Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Daylily Breeder's Garden-Trenton

From In the Garden
'Steve Trimmer' Daylily
Mrs. Oakes (on right) and her sister (who came in from Chicago to help out with the tour).
I recently had the privilege of traveling to Mrs. Oakes lovely home in Trenton, Kentucky to view her daylilies during the Regional American Hemerocalis Society's Garden tour. Many of you who live in the local area are already familiar with Mrs. Oakes, she owns and operates The Tin Barn on Guthrie Highway. I've talked of the Tin Barn before when I posted about my daylily seedlings I purchased from Mrs. Oakes last summer, but did you know the blueberries are ready for picking at The Tin Barn too? Blackberries won't be far behind. Today's post is about her lovely garden surrounding her beautiful home in Kentucky.

My garden club (The Beachaven Garden Club) took a tour to see the daylilies this past Friday. What a treat we were in for as you all know, it IS daylily time here in Middle Tennessee. As soon as we parked and began the trek up the hill to the house, look at what we were greeted with! Huge beds of daylilies in all their glory.
There were quite a few visitors to Mrs. Oakes garden on this hot day. Not only was my garden club in attendance, but so was Dr. Matthews and my good friends Judie and Phil.
Here we are cooling off under a wonderful old oak tree and listening to Mrs. Oakes talk of her daylilies. She is a daylily breeder and sells many named and unnamed cultivars. Her prices can't be beat! It is always best to buy daylilies in bloom, so we here in the local area are most blessed to have her close by and open for business.
On this hot day these two Adirondack chairs looked most inviting. Can you relate the colors to a certain special flower we are talking of today? Of course, it's the sunny orange and yellow of most daylilies. Wonderful colors in the heat of summer.
And one last picture before I go. This is the Oakes home. A wonderful old farmhouse with lots of charm. When I see such awesome homes with the big porches I am instantly reminded of cool breezes and easy living.

in the garden....

The 'Steve Trimmer' daylily is a type I don't think I've ever seen before. It was my favorite and one I hope to purchase soon. Many of the ladies found some great cultivars of daylilies, but they were not for sale on this day. Visit the Tin Barn by appointment or on the weekend in order to purchase your own special daylily. While you are there, be sure to pick some blueberries and blackberries.


  1. Daylilies galore and then blueberries and blackberries too? INCREDIBLE!! There are so many beautiful varieties of Hemerocallis, deciding on one or two or ten would be so hard!!!
    I see planting beds with one variety and it is so striking, yet I know I can't do that, I like too many different colors.

  2. Wow, I agree that daylily is beautiful. Sounds like a lovely day at a beautiful place.

  3. Oh Tina....thank you so much for this tour!! My favorite colors in the garden--reds and yellows! What a beautiful place she has--and her house is so perfect to go along with it! This was a treat! :)

  4. I love a daylily, they are so carefree and come in many colors. Their land and home is beautiful.

  5. When the title said Trenton I thought "wow we were there last weekend," but then I realized it was Kentucky and not Tennessee! Daylily raising sounds fun, and it looks like she has a great spot for it.

  6. That daylily photo blows me away. I love these new ones with the the heavily ruffled edges and the outlines.

    Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. We have one large daylily breeder in this area but not as large as Mrs Oakes operation.

  7. Beautiful daylily you captured Tina! The colors pop out in the picture! Whenever I see old farm house's they remind me of my childhood home. The white paint and porch stand out in my memory. I was here during the tour and wish I could have made the trip but the heat was more then I could handle that day. Whew, it was a hot one the entire weekend! I would have melted away and watered the lilies with my body! lol. How nice Mrs. Oakes opens up her private garden's for all to enjoy!

  8. Wow! that Daylilie looks amazing! I do love them aspecially the ones with curles on the edge like that one. What a beautiluf house she has, I wouldn't mind that eather "LOL" It must be a privilige having her so close / gittan

  9. Janet, That would me too-tons of color. This is a real gem here.

    Brooke, Welcome! Glad you like the daylily. Many ladies had different favorites but this one sure caught my eye. It was interesting to see our different preferences.

    Linda, You are welcomed. It is a wonderful place huh? They spent a lot of time 'live heading' to prepare for the tour and it all looked so good.

    Dawn, Oh yes, can't beat those daylilles, especially this time of year. They look really good this year.

