Love them all and your blog was so full of them today. Can you send some to me??:)

    JGH, Oh yes, the veronica is splendid. The torenia is known as wishbone flower. I just happened to find it in white. A good annual but that veronica is one easy plant that gives and gives and has no pests or issues. Check them out.

    Linda, Thanks!

    Pomona, It is so weird to me to see on some blogs where daylilies bloom with peonies. Not here of course but in some climates yes. Here I thought all plants developed and formed at the same rate here and the sequence of bloom would be the same, just delayed or accelerated depending if it was a colder or warmer climate. Really neat phenomena.

    Dave, Oh yes and to get rain in June! What a happy day!

    VW, Wonderful peony pictures and happy 10th to you and hubby!

    Dan, the first year or two I had a brug I grew it in a pot and it never bloomed. I finally (in exasperation) put it in the ground and it bloomed like crazy. Then I left it in the ground and it did not come back:(( Now I leave them in the ground but take cuttings at the end of the season to ensure the next year sees brugs in my garden. I've overdone it this year as I have 7! Can't wait til later this year. Should be a jungle with a nice scent everywhere. Try cuttings with yours but hang tough on the flowers, it will be blooming before you know it.

  35. so many beautyful flowers !!!
    please look at

  36. Tina, the goatsbeard isn't a plant we see out here much. It does remind me a lot of its astilbe neighbor, but it's a lot more delicate--a nice contrast to the other, larger flowers that you have.

  37. Pink Angel Trumpet. Wow. Love the green fade to pink. Great picture, too. Isn't June just wonderful?

  38. Don't you just love this time of year? You have a lovely assortment of blooms! I love that Angel's Trumpet!

  39. How gorgeous Tina! Veronica has been calling my name for a couple of years, and I'm so tempted to give her a try here. Like you, part sun (and barely, at that,) is the best I can do. I think the sun's intensity further south of here makes a difference, but what the heck, you may have pushed me over the edge! I've never shied away from pushing a plant's sun 'requirements.'

    Everything in your garden is just so gosh darned gorgeous! I may have to borrow Joy's plant shoehorn soon (or maybe I need my own.)

    Our garden is really full, even though it doesn't look it since a lot of stuff is still very small. But I have always bucked conventional plant-spacing wisdom anyway.

    Gardening under silver maples makes we want to stack and pack this garden even more than ever to keep the millions of maple helicopters from sprouting.

  40. Kathrin, Danke!

    James, Yes, I bet the goatsbeard would like more water than what your area can give to it. We are usually moist here so it does well. I think of California as a more mediterranean style garden mecca, and here I fancy the European style-lots of moisture:)

    Megan, Yes! June is wunderbar! One of the best months for sure. No pesky bugs, no leaves falling, still lots of color and green-let's hope it stays that way.

    Sue, Yes-lots of blooms this time of the year. I saw the update of your front garden and it is looking mighty great too! It's been a very good year.

    Linda, That veronica simply cannot be beat. I like them all but Sunny Blue is the best one in my opinion. It is somewhat shade tolerant, but gets rather leggy in some of the areas I have it. I think at least 4 hrs and it will do well. It would help keep down those mini maples wannabes:)

  41. Really yummy flower pics! Thanks so much for sharing them. I enjoyed touring your garden. ~~Rhonda

  42. Nice photography flowers!Congratulations!