Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sleeping Banana Tree

By Skeeter
Have I mentioned it is cold in my Georgia Garden? Well it is therefore, everything is sleeping for the winter. Just look at the banana tree snoozing away for me. Hum, I hope it is snoozing away and not dead from the extreme cold we have had in recent weeks. We failed to Cut the Banana Tree or mulch it like Tina and Mr. Fixit do to their plant.
Time got away from us with all the rain we have had so the dead foliage remains in the planter. The plant is located right by the exhaust of the gas heat so I am hoping that maybe the warmth from the Unit has kept her feet warm and happy during these cold weeks of winter. We will know come spring if she is dead or a SLEEPING BANANA TREE, In the Garden....
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  1. I hope she is just having a nice long beauty rest. We have lots of leaves all over the ground from the cold we've had. It's cold again this morning, for us, at 48.

    Have a nice day ~ FlowerLady

  2. I think it will be ok, I would think the top dying is like cutting it down. Time will tell.

  3. Hi Skeeter, I hope it is okay too. Even in Houston, the banana trees looked like that in winter. Most people left the tops on for protection, and some never cut theirs at all, even when the new growth started in spring. Hope lives.

  4. I do hope it pulls through! gail

  5. It looks sort of done for - hope you're lucky!

  6. Sleeping for sure. Cut it down sometime before new growth begins (next few weeks) and you'll have a lovely new banana in a few months. I can't wait! Spring is near...

  7. Listen to what Tina said - she knows her banana trees!

  8. Just about my entire garden has taken a Tylenol P.M. I think your Banana Tree will be okay!

  9. Good luck, it would be a shame to lose it.

  10. I bet Tina is right too. Won't it be exciting when you find that nice new green growth. Hope it warms up a bit for you!

  11. With all the hopes going out to the tree it is bound to rebound!!!
    The exhaust surely will help.

  12. Good Morning everyone! Finally sunny again in GA but still cold and even freezing during the night hours. So not normal for GA this winter....

    FlowerLady, we did finally get up the last of the leaves a few weeks ago but the leaves on the roof of the house, shed, boat shelter and garage await our tending....

    Dawn, I do believe this as well…

    Fairegarden, Oh, leave the dead leaves all season? That sounds Icky to me but in the wild, I reckon that is the norm….

    Gail, Thanks, Me too!

    Barbara, My luck is better in the garden then the lottery so maybe she is fine. I do have my fingers crossed for her though…

    Tina, We plan to clip her as soon as we can get to it. With more and more rain, heck, we cannot get to her right now. We must invest in some rubber boots from TSC…

    Dave, Tina does know her Banana trees for sure…

    Darla, Funny you should mention Tylenol PM as I took one last night to assure good sleep after houseguest departed. My mind races as to what all I must tend Emails, blogs, errands, bills, you know all that daily stuff one puts off while family is around…

    Michelle, I do think she is just sleeping. We will know soon enough as Spring is just around the corner!

  13. Marnie, I so hope we dont loose her...

    Catherine, I am sure I will react just like when I see the peony popping up each spring!

    Jean, I am sure the heat exhaust will help but if not, I so have some baby nanners in the house for replacement...

  14. Our ENTIRE garden looks like your sleeping banana! LOL -- Randy

  15. Hard to tell right? But it won't be long now....53 days til spring I heard today on the radio.

  16. I wish I could be that banana tree (just for the sleeping bit :-D). It's freezing cold in GB.

    Greetings from London.

  17. I hope it survives. I have often been surprised at plants that looked brown, crisp and dead were actually alive. If it does grow back, the before and after photos would be impressive.

  18. I've seen banana trees in that same shape in winter in some of our more renowned public gardens in zone 7. So, I am optimistic for you.

    I let the same thing happen to my ginger because I caught a cold around the time I should have been cutting back and mulching tropicals. I don't think my ginger is dead, either.


  19. Good evening all... Was a busy day running errands and getting things back to normal around here but all is falling into place...

    Randy and Jamie, Most of my gardens look pretty bare compared to the Ocean Themed planter with that nanner...

    JGH, I so hope we down here in the Deep South dont have to wait 53 days for the warm stuff. I am so ready for it to arrive!

    Cuban, In the cold winter months I get lazy and want to do nothing but lay around in the sunroom watching old classic movies! I am lucky that I have a gas heater in there to keep me toasty but a wood burning fireplace would be nice but that is in the living room and I will not give up the view of the woods in the sunroom for wood fire…

    How it grows, Thanks, I need all the luck I can get!

    Noelle, I do hope to have some before and after pictures. Never thought to show a before pic of it in its glory last summer but it has been seen on the blog several times. If you missed it, look on the sidebar for banana trees and you will see it….

    Cameron, I did not clip the Ginger that Lola passed along to me either! I do hope it is fine but I worry more about it being in the soggy ground then anything else. Will be intersting to see if our Gingers made it or not...

  20. Late getting on here. When you have guest it changes all, right Skeeter.
    My Pine Cone Gingers/Lily are all laying on the ground as usual but in the Spring they will start popping up. I've lost a lot this winter as I was sick & couldn't get out to cover things up. We'll see just how much is gone when the sun comes out & it starts to get warm.
    Hope you nanner tree will be fine. The ones around here look just like that. They don't cut them back till later.
    People are still cleaning up from the tornado. It sure is a mess.
    Hope all have a wonderful night & day tomorrow.

  21. I vote for sleeping!! I have faith.

  22. Skeeter, I left a lot of fall chores undone. Not until spring will I know whether my lack of energy was a mistake or not. You can just tell everyone you left the banana tree alone to create some winter interest:)

  23. Lola, I so hope you are feeling better now. I am sure we lost some plants to the constant cold temps as well. It will be interesting to see what made it safely through this non-normal weather. I know the crops in FL must be harmed as well. I think record low temps were set in many places this winter. Mother Nature can be such a stinker at times. I am more worried about the Ginger being in a soggy planter then anything. The cannas are in the soggy planter as well and now they are calling for more rain on both Fri and Sat. I hope they dont rot. Argggg, no end in sight....

    Janet, that is my vote as well and I wish I could sleep until spring my self. I so do not like this cold stuff…

    Rose, there you go, I like your idea of Winter Interest! Ha, at least my mother in law was able to see how tall it was when they were here but with the soggy ground, we could not get real close for a good look. Oh well, there is always pictures lol…

  24. As i remember they can develop a nasty smell if they have died,stick your nose in at the base for a good whiff, the dead wet foliage can start to rot which spreads to the live roots, good luck to her,i do hope she pulls through!

  25. JJ, I am so not going to stick my nose in there for a rotten wiff! lol, I will cut the stalks soon as this rain passes though...