    Dave, There are two Oakes daylily breeders and this one here differentiates herself by using 'Trenton'. I had to put that in there for others. It is a minor but key point for Mrs. Oakes. Yup, KY, not TN for sure. It is really close to us here in TN. I didn't even know there was a Trenton TN. lol

    Marnie, Yes, these new daylilies are so different and so cool. The breeders can do so much. Lucky you to have a daylily breeder close by, even a small one must be neat.

    Skeeter, I had a great time. Wish you could've come but I know, it was a wee bit hot. She also sells blueberries and blackberries-already picked. A good deal to avoid the heat:)

    Gittan, It really is a privilege to have Mrs. Oakes so close by. She is a generous and wonderful gardener. I have some red irises growing in my garden that she gave me. Some others who read this blog might have those same irises-from my garden, but actually they came from hers. A small world.

  10. Tina, You have the most fun of all my gardening friends~~visiting bloggers, touring gardens and meeting talented folks...thanks for sharing.
    Don't daylilies shine during these hot days! gail

  11. Tina, as I've said before, you are one busy lady! What a beautiful home and what a treat to be able to see all these daylilies in bloom. Fresh blueberries and blackberries don't sound bad, either:)

  12. Great post Tina. Love those lilies. I am trying to add to mine {which was only 1 to start} altho I did purchase 1 last yr. & have recently purchased another. Slow but sure.
    You sure are getting to see some very lovely gardens. It sounds like loads of fun.
    Hi Anonymous, Skeeter, Dawn, Jean & Nina. Hope you all are having a lovely day.
    The heat is not bad at present but will get worse later. Inside under the A/C.

  13. OMG! Beauty overload!!! Gorgeous daylilies, what a privilege to get a special tour! That house is stunning I love the classic southern verandas!

  14. What a gorgeous place! That house is wonderful!

  15. Gail, I really do have fun-just not this week. I am stuck inside working on a l-o-n-g philosophy paper. Urgh! Are you going to Summer Celebration in Jackson? That will be a fun day! Hopefully not too hot. It is 9 July.

    Rose, Oh yes-fresh blackberries blueberries and all are great right now. A bit of cream and sugar and happiness abounds:)

    Lola, I've been so fortunate to see all these gardens. I wish I could post on the one I saw a few weeks ago too, but alas, today is the last one for a while. Daylilies are slow starters but don't worry, they are most reliable.

    Lzyjo, Glad you like them. Tis the season for color for sure.

    Dirt Princess, They are wonderful for sure and the house the perfect setting.

  16. Now you know this post is right up our alley. Jamie and I attempted to visit a daylily farm this weekend but it was closed. It was so far in the woods it took forever to find it.--Randy

  17. What a great life that must be. I always think people who get to do things like this for a living are so lucky. It sure is pretty there, and that house is beautiful. You are lucky to live so close and to go on the tour!
    BTW I just noticed you added me to your veggie garden update list - Thanks :)

  18. When I saw the title of your post I got all excited, thinking this garden might be in Trenton, NJ, where I'd have hope of seeing it. Looks incredible!

  19. Sounds like another good day and I want that house!!!

    Tina did you know that Dr. McEwen not only created and registered around 200 irises but around 50 daylilies? Also it was 6 years ago yesterday that he passed on at 101.

  20. I LOVE that house! It reminds me of the same things Tina & the south. You don't see houses like that as much out here. Even tho I've never really gotten into daylilies, I can appreciate this tour. The coloring of the first one is wonderful.

  21. I've never paid much attention to daylilies, but I'll admit they're growing on me. The color contrast on that first photo is incredible.

  22. That is Porch with a capital P. What a treat to visit this garden with you. Thanks for sharing.

  23. What a great old farmhouse, love those large porches. I can imagine sitting out there with a tall glass of lemonaide & enjoying the view. :) Daylillies & Berries, what a great way to spend the day.

  24. Tina, I had trouble sending you a message this morning for some reason! Is 'Steve Trimmer' an already registered daylily? It's GORGEOUS!! Wonder if this family is related to the Oakes Daylily Nursery in Corryton, Tenn? I would have loved to have gone on this trip! So did you come home with any..?

  25. Oh Oh Oh, be still my beating heart! Steve Trimmer is a VERY nice cultivar, you have chosen wisely. Mrs. Oakes garden is a gem for daylily lovers and garden lovers in general. I can imagine seeing all the beauties and sitting in the pretty chairs to get out of the sun too. What a lovely day you had.

  26. Jamie and Randy, Don't give up! It will be worth it to visit a breeder's garden, especially if the gardener is as nice as our very own. Good luck!

