Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lightening Struck Tree

By Skeeter
I left my Georgia Garden for a second trip to Tennessee to assist my parents after their house flooded in May. Things there are moving slowly but they now have walls.Hopefully, this week the AC/Heat Unit and duct work will be installed as well as some tile work taking place. My parents spirits are up but they so want to be back in their home.
One evening while leaving their neighborhood, I spotted this turkey taking a stroll along a lily filled driveway. That put a smile on my face....
Before we took off to Tennessee, we had a really bad storm with lightening hitting a Willow Oak tree in our yard.
I was amazed to see what a strike of lightening can do to a tree.
It blew this birdhouse right off the tree and it was secured with screws! Luckily, no birds were calling this house home at the time. Our Cable TV was also damaged as well as one television inside the house. The Cable was repaired and the TV will be discarded at the recycle center.
Look at that beautiful Oak wood inside this tree. In time the tree will die and it is too close to the house so she must come down, Sigh. On Thursday, I will show you the rest of the story of this LIGHTENING STRUCK TREE, In the Garden...

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  1. Skeeter girl I'm so sorry I haven't been following what has been going on with you guys .. Your poor parents ! I can understand how misplaced they must feel and the need their nest back to themselves quickly.
    There is very bad flooding out west for Canadians now in Saskatchewan .. terrible crap to go through.
    My goodness .. to lose that beautiful tree to a random strike of lightning .. that is just plain awful ! will you safe the wood for anything ? it is such a pity when a beautiful tree is lost like that.
    I will try and catch up and follow the rest of your post on this girl !
    Good luck to your parents .. hope they have their home completed soon !
    Joy : )

  2. I am so sorry about that tree. I know how you must feel since we too lost a tree to a storm. For us it was the wind, and it did fall on the roof--so best to get it down.
    The floods are just awful--I can't believe all the damage. And here in Dallas, we are going to be in a drought stage pretty soon if we don't get some rain.
    Take care Skeeter!

  3. I sure hope that nothing else "intersting" happens to you or your family for a long time.

  4. I can imagine your parent's eagerness to be on the other side of this loss and rebuilding. The photo of the lightening damage is further evidence of the power of nature's fury. You certainly are experiencing the brunt of it! I'm sad for the loss and damage your extended family has experienced.

  5. So glad things are progressing for your parents.

    Lightning hitting a tree causes such an explosion! Once saw an incident and it looked like the tree was hit by a bomb with pieces going hundreds of feet away.

  6. Oh, the poor oak tree. She looks beautiful but it's for your good to cut it down, I understand but it's always difficult for us plant-lovers to see a tree, even a sapling die, isn't it!

  7. I'm glad the work is coming along! Sorry about the tree, you just can't do much about mother nature. Although might be able to get some nice firewood and mulch out of the deal.

  8. So glad your parents home is coming along.

    You just confirmed what I suspected about a lightening struck tree. I have one with this same wound but it has begun healing and the tree is hanging tough. I hate to lose it because if I take out too many more I'll wind up with no trees. Durned lightening. That blown out birdhouse is unreal. Everyone have a great day!

  9. Your tree doesn't look too bad but it's hard to tell how much damage can't be seen.

    Happy that your parents are progressing so well with the house.

  10. Boo hoo! I'm glad for your parents but saddened for the tree, I don't like loosing a tree. Mother nature is a force fer sure!

  11. I hope everything with your parent's house goes smoothly and they can settle back in soon. Sorry about the damage to your tree, that's a shame.

  12. I do hope that your parents home will be finished soon. I can imagine how they must feel.
    I'm sorry about your tree. Mother Nature can get angry at times. I've seen the "after" of her at work.
    I will know after tomorrow about my knee. Hopefully the Dr. will have some good news for me. Prayers are needed.

  13. Glad things are looking good for your parents. I would have thought the wood would be charred from the lightening.

  14. Good Morning everyone! It is another hot steamy one in Georgia today. I am already tired of the humidity but must deal with it for the next 3 months. Ugggg....

    Joy, Do not feel so badly about not keeping up with the flood issues. I have not been to any blogs myself in weeks due to all this mess. I just have things more important and must prioritize to keep sane. I hope to someday catch up but it seems hurdles keep getting into my way where the blog is concerned. Sigh.... This oak will make wonderful firewood for this winter….

