Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Healthly Hosta and a Stumped Stump

Posted by: Dawn

Have you ever had one of those days? Yep, this was one of them; a day that it took forever to get a simple task done. Move this giant hosta and pull the stump out. You see, this tree was a pin cherry, a pretty pin cherry. This tree even had a robin's nest in it with live babies. It was fun to watch mom feed the tiny birdies even though they were really ugly they were cute when hungry! Anyway, my husband has always disliked the pin cherries, so when we moved from our mobile to the house it was time for the cherry to come out and the hosta to be moved.

Now, this hosta is just starting to grow in this photo, there are two; one on each side of the tree. Between them, they grow to about 4 feet in diameter. The other side of what used to be the deck had another pin cherry with 2 other hostas but my dog saw to the demise of it. He continued using this one as a potty place and I had to stop him on the days before we moved it. The others didn't survive his indiscretions but this one has although I don't know how. I was amazed in how little dirt the hosta was thriving in. You can't really see from the photo but the small roots are extending from, what looks like a wooden block.

Transplanting called for drastic measures, this hatchet was handy.

The second hosta had the landscaping paper growing within and also needed the hatchet treatment. (No plants were harmed, just a plant's surgery,) //*o*\\

We ended up with four substantial divisions from each plant and after two weeks of settling into a new place, all are doing great and growing fast again!

There are 2 groupings of four with a lady's mantle in between, and a bi-color hosta on each end. The bi-colors are on their second year and look pitiful next to the divided hostas. Ha!

On to Mr Stump....the other pin cherry stump came out with ease but this one fought. Look at how the chain dug in after the first pull with a four wheel drive.

The second pull managed to yank the chain off all together, taking the moist bark with it. I backed away for fear Mr Stump might retaliate.

For a junk tree they sure do have long roots, at least this one did. This stump has been sitting for a year now and gave us a whooping fit to hang on.

Finally it gave up. I have no idea how I managed to get this action photo!

Buh, bye, Mr Stump. In the Garden

Take the time to thank a military person for your freedom today. Happy Memorial Day to all!


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  1. Thank you for your service to our country Tina. I know that both you and your husband and now your daughter have made huge sacrifices for all of us! xxgail

  2. Good morning Dawn, That hosta looks most healthy. They are amazing plants. So glad you moved it ok and got out the tree. I'm like Jack, don't like the cherry trees. I just took two out myself last year. Stumps are still there though:( Have a great day all!

  3. Looks like the Pin Cherry was reluctant to give up its position!

    But how cheerfully the hosta moved and multiplied...

    Puts me "in mind" of some people I know....

    I don't know you, but reading the comment above, I want to thank you and your family members also. Apparently you are part of the reason that (to date) we are free and have enjoyed safety and protection.

  4. Happy Memorial Day Tina! Ciao

  5. Hi Gail!
    Tina, I know you don't like the pin cherry. Some years the flowers were beautiful and some not. One year they were beautiful and lush, that was the same year we had high winds. Although it was almost like snow, the flowers were gone all too quick.
    Rebecca, My sister Tina is the owner of "In the Graden" and she has served many years in the Army, including both gulf wars. Her twin daughters have been (one) in the army while the other is currently serving. Our father served many years in the Army also. Your welcome!

  6. I bet those Hostas will grow really quickly now that they are free from the stump and the other things their roots were growing in. Glad you didn't have to dig the stump out with shovels, you'd still be doing it by the looks of the roots.

  7. Yes, Thank you very much Tina for all the sacrifices that you & your family has gone through to help guarantee our freedom.
    I love the hostas but for some reason I have trouble growing them here. I do have a few tho. Maybe it's too hot & the humidity is too high. Do you fertilize yours?
    I hope all are having a wonderful day.

  8. Thank you, Tina, for your service to our freedom. You and your family have made great sacrifices for us and we are grateful. Happy Memorial Day!

  9. Happy Memorial Day to all-especially my kind sister who posted today to allow me to have the day off from blogging. It was an interesting day involving a little lost dog in the middle of the road and a nice day off with some time in the garden and a bit of rain. Ciao!

  10. I don't envy your tree stump chore but do the extra free plants! It's always fun to get more.

    Happy Memorial Day Tina!

  11. Anonymous, Hope you and your family had a good Memeorial Day today! They are out of school so all is well. Mine have to go to the 11th. :(
    Catherine, The hostas have grown about a quarter bigger since transplanted. Can ya believe I also found a copper dragonfly in amoungst the roots too?!
    Lola, Nope, no fertilizer but it seems to like the sand alot, hope that helps. :)
    Marilyn Jones, Thanks, I'm sure Tina will be pleased to read your comment.
    Thanks to all of you!

  12. Dave, You snuck in there! I love a free plant. Got to be good for the hostas especially since the large ones are so costly. No fun with the stump, glad it's done.
    Tina, Hope you all didn't work too, too, hard. Poor little doggie, I'll bet h/she is glad you were there!

  13. Good Morning everyone. I can say morning as it is almost 1 in the am here in GA. I got caught up tweaking a posting of the blog and then talking on the phone with my mom so up late tonight. hee hee...

    Rainy Memorial Day here but people still at Ceremony’s honoring our fallen heroes...

    Tina, I must applaud your entire family for the sacrifices made and continued for our freedoms! We finally got our new flag pole in place today so a fitting day for her to fly high in the sky!

    We had a nice weekend full of yard work and rain! Yippee, we needed the rain so badly but no boating for us, sigh. We needed the rain worse, so not complaining at all.... Our body’s are so sore but we are happy with all our hard work. Nothing like sitting back and enjoying everything once it is finished. Is gardening ever finished? lol....

    Dawn, I love hosta and even though I dont divide any plants, I do divide hosta. I just love them and want more and more each year, thus the dividing for me. I must keep mine in pots to keep the voles from eating them though. I also have to spray stinky stuff on them to keep the deer at bay. What is a Lady’s Mantle? You stumped me on that one girl. Good job on the stump removal and documentation of it...

  14. I just read your post and it brought to mind when I tried to dig out the roots of a lavatera we had at home. I thought it would be a walk in the park. One hour later, sweated and dirty, I had not managed to pull out one single root yet. It took me two hous and a lot of patience. Many thanks. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  15. Removing stumps can be a beast sometimes. Glad you finally prevailed! :)

  16. Good morning Skeeter, Lady's mantle has the same growth manner as hosta, it is a grouping mound with tiny yellow flowers extending above the leaves, leaves look sort of like maple leaves only with many more points and not as big.
    Enjoy your time with your parents.
    Cuban from London, Funny how a plant can look harmless to remove. Yes, patience will persist.
    Perennial Gardener, Thanks! It was rather beastly.

  17. A belated Happy Memorial Day to you, too, Dawn. Wow, that was one tough stump! I love hostas, mainly because they're such resilient plants. Isn't it amazing how these guys survived in such a small bit of soil?

  18. Hatchets are awesome tools. Hosta a pretty darn hardy and survive almost anything. Happy belated Memorial Day!

  19. Oh my goodness, I did not even come here yesterday. With it being a holiday I guess I got confused and was thinking it was still the weekend. A bad senior moment I guess. Amazing cause usually one of you girls call to see if I am okay when I do not show up on a blog but noone called yesterday. Anyway I hope all had a good and safe Memorial Day.

    That stump sure was a nasty one but I am with you and liked the tree.