    Catherine, I had a great time. Yes, it is lovely to be so close to this garden and to be able to pick fresh blackberries, blueberries and your own daylily. Yup, added you in the same day. I'm pretty good at that but do sometimes overlook some posts so do let me know if you don't see it.

    JGH, Trenton NJ? Now that would be a trip. I've been there, but mostly to Newark in my traveling days, don't think I'll be doing too much of it but if I do I'll for sure think of you.

    Mom, The house was most awesome too. Yup, I do know of Dr. McEwen. One of these days we'll make it up there in time to go see his gardens. You and I will have to make that trek and it will be most fun with my mother.

    Kathleen, Oh yes, those southern homes are something. Not into daylilies? You are the first I've met. They are such an easy perennial for most that one can almost never have enough. Easy being the key word for me.

    Megan, You too? Ah but what would summer be without that kalieidoscope of color? Daylilies are so reliable. Glad you like that Trimmer daylily. Me too!

    Donna, That Porch would be such a nice place for a big glass of tea and relaxing after a day in the garden for sure.

    Racquel, My thoughts exactly!

    Lynn, Try again. The email is on the blog and it is working. It's Sometimes folks forget the 5 and it does not go thru. I am here and it's working. Yes, Trimmer daylily is registered. Mrs. Oakes is NOT related to the Oakes in Corydon TN, though she does know of them. Pretty weird to have two daylily breeders in the same state with the same name huh?

    Frances, Glad you like Trimmer. I do too. Most of the ladies were attracted to a HUGE spider called 'Free Wheeling', but this one called my name so easily. I hadn't seen one with an edge like that before, but have since on a blog recently. We did have a good day. I did not bring any home as she was not set up to sell on the garden tour day, but I'll be going back soon. Gotta get my blackberries and blueberries and daylily fix for sure. Trimmer will be coming home with me. Her prices are fabulous and that surely helps.

  27. That is a beauty for sure! What a great place to live...

  28. Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us. I love that first day lily! I also enjoyed catching up with the other posts here.

  29. Ooooh, lovely, Tina! Do they pack 'em and ship 'em? The daylilies, I mean. It would be nice to have another choice for ordering plants. I used to order daylilies from a breeder in Missouri (can't recall the name right now), and they were far superior in size and quality to any I've bought from the usual places (Wayside, Park, or White Flower Farm). Do any of your gardening club friends have blogs of their own?

  30. Oh my goodness, and I got excited because I had a BUD on one of my daylilies today. Lovely post, Tina. I'd never grown daylilies before I started reading American gardening blogs, but then I had to find out what all the fuss was about. I'm so glad I did! I have 'El Desperado', which looks a little bit like your picture of 'Steve Trimmer'

  31. Hi Tina --love that place! You told me about it last year and we picked blueberries. The people are super nice and friendly. A good morning activity for children -picking berries:) Unlike my picking up on the mountains in PA --hahaha wild berries but they were so good.

    Another hot day but daddy took the older kiddos to track so baby could stay in the air:)

    Hi Lola --glad to hear you're staying cool.
    Hi Jean --did you catch any of our heat yet? The weatherman shows it moving up that way:0)
    Hi Dawn and Nina --have a great evening.
    Oh Skeeter --my Sidekick can't stop asking me about you:0) Better tell the Saint you have an admirer --not quite 4 feet tall and loves catching frogs and bugs. Do you think he'll mind? hehehe

  32. That sound like fun Tina! I love daylilies. I was in a garden this week where she had 500 varieties. I was blown away. I want more but don't have room! H

  33. Fun that's alot of lilies !
    Big old homes with porches always reminds me of the south... gentle times and easy living. Ok, that may not be true but I'm sticking to it. :)

  34. Darla, it sure is.

    Sue, Glad you liked the daylily. And oh my, don't worry about catching up on posts. It is too much when we post daily. Just saying hi is enough.

    W2W, Now that is a good question. One I do not know the answer to but I think not. While she is national with her breeding program, I am not sure she sells long distance. From breeders is a great way to buy plants versus the wholesale I think. No, none of my friends have blogs. Not so many of them even read this one and I've stopped advertising it. I wish some local folks would start a blog on gardening. This blog is purely for me and this little group that reads and comments and that I've gotten to know I guess. I am going to be slowing down soon though myself.

    Victoria, 'El Desperado' sounds awesome. Great you have a bud! Many more will follow. I really like the trim type. I am trying to remember if I saw daylilies in Germany when I lived there and I don't think I did. That is funny. Why not so many in English gardens? I sure saw lots of peonies and roses over there. I know Germany is a bit different, but still Europe and similar I think.