    Meadowview, I know the feeling of the drought. We here in Georgia are 9 inches behind in rainfall for the year. 2 inches just this month. We keep getting those pop up storms but they seem to mostly pass us by. When we do get a rain fall, it is so much at once that it mostly runs off into the ditches and out to the lake. Keeping the lake full but the gardens need a good drink as well…

    Les, Oh more has happened but I must keep mum about it per request. What is that saying, “If it aint one thing, its two” They also say things come in 3’s but we are way past the 3 stage now. But keeping head up and jumping hurdles as they come…

    Rebecca, We sure have seen our fair share of bad luck the past few months. But we are strong and have faith and know that things will be better one day. I just wish that day would come tomorrow as I am so ready for good things to happen. One positive, the tree will provide us firewood for the winter…

    Cameron, Oh this tree exploded a few hundred feet away! This tree is located by the front of our house and we found shards of wood over the back fence in the woods. It was quit a sound when it went boom too! The Saint knew a tree was hit so we ran out once we knew it was safe shining flash lights into the area to spot the unlucky tree. Was shocked to see it was a tree so close to the house. Yikes, that was scary…

    Chandramouli, I do think that loosing a tree or anything is more difficult on a gardener then the average person. We so enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of trees and plants and it is never easy loosing a wooded friend. Stay tuned for Thursday post to see her on the ground…

    Dave, Yes, the firewood for sure. We have mulch plans as well so stay tuned for more post from this mishap from Mother Nature. Hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day with your girls on Sunday :)

    Tina, we would have left this one to heal or die a natural death but it was way too close to the house. We had to rent a machine to assist in getting her to the ground and it was quit a process. I was a bit on edge and you will see that fun on Thursdays post. I am learning that I like trees but further from the house keeps me a happy camper after this scary ordeal…

    Marnie, The strike was right down the middle of the tree so the damage was mighty. The tree is too close to the house to risk letting her heal. She must come down. I hate loosing a mighty oak tree but rather loose it our way then natures way, sigh…

    Dawn, Mother Nature needs a good tongue lashing these days. She is being way too mean to my family lol. Just a reminder that we cannot control everything in life I reckon. We do what we can and that is all we can do. Poor tree…

    Racquel, So many negative things happening to my family lately but we will heal and move on. In the end, my parents will have a new house and we will have firewood and mulch. Must keep positive I say…..

  15. Lola, prayers coming from GA for Good Knee news :) I know with living in hurricane land, you must have seen your share of downed trees and mess from storms. We must pick up and move forward though....

    Mother Nature, I too was surprised no sign of fire. I feared the attic was hit and had the Saint looking in to make sure nothing was on fire. So glad we did not have to deal with a fire as that might have pushed me over the edge....

  16. Oh my goodnes, what power Mother Nature has!!!! I also am amazed that there is no sign of charring in that beautiful oak but it sure makes good firewood. Nice hardwood that will burn for a good amount of time with such a sweet smell.

    Good to see your parents house coming along so nicely!!

    Will say some prayers Lola. Lotsa luck!!

  17. Wow. Lightening is so amazing. The poor tree.
    I love the photo of the turkey with the lilies. Just perfect.
    All the best still for your folks.

  18. Awe Skeeter sorry to hear about and see your lightening struck tree. I'm glad to hear you parents are getting back on their feet again.

  19. Oh wow Skeeter -that tree sure took a hit. I hope things speed up with your parents house and recovery. It's been busy with all the kiddos and activities. Time has a way of getting away from us -but please know you are in our thoughts. Best wishes Lola on the knee -many prayers coming your way.
    Hi Jean, Nina, Dawn and Tina:0) see you all later -ciao!

  20. Oh...I'm just so sorry to hear that your parents were affected by the flood. I hope they are living in their home again soon. Terrible about the tree..your right..it will need to come down..they just aren't ever the same and usually die anyway..so sad! We've just had so many instances of lightning strike lately..my inlaws where hit and lost tv, computer and it melted the telephone lines..brother in law was also hit and now must have a ton of stuff rewired..it just seems like a very rough lightning year for some reason. Sorry you got caught up in that...

  21. Jean, I am looking forward to the sweet smell of oak in the fireplace this winter. While in Texas, we burn oak and I love that scent. Looking forward to the fires to bring back some great oak fire memories….

    Sherlock, Thanks, the turkey was a nice sight after a long day of working in the heat....

    Melanie, Thank you and yes, they will be completely back on their feet in no time...

    Anonymous, I have been thinking about you and the kiddos wondering if you were having a splashing good time in the pool this summer! I know they keep you running and you love every minute of it too! Maybe on my next TN visit, I can get by for a visit with my favorite kiddos....

    Rhonda, I have noticed a lot more lightening in our area then is normal this time of year. Things have been quiet this week but with the summer days, those pop up storms can show up with little warning. I will be sure to get myself inside sooner then I normally do when I hear the thunder in the distance from now on. We were lucky that we did not have any more damage and I am grateful for that. Sorry your family had to endure such damage as well...