Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gift's and Freebies

By Skeeter Thank You so much Tina for hosting a little get together at Tiger Gardens! It was wonderful to finally get to meet Miss Jean in person. Lunch was ever so yummy to include Whoopee treats. Getting to visit with you Jean, Nina, Anonymous and little Bundle while strolling in the garden made for a perfect day.... Thanks to "Papa" for snapping this picture with my camera.
Here is a not so clear cropped picture of us chatty gals...

Today's post will be a posting with an update. My parents home flooding in Tennessee took me out of my Georgia Garden for a bit so I never was able to get part one of this posting published. Now I find myself with not only part one ready to post but a follow up as well.

Last year for my birthday, the Saint surprised me with this Redbud tree. I was happy to see it survived our harsh winter and gave me plenty of buds and leaves this spring. Strangely shaped I must say but pretty to me all the same. As you can tell, this picture was snapped when the Azaleas were in bloom in late April.

The update: Now the leaves are full and greener in color...
This years birthday gift from the Saint is centered in front of the Redbud tree. Somehow, I failed to snap a picture the day we planted her in full bloom. I was captivated by Fringe Bushes this spring and just had to have one.
Update: Miss Fringe is doing well in her new spot being grouped with Redbud, Azalea and Bridal Wreath.
Here is another gift to me from the Saints sister. Thanks S for the sweet house plant.
I have misplaced the tag name but find the foliage of this plant beautiful with pink and green color. She sits on the front porch greeting us each day.
I told you about the Free Lilies our neighbor gave me a while back. Here is a new planter in honor of the lilies and a gift from our very own Master Gardener Tina! I put 6 of the lilies in this new garden along with the Angel Trumpet Tina passed along to me. I wintered the Angel Trumpet in the house all winter long keeping her snug during the winter months.

Update: It is amazing how things can grow in a months time! Look at the grass and the planter now!

Back view a month ago when created.

Back view now! Look at those butterfly bushes in the background will ya!
Our neighbor that passed along the lilies also had this statue he was going to toss. I don't think so as I will gladly take it to my garden.
I think they are so sweet in this planter. I hid the broken legs under the gravel but no one will ever know they have broken legs if you don't let the secret out. Shssssss....
Tina, Thank You so much for the Angel Trumpet! I can hardly wait until she blooms.
I had some Celosia left from another planter so in this planter they went.
Update: Look at the ever growing Celosia now!
Serena Angelonia was discovered by me last year and loved. I found it again this year and just had to add it to this planter for additional color.
Update: Angelonia is growing nicely as in the past.
One day, this planter will be attached to the Butterfly island you see in the background. My overall plan is to join all my small gardens into one nice strolling pathway some day. As time goes by, the planters will grow in size until they meet. Oh what fun to add more each year...

The free lilies survived being transplanted during a really abnormal hot spell but as you can see, I think they are happy in their new home. Buds are forming each day and I can hardly wait to see everything in its full glory soon.
A new planter full of GIFTS AND FREEBIES, In the Garden...

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  1. What a nice group picture. It sounds like you had a nice get-together. I love your picture updates. It is amazing how things do grow and change in just a month's time. Looking forward to seeing pictures again when all is in bloom.


  2. What a wonderful group of chatty girls. The gardens look great. Pink and Green plant Hypoestes or pink blush, I believe. Mine is in the garden, comes back every year with a small spreading..

  3. Hi Skeeter, it must be good to get back home. I like your idea of gradually joining all the gardens together. I guess I did that in a way - I gradually eliminated the grass bit by bit and the garden got more unified. cheers, catmint

  4. Wow! What a difference a month can make. I love what you did with the statue, I'll have to remember that!

  5. You've had a nice week, getting together with blogging friends, freebees that include plants & garden art. :)

  6. Wow Skeeter a month sure changes the whole picture -the garden really filled in and looks great with your new additions.

    It was great finally meeting Miss Jean -and the time went by so fast. Lil Bundle and I had a fabulous time. You girls are the best!! Ciao

  7. Lucky you - getting together with garden friends! Your plants are coming along nicely...will look forward to seeing your lilies in bloom! You are SO right! A month makes SUCH a difference. Actually, yesterday I discovered that even a DAY makes a big difference.

  8. Your garden is looking great Skeeter. Amazing how fast things grow once it warms up! I found Angelonia last year too, and it has become one of my favorites!

  9. Amazing isn't it--going away and coming home to all the changes. When we're here, they are so subtle.

    What a happy looking group!

  10. Skeeter,

    Your garden is looking great! The lilies and the statue fill out that spot nicely. Tina passed on a brug to me earlier in the spring, can't wait to see it bloom.

  11. I love free plants in my garden. I have some daylilies that were given to me last fall. I can't wait for them to bloom. I don't even know what color they are yet. Thanks for posting such pretty pictures. Your garden is lovely. Carla

  12. Skeeter, you remind me of myself. I'm always making another flower bed or enlarging the old ones.

    I love photos of the same garden taken at different times so that you can see the changes.

  13. Good Morning everyone. Another busy day trying to catch up on so much around here. Seems I will never get caught up....

    Flowerlady, I did not realize how much everything had grown until looking at the before and after pics. I noticed the grass as soon as I pulled into my driveway after being away. It was pretty much all filled in and no more bare spots!

    Darla, Yep, Hypoestes is the plant! I should have looked at it for an update picture before posting this today. Yesterday I was on the porch and looked at it for the first time since placing it there and wow, has it grown for me too! Lucky you to be able to have it in the ground. A bit too cool up here for ground plant. I will enjoy her in the pot though….

