Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Azaleas in May

By Skeeter
We have had a strange Spring in my Georgia Garden this year. Nothing seems to be waking from a long winters nap on time with odd temperatures happening. The one thing that really pops out in my mind were the azalea's. They were really late to show up thus allowing me to enjoy them into May.
The Saint was late in pruning the Snowball Viburnum last summer thus, less snowball blooms. But still beautiful next to the pink azalea's.
The Azalea's were planted on this land when we purchased the house so their names are totally unknown to me. I just call them the pink, the white, the bright pink, the salmon, the small, the large, the red, etc.
The Bright Pink is my favorite.
We only have two in a salmon color but so pretty. The light Pink is nice.
This bee says, " it taste good"

The Large Pink are spectacular in the sun.
They seem to glow with the sun shining on them.
The smaller Pink ones are also a favorite of mine.
We only have one white azalea as the other two were lost to disease. Sigh...
This picture was snapped a few days from May and the pale pink are still in full bloom. Wait, what do I see behind the Azalea's?
What is going on in my Georgia Woods?
Well, it is the cute little bunny's getting ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! I now have a sudden urge for a Margarita. Safe partying for all which take part in this fun celebration....

What a strange Spring with AZALEA'S IN MAY, in the Garden...

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  1. Pour me a Margaritas! How beautiful your azaleas are!

  2. What a cute bunny always celebrating. The azaleas are so full and beautiful. We enjoyed seeing you -hope your trip back was uneventful. The flooding here in town is surreal -I am watching it unfold from the computer and TV. Ciao!

  3. Skeeter girl (try to stay out of the booze today ? LOL)
    WOW .. I am in azalea envy mode now .. I only have one wee Manderin Lights but she is a beauty ! needs to fatten up a bit .. wish I could give her mine ? LOL
    The strange thing .. I was looking at a white one at Costco from the "western lights" series .. I was so mad at myself for losing out on Orchid Lights last year .. I put it down for a few seconds to look at something else and another SHARP gardener grabbed it .. I didn't want to disgrace myself with a cat fight (although I am sure the staff and customers would have been very entertained ? ha !) .. so having lost that little beauty .. well .. I can always enjoy yours right ??
    Joy ;-) wink wink

  4. Thanks for the great pictures Skeeter! I haven't been able to get to the Arboretum to see the azalea's this year, so I really enjoyed seeing yours!
    Love the bunnies--I'll have a margarita with you!

  5. My azaleas were late this year too. I have enjoyed having them a little later than usual. Yours are beautiful. Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo. Carla

  6. Beautiful blooms. Those bunnies of yours. Always celebrating aren't they?

  7. Gorgeous Azaleas Skeeter. I only have the one color. They are {were} like a hedge. I cut them back drastically this yr so they will thicken up. They were getting so scraggly looking. My new neighbor is providing a much better view than the old neighbors. New sod & all.
    Those bunnies of your are always up to something. They keep you "hopping" don't they?

  8. The azaleas are BEA-utiful! And your bunnies are so cute. You are just so creative!

    Hey all, I'm not sure what is going on with Skeeter but parts of Clarksville are underwater. I will try to find out today if she and her family are safe from the flood and how she made it back to Georgia. I've not heard from her yet.

  9. Beautiful! Big pink is very charming!

  10. The Azaleas are gorgeous love them beside the Snowball...hope the bunnies don't have too much fun and fall off the hay!

  11. Hi Skeeter, I'll join you in that Margarita.

    Love your azaleas. You have so many beautiful colors. Wish I could grow them here.

    It has been just the opposite here. We had very hot weather in March and now the garden is at least two weeks ahead of normal.

  12. Good news! I heard from Skeeter and she is safe and sound in Atlanta. However, her parent's home was flooded in the flood but they are all safe and got all their things out in time. My thoughts are with all folks who were affected by the flood.

  13. What incredible colors! Happy cinco!--Randy

  14. Thank you for the update Tina -I was worried about our Skeeter girl. Ciao

  15. Yes, Thank you Tina. We were worried about Skeeter as I know the route that she would have to take coming South & some of it would put her in harms way. So sorry about her parents.
    Haven't heard from Nina yet.

  16. I love the Salmon colored ones. How beautiful they must look in your garden, Skeeter!
    Convey my greetings to the bunnies!

  17. Azaleas are so beautiful! They look lovely in your pine woods and with the white viburnum too, or is it a hydrangea? I get those two confused becuase of the snowball bush.

  18. I wish I had room for more Azaleas! You have such prettied colored ones, I really like the light pink.
    Your bunnies look cute and ready to celebrate. I'll have a Margarita with you! :)

  19. Mine were a bit delayed blooming this year too. Crazy weather.

  20. Spectacular azalea displays this year and yours are proof!

    Count me in on the margarita party!

  21. Everything was late blooming over here in Alabama, too. I didn't mind! Your azaleas are truly beautiful. I love all the wonderful shades of pink. Sometimes I get tired of my azaleas when they shrivel in the heat or suffer from some disease, but seeing them in full bloom changes my mind!

  22. Gorgeous rite of spring, those members of the Rhododendron genus!

    And gorgeous photo spread too!

  23. Thanks for your comments everyone. Has been a sad time for me the past few days but time will heal all.....