Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Paradise pt 2

By Skeeter
We had a nice warm snap in my Georgia Garden to start the month of January but then back to the cold stuff for the week we had the Saints parents visit. They left Virginia as it was sleeting and arrived to our wonderful 70 plus degrees. Unfortunately, they brought the rain and cold with them to GA. They have since returned to VA and taken that nasty stuff back. Today the weatherman is calling for sunny skies and back into the 60's but come tomorrow, it is back to rain and cold. Gee, this Deep South living is such strange weather but a break is nice during the winter. I just hope it is not too confusing for the flowers this year...

So lets leave the cold today for part two of our Winter Paradise get-away... After Key West, we headed to Nassau, Bahamas. As you can see the blue of the waters were breath taking upon our arrival. We docked then boarded a Glass Bottom Boat ride to a Coral Reef. Along the way, the Captain of the vessel told us of the many famous people and their homes along this stretch. There was the once home of Elvis, the home of Nicholas Cage and other famous people as well. All these homes are surrounded with beautiful plants.
Lush Green is the color of choice on this island.
Yes, I could wake up to this view each morning!
The boat took us by the Atlantis Resort. See the bridge connecting the two structures? Ah, a close up view is so much better. This is the Bridge Penthouse. Michael Jackson was the first to stay in this room. I believe the Captain informed us of a $25,000 a night cost with a one week minimum stay! I could buy a lot of plants for my garden with that!
The High Rollers of the Atlantis Casino (850 slots, 90 tables, race & sports bar, etc) can stay here at the Harbor-side Resort. More on Atlantis later...
Now we finally get to the Coral Reef. This is not an aquarium in the picture but a picture I snapped right though the glass bottom of the boat! Yes, the water is that blue and crystal clear! It was amazing to see life underwater from the coral to the fish!
The cruise took us along the wharf to see the fisherman dockside. They get up early in the morning and catch fish and what ever else is in season and sell it right on the dock. Talk about fresh catch of the day!
As we returned back to our starting point, we had a clear view of our ship and its small size compared to the others docked beside our Carnival Fascination! And we thought we were on a big ship! Ha, the Royal Caribbean to the far right was incredible to say the least.
The Saint wanted to go to the Atlantis Resort so we hailed a cab and off we went. We were reminded of our days spent in England with the driver on the left side of the street. The drive up to the resort from the main street was lined with tall palms trees.
The flying bronze horses in the fountain caught our attention.
The lobby of the resort was as if I had stepped into a massive hotel in Las Vegas! That is where I have seen hotels of this magnitude. I bet the price we paid for 4 nights in Vegas does not even come close to one night here! They have 6 different type buildings to chose from for your stay. 8 Fine dining, 11 Casual dining and 8 Cafes and Quick eats within the Resort! You can swim with the dolphins, snorkel, scuba, golf, tennis, spa, private beach, pool, water park and much more. We were saying it would take us a few days to do all we would want to do!
They have an aquarium in the lobby that tells the story of the City of Atlantis.
Here you can see two of the many aquarium windows in the background. The lobby was full of plants and even palm trees!
We did not spend too much time inside this marble palace as we wanted to be outside and see the grounds.
Water is the theme as with any island resort but this one truly took water to a new level for me! Do you see the fish?
We walked the grounds for quite some time while taking in the beautiful sights.
I like the way the vine was growing on the stone wall.
Down the stairs to the beach area was an inviting walk.
Blooming beauties my eyes have never seen in the wild before.
Interesting plants with every blink of the eye.
Ah, the hibiscus is a must on a Tropical Island.
I can only wonder if these are edible as I have no idea what they could be...
Beauty around every corner of this awesome place.
Fish, sharks, starfish, etc were swimming in the water all around us.
Have you noticed there is no human forms in the pictures? I am so glad we went during the low season as we seem to have the gardens all to our self! Where are all the people? I did see 4 large cruise ships in port right?
Nothing soothes my soul more then the sound of a waterfall.
At this point I was asking the Saint if I could have a water fall.
Yes, that look on his face tells me "it ain't gonna happen". Can't blame a girl for asking. I would so love to have a piece of this WINTER PARADISE, In the Garden...

**Once home, we searched for a Map of Atlantis grounds to find we had only touched the surface of this huge place. There are 14 exhibit lagoons on 140 acres and we only saw a few of them! I just saw on the Internet that it is 75 degrees there today and I so wish I were there. Maybe some day we will go back so I can swim with the dolphins...

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  1. Ahhh, I need to be right in the middle of that at this moment!

  2. This just warmed me up!! What a beautiful place......I know you had a ton of fun...keep asking for the waterfall, I see some love in the Saint's eyes...

  3. Ummm, I loved this post! Made me feel warm! I have never been on a cruise..maybe someday. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  4. OH... what! What makes you think that I'm jealous? I'm always green!

