Monday, January 25, 2010

Canada Lily

Posted by: Dawn

The Canada Lily is a perennial wildflower that prefers moist meadows or wood margins. It's one of the more eye catching spots of yellow along the roadsides here in Maine.

I absolutely love this photo of my Queen Elizabeth rose taken last summer. As you can see, there is a yellow flower about to bloom in and amongst the fragrant pretties, how it manages to survive is more than a wonder to me. There are actually three stalks of Canada lily growing in this small crowded space, I allow it because if we have a bad year with the Japanese beetle, they will completely devour the lilies instead of touching my roses and this lily has always returned year after year no matter what.

I hadn't planned for a grouping of these funnel shaped, nodding flowers in this area and I'm quite surprised they took foot since they are mostly corms, the seeds must have been brewing for awhile, three to five years would be my guess.

This lily will grow to a height of 2 feet to 6 feet, some will have flowers of a count of fifteen, while others will have only two.

The flower is 2'' to 3'' wide and will engulf a hummingbird as it's a favorite of the ruby throated hummer.

The flower can be yellow, orange or red. They are native from Alabama to Quebec and bloom from June to July. They are also on The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. In the Garden.

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  1. How nice the lilies take the hit from the beetles and not the roses. Are the liles fragrant? I love the color!

  2. I was going to ask the same thing as Linda. They are a lovely lily and one I've not heard of. Great that they are native so I'll be on the lookout. Love the yellow!

  3. Hi Dawn, what a pretty bloom your lily has. I've never seen or heard of them.

    It is the Japanese beetles that made me give up roses. They get worse every year.

  4. Very neat! Sounds like a great trap crop to catch those Japanese beetles.

  5. I will have to read more about these pretty lilies. I had not heard of them, thanks for sharing!

  6. I've never heard of these lilies before either, Dawn. It's such a lovely color, and I like the idea of it detracting the Japanese beetles away from the roses. This is one wildflower that I would love to have in my garden, especially if it attracts hummingbirds as well.

  7. That is a pretty lily! It looks like a great companion with the roses.


  8. I love those nodding yellow flower heads. Your Queen Elizabeth rose is beautiful.

  9. I love it when new flowers/plants are introduced to me. What a cool plant...I just read over the weekend about companion planting and one of the suggestions is 4 o'clocks near roses deter Japanese Beatles, 4 o'clocks are toxic to them.

  10. Hi guys,
    Linda, These don't have a overbearing scent, in fact you have to be real close (Nose in the bloom) to smell anything.
    Tina, the info indicates they are in Tenn but the photos from forums and etc. show a redder one.
    Marnie, It's so great that the beetles like this flower because I'm not the bravest and hand picking them off, I have my bad years with them then sometimes none at all. Last year they attacked the wild raspberries.
    Dave, It surprised me when I saw a bare stalk, then I spied the beetle. I love it!
    Janet, Your welcome!
    Rose, These are nice wildflowers especially when they are big, mine is about shoulder height.
    Cameron, The pink and yellow is nice and both bloom for a while.
    Sweet bay, Thanks! For while it took winter damage but within the last two years it has sprouted canes from the ground. Whew!
    Darla, I did not know that about 4 o'clocks, I'll have to remember that, thanks for the info!

  11. Sounds and looks like a good plant to have around several plants. Those pesky jbeetles can do a lotta damage in a short time and they must love the rain as I think they had a banner year here last summer with our record breaking rains. 4 o'clocks I have never grown but every year I think I should get some so I think this will be the year for sure. Thanks Dawn and Darla.

  12. I haven't seen this before, it's very pretty. It sounds like a very useful plant that it attracts the good hummingbird and the not so good Japanese beetles.

  13. I love the shape of this pretty yellow flower. How wonderful that it also serves a guardian for your roses as well.

  14. I didn't know about this plant. It sure is pretty & serves a good purpose too. I didn't know about the 4 o'clock either. I do have some of them growing.
    Jean I will send you 4 o'clock seeds if you like.

  15. I love Canada lilies, but it seems to be a favorite of deer. It often gets eaten right before opening.

  16. Mom, Yes, the beetles were bad this year, they sure did love my raspberries, they give me the willies!
    Catherine, It is a nice little flower to have around, and very non-invasive.
    Noelle, I hadn't thought of it being my rose guardian, how nice!
    Hi Lola, I hope you are feeling well.
    How it grows, the info said this is a deer favorite, I've been lucky and not had mine munched on yet!

  17. I'm delighted to see your photo of the Queen Elizabeth rose, as I bought one on an impulse this fall and planted it without really knowing how it would turn out. Hope mine will be as pretty as yours. The combination with those yellow lilies is lovely, and since they grow from Canada to Alabama, I guess they'd grow here in Germany, too.

  18. Barbara, Thanks about the rose, it is a pretty one.
    I would think you are right about this lily being in Germany, they are related to the tiger lily if you have those, you have these.

  19. If the hummers like it, I will like it. I must be on the lookout for this one...