Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wild Things

By Skeeter

Here are some wild things growing in my Georgia woods.
Look at all those blooms!
So precious and dainty.
You can tell how small these are when comparing them to the pine needles.
Just cute as a button!
Pretty purple blooms are all over our woods as well right now!
I have never seen so many bloom as this year. They must have enjoyed the plentiful rains we had this spring.

Ah, a little greenery in the mix as well and so much of it scattered throughout our woods.
And what is this little wild thing?
Yep, those rain falls brought you to life in the creek bed...
Well, here we have 4-legged wild things coming out of the woods and into my yard! Aw, the spring fawns have finally arrived!
The remainder of the wild things were spotted on the county right of way while I was mowing near by.
This is the first year I have spotted them in this area. Maybe a bird planted them for me to enjoy.
Look to the sun you little pretties!
I do enjoy all the WILD THINGS, In the Garden...


  1. Good Morning everyone! I am back in Georgia and it was nice to wake up beside my Saint this morning instead of an empty bed! Yard is dry and needs attention so it will be a long day of work for us...

    I have enjoyed all the wildflowers along the roadside during my travels up and down the interstate! Such beauty from such small blooms!

    Everyone have a good day!

  2. I like all these "pretties" growing along the roadsides, too, Skeeter. Fortunately, more and more of our roadsides are left to grow for the wildlife these days instead of being mowed down. I haven't seen any sign of deer in our yard, but the rabbits certainly have come out.

  3. Sometimes mother nature garden's best! Better watch out for those deer, cute as they may be they will like your garden as much as you!

  4. Beautiful little wild things growing along the roadside & your woods Skeeter! It looks like Shooting Stars, Wild Petunia, Coreopsis & Asters are plentiful this year.

  5. Great pictures -love those pretty purple ones:) I know it feels good to be back home -we really were happy to see you. Sidekick told his daddy he was going to GA and he wouldn't miss us???? Gosh your posts sure do attract him, hehehe. Off to the track soon --have a great day everyone.

  6. They all so pretty! I love wild flowers! We have the purple ruellia here in TN too, haven't seen the others through. The first one is so dainty! Precious!

  7. Great post Skeeter. I always try to stop & look at mother nature's beauty. Always so perfect looking.
    I've seen most of these in my travels.
    Welcome back home. It's nice to visit but your own bed seems to be the best.
    Hi Tina, Dawn, Jean, Anonymous & Nina.
    I hope all have a very lovely day.

  8. Just lovely Skeeter, great post.

    Greetings from Tyra

  9. Love the wild things Skeeter. I hope they multiply in your yard as they are lovely wildflowers-I won't mention the deer though. Not my kind of fun but pretty in pics!

  10. I've never seen anything like the beauties you show today / gittan

  11. Wow! All those wild flowers are gougeous! Sure wish we has some of them up here, cute fawns.

  12. Love em all but don't like looking at the last one as up here in the north they do not come out till towards the end of the summer and we call them fall wild asters. With no summer for us so far I don't wanna see something that makes me think of fall.

    We all are glad you are back but probably not as much as the saint!!

  13. Hi Skeeter, wild things are the BEST! I see most have been identified too, gotta love the blogdom. I can admire your deer, but am glad to not have them where I live. We have enough critters as it is that eat my strawberries. So glad you are home. :-)

  14. I love little surprises that pop up in the garden..great idea for a post Skeeter!
    Have a good weekend!

  15. Skeeter,
    The first photo, the wintergreen is the largest grouping of it I have ever seen, must have some rich woods there. Your mushroom might be a bolete mushroom, boletes are the ones that feel and look like a sponge underneath.

  16. Rose, the fawns just started to show up about a week ago. The Saint said he saw a Buck while I was away. I hope he returns as we dont see many Bucks in the yard. There are areas along the interstate where they plant wildflowers and let them go natural. Really pretty...

    Dave, Yep, I know those cutie pies will be munching on something if I dont stay vigilant with the liquid fence spray...

    Raquel, There are blooms all over our woods this year. I assume the rain did the trick! Shooting stars? Ah, now I know what they are called. We have a lot of them...

    Anonymous, I sure did enjoy my visit with you and the kiddos! I will return some time and stay longer and watch those fishes swim! Sidekick can come on down any time he likes. We have lots to keep him occupied in the woods!

    Lzyjo, This is the first year we have had so many wild flowers around us. I think the plentiful rains this spring brought them to life for us...

    Lola, it was nice to wake up in my own bed. But not so great when Sheba decided to wake me up to tell me she loved me at 3 in the morning! I got good sleep while in TN with no snoring from the Saint and not kitty to wake me up! lol...

    Tyra, Thank you so much. They are such pretty wildflowers around us...

    Tina, They are multiplying as I have never seen so many before! The rains helped also. Speaking of which, we sure could use some moisture on the yard! We have the sprinkler set up and running now. Everything is so dry. The deer will grow up to be an issue in the garden for sure...

    Gittan, I am spotting new wildflowers every year! They are so pretty to the eyes...

    Dawn, I will pack up the fawns and send you them instead of my pretty wild flowers! tee hee, the fawns will soon be munching deer in the garden. lol...

    Jean, with your talk of no summer, I am kind of ready to pack my bags and come up for a visit! So hot hot hot here now and here to stay until fall. Dry as well so the hose has to come out. sigh. It was wonderful to wake up with my sweetie by my side this morning. Not so nice when Sheba woke me up at 3am though. She is such a mess. We gave them fur cuts today and they are once again cool as a cucumber!

    Frances, I would have thought that you would have deer in your gardens. You are lucky to not have them. They are beauties but not nice to eat my blooms! While home in TN the deer ate all my mothers lilies! She was not happy about that at all. Hopefully, I will get caught up soon and back to visiting your blog!

    Meadowview, I thought why not a posting on them since I had so many this year. They were everywhere just screaming at me to notice them! Such a treat to have flowers with no work involved! If only I could have fields of continuous blooming pretties with no work from me. Ha, my dream world talking again...

    Sweet bay, Thanks, it was such a treat to see so many this year! Maybe if we get more rain, we will have more treats for me to find! Mother Nature, are you listening? We need more rain here....

  17. Randy, they were everywhere this year! We have thick woods and lots of leaves and pine straw on the ground so yes, rich soil indeed....

  18. Nice pretties !
    I'd want to dig up some of those and try them in a pot.
    I know deer can be troublesome to the gardener but it must be nice to have them near by. Closer to nature...

  19. Patsi, You are right about the deer. They are a problem at times in the garden but we so enjoy seeing them in our woods and yard! After 8 years of living in this house, we still stop what we are doing to observe the deer when they enter the yard! We do enjoy the wildlife around us...

  20. Ericaceae : Chimaphila maculata - Spotted Wintergreen (Pipsissewa) is the first one. I have heard of it before but your photos were the first time I have seen it. Thanks. I love wildflowers.

  21. Beautiful wild things, Skeeter. Loved all the pretty blooms as well as the sight of the deer!

  22. Mother nature, Wildflowers are the best arent they? Nothing for me to do to them but enjoy their show! Nature is wonderful...

    Kanak, We have wild things the form of blooms as well as animal in our yard. We are so blessed to be so lucky...

    Ana-Maria, thank you so much for stopping by to enjoy the wild things in my garden...