Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warm Days, Cold Nights

By Skeeter
Here in my Georgia garden, we are finally receiving some nice weather. Well, Warm temperatures during the day hours anyway. It has been winter for some time and I knew that when I spotted the first Lady Bug on the bathroom ceiling! I am not sure where they come from but every winter we have these cute girls join us in the master bathroom. We believe they come through the attic vents and then make their way to the warmth of our bathroom through the exhaust vent. Which by the way we went to replace with a nice new sound free vent only to discover the existing vent is not piped through the roof like it should be! Argggg, shotty building or lack of codes 30 years ago when built? Who knows but for now, we no longer use the vent. When steam gets into woods of the upstairs, well, we would have one messy mold issue. Grrrrrrrr, on the builder that cut that corner and grrrr, for the inspector not doing his job 30 years ago......
So our day temps are nice enough to venture outside while the night temps are still falling into the 30's but luckily, not 32 where things will freeze. Cheetah is smart and makes a nice little bed by the fire in the living room. I am by her side in the recliner also enjoying the warmth but I am so not in the picture as I had such a rats nest on my head this evening. It had been another rainy day so inside we stayed where it was nice and dry and the hair never got touched by a comb just the ole fingers through it on this lazy day!
Okay, little girl, the fire is gone and it is time to crawl under the electric blanket now! I sure hope this round of 2 inch rain will not rot all my already soggy plants in the yard. Oh gee, the worries of a gardener.

Today, we plan to hand wash the car then again, by night fall we will be sitting by the warmth of a fire. Ho hum WARM DAYS, COLD NIGHTS, In the Garden....

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  1. Argh is right, Skeeter. That vent thing is not good. We discovered the same thing here when the reno was done. A long flexible aluminum vent was attached in the attic and run to the opening in the side of the gable. Your kitty looks like a queen on her throne. Love these warm days, so nice to be able to work outside again with the ground mostly thawed. Hooray!

  2. Skeeter girl I am dead jealous .. we will be frozen here in the Great White North for a long time yet .. Cheeta and my girls know that the fireplace is the place to BE ?? LOL

  3. Now that's the spot to be! Cheetah looks most happy. I have those ladybugs active here in my computer room. They come right through the tracks on the windows. Makes me so mad. Great shot of one!

  4. Skeeter, The fire looks sooo warm! We are having snow again today.
    The ladybugs like the west side of the house where the sun is the warmest, my vinyl is loaded in the fall and they manage to get in. I don't mind them but madame thinks we should save everyone of them by placing them in the plants!
    Sheeba has the right idea.

  5. I think there are many builders who cut corners on the bathroom vents. It's not a good thing! We have ladybugs all over too. On a warm day they get very active and there could be 20 or more in each room!

  6. Ha! How nice to be able to curl up to the fire with a kitty. The dogs still need to go out!
    Older homes really make life interesting don't they? aughggghhh

  7. Our weather is really perking up around here, 40's at night about 70 during the day.....roof/vent/house in general upkeep is no fun....what a smart Cheetah you have.

  8. Argh is right, indeed. Here, I wouldn't even mind the cold if the sun would just stay out. It comes out for a day, then we have a few days of grey--so many so that I forget what day was sunny. Just tedious. But we'll get through with the help of Aztec hot chocolate, a warm wood stove, and purring cats.

  9. we are having similiar weather here...cold nights for sure. we are supposed to get the heavy rains tomorrow.
    we also have had many building code problems and our house is only 6 years old. i think they have the ole' buddy system here in place. ggggrrrr! i understand your frustration.
    hope you are having a happy january.

  10. We get those ladies bugs in our camp house....100's of them! You can hear them flying into things at night! We were in the low - mid 60's yesterday. Supposed to be back there today, nightime temps getting aroun 51 degrees. Not to bad. Feeling like Spring weather!

  11. Morning all. I have a busy day as unexpected company shall be arriving tomorrow. So much to do (cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc) and so little time to get it all done so bare with me on the blog...

    Over all, from your comments, it looks as though most of us have the lady bugs visit us during the winter. They are wonderful bugs to have in the garden so we just ignore them in the house. I do try to place them on the house plants so they can have a meal or drink if available....

    The shotty workmanship seems to be more common then I had thought also. I agree with Marmee as I do think it is the ole buddy system in place here. Just make a call and Inspector writes it off without ever coming to see the work. Ever watch "Holmes on Homes"? It is amazing what contractors get away with today!

    Sorry but gotta run now. I will try to visit with you on your blogs tonight if I have a bit of time, if not, then I will see you all in about a week!

  12. We've been pretty lucky so far this winter, a few days of freezing and now it's staying fairly warm. But ohhhhhhhhh the rain is really coming down.
    Cheetah looks very comfy in front of the fire. How cozy.

  13. Lady bugs and cats by the fire...a very cheerful post in the middle of a wintery January :-)

  14. Hi Skeeter, we don't have the ladybug problem here. In fact we hardly ever see one. Not very many pollinators at all. Guess that is why I can't grow producing veggies.
    Cheetah sure has a goo idea.
    Enjoy your company.
    Have a great afternoon all.

  15. Your sweet little kitty all curled up by the fire is so cute! It looks almost the same as one of our fireplaces.
    We used to see lots of ladybugs just outside our dining room window on warm winter days.

  16. Love the story about the ladybug! Just had one visit us last week plus a few other insects. It had been so frigid that I was surprise to see these visitors in our home. I honestly didn't think that the weather had warmed up enough to see them. I guess even insects get "cabin fever."

  17. Lady bugs are so cute unroll you get around 150 in you kitchen at one time then it's just creepy! When the sun comes in during the Fall and Sring afternoons we are totally invaded by them so it's Servall. time!