    Catmint, I did not intentionally plant to attach all the gardens but as I created them, they are close enough and with gravel pathways. I now plan to attach them all for one big garden…. What fun to add something new each spring…

    Dawn, I had to add the gravel to hide the broken legs. When the neighbor saw the statue in its new spot, he could not believe it was the same statue he gave to me. I told him he was not getting it back, hee hee…

    Racquel, We had so much fun at Tiger Gardens. Tina is a wonderful hostess and we just chatted away that day. Freebies are the best in my book. :-)

    Anonymous, Wasn’t it amazing how quickly the time flew by that day? I think I was there for about 5 hours and it did not seem like that at all. It is true that saying, “Time flies when you are having fun” Little bundle was so sweet that long day with not one fussing spell. I had fun holding that little bundle. Maybe I can squeeze in another hug next month…

    Rebecca, We had so much fun. We all met through this blog and it seems we have been friends forever! Strange how well you can get to know someone just from reading a blog. Yes, this time of year, even one day makes a difference in the garden…

    Meadowview, I just love how quickly and full Angelonia grows! She will always be in my gardens each year now. I love how she gives a show from spring until frost. She is awesome….

    Cameron, Peeking daily we see subtle changes to our beauties. Being away a bit, we see massive changes but unfortunately, we see massive weeds as well. I am still pulling them out of the planters….

    Dave, thanks, I have so much fun creating new things in the spring days. I missed many good planting days this spring with my TN visits but I did a lot before taking off so am happy with my new things. Getting all those lilies had me working quickly so I was able to have some fun. If only it had not been so hot then. Tina will be happy to see the angels blooming in our gardens. She is such a giver of the plants…

    Carla, I have no idea what these lilies will look like either! That is the fun of getting freebies don’t ya think? The excitement of the anticipated bloom colors. I think these will be orange but not sure. Freebies are the best…

    Marnie, I am so glad to have that camera near by with the garden progress. I so enjoy before and after pictures and blogging has me really documenting things now...

  14. Your gardens are looking fabulous Skeeter. I rather like the idea of combining the little gardens to make one big one to meander through.
    That statue is to die for. If it goes missing don't come to my house. LOL It looks really nice the way you've fixed it in gravel under the Angel Trumpet. They look like Cherubs.
    A little time away from our gardens shows us how fast it can grow once the warmth of Summer comes. Isn't Mother Nature grand at times?
    Love the pic of all you girls together. I know it was a wonderful day for all.

  15. A nice photo of you all. Since i don't know any of you it would be nice if you could name everyone, please Skeeter? Thanks :)

  16. Sounds like you all had a nice time at Tina's!
    Your new bed looks great and really is growing quickly! I hope you show what the daylilies and Anglel Trumpet look like in bloom.

  17. It was a great day that I shall never forget!!!

    I love the house plant, the colors are as pretty as a pretty flower.

    What a good way to recycle the statue. Looks like it was made that way instead of covering broken legs. Good job.

  18. Lola, if my little friends are missing, I will be headed to Florida on a road trip. hee hee. You and Dawn were so missed at Tiger Gardens. Am just glad Miss Jean and Papa came by for a visit with you as well......

    Melanie, Good idea...
    From left to Right:
    Jean (Tina’s mother)
    Anonymous (holding her little bundle)
    Tina (our Master Gardener)
    Skeeter (Me)
    Nina (a former commenter)

    We are 5 of the original 7 commenter when Tina started this blog. We all formed friendships from chatting each day. We meet up when possible....

    Catherine, I plan to post updated pics of this small garden when in bloom. I hope the lilies will be blooming when the angel trumpet is but not sure it will be….

  19. Good morning all! Your garden is growing like crazy Skeeter. The brug will look fabulous surrounded by the lilies. Looking forward to seeing it all in bloom. That statue idea was ingenious! Everyone have a great day.

    P.S. The ladies in the photo from left to right are: Jean (my mother), Anonymous with Lil Bundle, myself, Skeeter, and Nina. We are missing Lola and Dawn from the original commenters. A group of folks that came together on the web nearly three years ago and had lots of conversations-as we still do today to a certain extent. Now everyone can see what we look like if they wish. And it was totally our pleasure having you all over!

  20. That sounds like a smashing time you all had. Fab photos as usual! And I quite like that statue. Thanks for rescuing it.

    Greetings from London.

  21. Hi Tina, Sure wish I could have been there with all you girls. It would have been a blast.
    I have a plant that is blooming now & I need help ID'ing it. It looks like an aster, is blue in color, has elongated leaves. I dies back in the winter. I have a few of these in front of the hedge in front of the house. I sure would hate to loose it altogether. I will take a pic & send it to you soon.
    Have a great weekend all.

  22. Hey Tina, I do hope they all bloom together but not sure they will....

    Cuban, thanks, I am glad I rescued the little statue as well. It works perfect in this planter...

    Lola, we will have to let our Master Gardener Tina work on your mystery plant. She probaly can tell you by your description of it. Me, I would have to see a picture and then probably would not know the answer...

    I ran more errands then back into the garden. Mowed the grass and it is starting to dry out as we need rain. I pulled weeds until my fingers are sore but think I have them all. Well, for now anyway. Next I need to take the weed whacker to the weeds along the creekbed. Gee, I am way behind on weed control this year....