    Anonymous, Blueberries are in this year already too! Blackberries in another two weeks or so. A great thing to get all the kiddos out there doing-especially since they'll eat all the berries I bet. The ones you eat in the field are free:) Not so hot today but I am SO stuck inside still working on a paper. Urgh! What was I thinking to take philosophy? And one would wonder why I'm on here and not doing the paper. Gotta get back to work soon. It has been rough for some reason as I want to be outside.

    Helen, You have such lovely daylilies already but I can sympathize with wanted more. 500 varieties is sure a lot! They are really something.

    Patsi, We can still imagine those days of easy living and tall glasses of lemonade or sweet tea. Big porches are good for that for sure. No garden work allowed;) Great story!

  35. Looks like a great daylily farm! I love seeing the fields full of flowers. Must have been a good time for everyone on the tour.


  36. Sounds like a day spent in heaven!

  37. Daylilies are so beautiful with long lasting bloom, we have some in the garden until one day the deers stop by to get some snack and finish all the flowers leaving the leaves for us to enjoy.

  38. Tina it will not be a very big trek as he only lived 3 miles down the road from me. One of his daughters, Kathy only lives 5 houses from me. I think Sharon has carried on his work and lives just this side of what was Vroom's house.

    Hi Anonymous, the heat did hit today and I was in the garden most of the day. I did'nt know if I dared to go out or not. After 2 weeks of rain I thought my eyes might fall out from all the brightness. They are saying we will still have another week of clouds and showers. Most of my flowers are laying on the ground from all the rain beating on them. The sweat kept dripping of me but I did not complain about it!!!

    Hi Lola, hope things are going good for you and your flowers are doing very good.

  39. Good evening everyone! Long day for me today but exciting...

    Went to the country to visit my brother. He took me all over the place to see how it has changed out there. Also ran into a 90 year old lady which was most entertaining! We were looking at an old cematery when she walked over to say hello. She invited us for the holidays! She was awesome! we ate lunch at a little mom and pops BBQ and the chicken was yummy with that wonderful smoked hickory wood!

    Then off to a City Counsel meeting to support my animal loving friends which are protesting a suggestion of banning dogs from our major walking park along the river. Seems some ding-a-lings do not pick up after doggie does his biz so the Mayors solution is to ban all dogs! Crazy thing and not going to happen. I met two counselmen and the Mayor personally and after the meeting with protests with wonderful reasoning in place, they decided to add the doggie biz waste cans and baggies. Duh, why not do that without getting people riled up in the first place? Arggggg...

    Then back to the house to find my parents visiting with a man I had not seen in about 25 years! His son was my 8th grade boyfriend! lol, What a surprise to see him and chat. He said i was no longer a shy child. :)

    A full day and a wonderful one but I am getting home sick. So back to GA tomorrow for me! I need to wake up with my Saint and two fur babies at my side!

    Anonymous, I thought of my little Sidekicking boyfriend today. lol While at my brothers house, I saw a really large lizard! I was thinking, hum, if Sidekick were here we could try to catch it!

    Night all, time for this gal to get into bed. I have a long drive tomorrow!

  40. Cameron, It was fun for sure.

    Sweet Bay, Almost, but not quite, it was a wee bit hot and muggy, but who's complaining? Not me for sure:)

    Mom, Next time I come you simply must show me his place then.

    Skeeter, Thanks for breaking that news. With all the uproar is was pretty smart to not ban the dogs. Even I've walked my dogs down there before. It would've been sad to make them go away.

  41. Forgot to say, have a safe trip back to Georgia. I finally completed my paper!!!!! At least for this week.

  42. Great tour! Fun for me to "be" so far from California, and to see you all in action. And that house--who cares about the flowers ;-)

  43. I really like the farm house!

    nice garden, too...

    greetings from scandinavia
    sarah sofia

    and thanks for your comments on my post in Ruhezone!

  44. Amazing tour! Daylilies and blueberries! What a wonderful combination! The "Steve Trimmer" looks exotic. Thanks Tina, for another great post! Loved the garden views and the house too.

  45. It's always nice getting a behind-the-scenes kind of tour. I went on one to a local dahlia grower last fall and it was fascinating! It's also fun to hear the owner talk about his/her passion.

  46. I have no room in my garden for anything, but I'd probably dig something up for a cool daylily like Steve Trimmer. Very cool!

  47. That first daylily made me go "Wow!" Gorgeous. I think it's funny that your husband once broke a water main while digging you a rose garden!