  5. Thanks for that little juant to the tropics! My husband has been to that Atlantis resort several times on business. Next time I'm definitely taggin along!!

  6. Good Morning all. Oh another cold start here in GA but to be really nice by noon. I so cannot wait for noon. I will find some excuse to get outside today even if not in my soggy yard....

    Dawn, Your comment reminds me of the slogan, Calgon, take me away!!!!

    Darla, There is love in those eyes for sure but I still don’t see a water feature as long as we live in this house. Too many critters in our yard to make it work and less fun. I know he is right, but I still would like to give it a try…

    Meadow view, I am glad to have warmed you up a bit. If you ever get the chance to take a cruise go for it. After this being our first, we are hooked and are already saving money for a second one hopefully this year….

    Gittan, Don’t be green just save some green and you too can go on a cruise! We saved every $5 bill we came across for a year and had enough to take the cruise!

    JGH, OMGosh, Atlantis on Business? You bet I would be going along on the next trip! I tagged along on many of the Saints business trips while in Europe. I was able to see many wonderful places compliments of his company….

  7. Wow, it's nine degrees here today. It was fun to look at those photos and daydream. I'd love to be dangling my feet in that warm water right now.

  8. It looks like a very cool place to stay! $25,000 is a bit high though for me. when we were in the neighborhood we never really had enough time to even visit the resort. There's too much to do and see down there!

  9. Marnie, burrr, it is cold up there! I would so like to be dangling my feet in that water again. Was a nice trip and reminiscing does warm me a bit but my fingers are so cold right now typing…

    Dave, yes that was my only complaint on the cruise. Not enough time in the ports to do all there is to do. We did not get to see the Gardens/Zoo which was a must for us. We may get back again some day to spend more time.

  10. Ooh... Aah... it's a piece of paradize, for sure!

  11. Atlantis is awesome but I think swimming with dolphins would have to be #1 for me!!! When my youngest daughter and I went to Sea World with her girls we planned on that but we were in Florida and they only offer that in Calif. I was really bummed out over that.

  12. That looks like a luxurious trip! I am happy for you fun and love that pic of the fish through the glass bottomed boat!

  13. Oh, this is just what I needed to see today :^) It has been cold and rainy for many days. I recognize the Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and Oleanders - plants that we grow here in Arizona. What a wonderful trip you had. I think I need to go on one....

  14. I have to agree with everyone else. These photos and trip are just beautiful-lush and warm! Just the ticket when a big snow storm is aiming at us. That resort is so neat. I've never seen anything like that at all. You were lucky to have a low season. The best time! Ha on the Saint. Too too funny. You might have to sneak in a small table top water feature to get him used to the idea....

  15. Thank you for sharing these pictures. It looks amazing there. I'd be outside too looking at the gardens. I can't wait to feel 75 degrees again!

  16. Tatyana, It was such a paradise! I only wish we had more time to spend taking it all in…

    Jean, I so wanted to swim with the dolphins and believe me, it was warm enough too! If we ever go back, I will for sure swim with the flippers! I think there is a place in FL you can swim with them but not sure. I’ll have to check that one out…

    Rosey, Atlantis is luxury but not just popping in to see it as that was free! hee hee. Our cab driver gave us a hint on the freebie. Looking was free but all the other stuff was ala carte. I would pay to swim with the dolphins though! If I ever get back, I will pay the price for that one….

    Noelle, those all grow here as well but not in December! Ha… It was great getting away from the cold to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and the beauty surrounding us. I so wish I could snap my fingers and go back for a bit longer. It was a bit muggy though so this cold is not too bad I reckon :-)

    Tina, I do have table top water features, remember, frogs live in them so we cannot turn the dang things on or we may drown them! Saint is right as it would be an issue with the wildlife for us if we had a larger water feature or pond. I can still dream and give him the puppy dog eyes though, hee hee… Batten down those hatches and make sure you have your chili fixins as that is a must in TN when calling for snow and ice. Lol…

    Catherine, Looking at the pictures, it seems like the trip was just yesterday but my cold bones tell me has been some time since that sweat was dripping off my forehead while strolling the island. I so wish I could click my heels and go back for a bit longer…

  17. Looks like paradise! What a great trip you must had!

    (waiting for the snow)

  18. Cameron, Gather the firewood and chili fixins as the snow is on the way....

  19. Yes, I would love to be in a place like this right now, too--it's hovering in the single digits here! Thanks for the great tour, Skeeter, of these beautiful grounds. I know I couldn't afford to spend a night in one of these resorts, but I'd be happy walking through all this lush scenery, too. Tell the Saint every girl needs a waterfall:)

  20. What a wonderful paradise you've been to! The photos are lovely, as if i've been there too. The plants are tropical and i can relate to those. lovely vacation indeed.

  21. Rose, I will tell him for sure. hee hee....

    Andrea, You have some beautiful tropicals as well...