Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Always Growing and Changing

By SkeeterThings never seem to stay the way they start in my Georgia Garden. I have showed you my little Wishing Well Garden in the past. Things change over time, some for the good, some not so good. This picture above was snapped on Oct. 2, 2009. Canna, Daylily, Ginger and Sage are the main plants in this garden.
Three days later, the baby bananas were added extending the garden to the swing and other end. This picture shows the Good of time and change.
We now jump to spring of 2010 and we see the not so good of change. The Ginger and Bananas did not return.
But never fear, because I had more Free Lilies to plant!
In this picture you can see how I moved the Wishing Well off what will one day be the pathway linking this garden to the Butterfly Island (as well as another garden). The Well is now nestled in the middle of the Canna and Daylily.
One month later, the Lily are standing tall and the grass filled in as a frame for the garden. Also added to this planter; Gerbera Daisy, Purslane, Christy Speedwell, Apricot Twist Wallflower and the red Sage, which the Humming birds love!
In this picture, you can see I have another thing to add to this Garden. I had a few baby Bananas in pots over wintered inside the house. One small banana was planted near the swing but you cannot see it as it is so small. You can see the one in the pot to the left of the garden. I had intended to plant it in the Beach Planter where it was removed from last fall. After reading Tina's post on how her bananas grew and spread, (Taking down the Bananas) we feared the bananas were too close to our house foundation so we opt out of planting this fella so close to the house. We will instead, extend the planter a bit to add the bananas leaving plenty of room for them to grow and spread.
The Angel Garden is close to this Garden so they will be attached via a gravel pathway some day in the future. I also have a plan for that cement slab of a sidewalk you see in the background. The orange thing on the ground is an extension cord.
Another Freebie you see added to the planter is Iris. I am so happy I finally have Iris in my Garden. Iris reminds me of my hometown in Tennessee but I have never had any in my garden. Thanks to Tina, I now have Iris in my garden! Thank you, thank you, thank you Tina!
Vines are climbing up the grapevine of the swing and I am ever so happy for that plan panning out for me! I have another plan for under the swing in the future. Here you can see I am already removing the grass.This is where this post ended as of Thursday when I wrote it. Now the weekend has come and gone with more yard work. Ah, this Garden was extended and the banana planted! I dug all that sod out by myself in the humidity and with dry soil, it was a tough job. I used my brain a bit and had a fan blowing on me and lots of water near by. The Saint collected the sod and placed it on a large bare spot in the front yard. I left plenty of room for the Banana Trees to take off if they should desire. I also spread pine straw mulch in the planter. As you can see, I still need to tweak the shape of the planter but not in this heat. I am finished for now. Also since Thursday, some of the Free Lily have started to bloom. Yes, this one is Orange as I was told they would be. But lookie here, this one is NOT orange!And this one is NOT orange either! I have multi colored Lily and for Free! I am so excited about these beautiful freebies...
I will soon be off Blogging as I plan to get back to Tennessee with my family. My niece will be getting married soon plus my parents need some help and support during the flood rebuild. So here is something that I will show you now as it is related to the Banana Trees.

This Beach Planter is where I had the Banana Tree. The hot Georgia sun faded the fish so they will soon have a fresh coat of paint. I also finally found a Pelican to add to the planter. The metal cat silhouette to the right was a bargain find at the Humane Society Yard Sale. As I mentioned, the main banana did not return after our abnormally cold winter. The baby banana's I wintered in pots inside went into the Wishing Well Garden so this left me an opening in the Beach Planter. Lola had given me a lily and it is located to the right and even though growing slowly, still growing for now. The Saint and I went on a quest this past weekend to find something Tropical looking to fill in the empty spot. We found this "Silver European Fan Palm" with a tag that reads Cold Zone, one of the worlds most cold hardy palms. Full sun to part shade, low water, Temps to 0-degrees. We decided to give this palm a try as we think it will be fine in this spot. Only time will tell though. Wish us luck.....

Tina, the root ball of the Mother Banana, after one year of being in this spot, was as large as a bowling ball. It took the Saint some time to remove! Thanks for the warning...

Things are ALWAYS GROWING AND CHANGING, In the Garden...

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  1. I'm tired just reading of your work! Things DO change and the results of your work are evident and beautiful.

    I'll miss you while you are tending to your "people" -- who, of course, come before plants :) Wishing you well and as much success there as you have in your garden.

  2. Wow your garden is constantly evolving Skeeter. Way to make the best of it, when things don't work out find something that will. :)

  3. I love that swing AND the beach planter! How beautiful!
    We'll be here when you get back, have fun.

  4. Gardens are always growing and changing..and I love that. Your gardens are so beautiful Skeeter. When I see yards the size of yours, I can't help but be a little envious. You have so many garden opportunities! I always love seeing what you are doing. Thanks for sharing it all.
    Have a safe trip!

  5. There's nothing better than free plants! Your lilies are lovely, Skeeter, and your garden is going to keep changing as the plants settle in and begin to spread out. You have been one busy girl! The Illinois heat has made it hard for me to work very long in the garden these days, so I can only imagine what it must feel like in Georgia. Take a break--you've earned it!

  6. The evolution is going well. Beautiful freebies you got. Safe travels and hope your garden rewards you when you return.

  7. You've got a lot going on. It looks great. I also got some free lilies that are blooming, isn't is wonderful to have friends who give flowers? Carla

  8. You've been busy! Those free daylilies look great. Usually freebies end up being the standard yellows or oranges. The swing looks great with the grape vines over it!

  9. You're a busy bee! Love those daylily colors. At a former garden home of mine, I use peach colors of daylilies with blue perennials (mostly stokesia, tradescantia).

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding. I do hope the renovation from the flood damage continues to progress quickly and to satisfaction.

  10. Good morning all!

    Skeeter, I went to bed thinking you were taking a break then saw all the comments and almost had a spell, then you explained it! Wowser! The bananas sure do grow fast. You'll be happy you moved them out into the yard. I kind of miss mine but once those cantalopes start coming in I won't:) I'll keep one in a pot though. Those lilies are awesome!! You are welcomed on the irises and I hope you still feel that way when they spread all over the place-they will. They are hardy little fellas. Everyone have a great day!

  11. I love your beach planter--you have the best ideas! Yes, gardening, like life, is all about change. I've had to learn to roll with the punches, good and bad. I think that's why gardeners are pretty strong people, who can laugh at things and enjoy life. Have a nice time in TN!

  12. I agree, sometimes change is good and sometimes not. I like your new daylilies. I just added three new ones to my garden too.

    My very best wishes go to your parents and everyone else struggling to recover after those terrible floods. It is wonderful you are able to spend the time helping them

  13. I like your garden all dressed with pine straw.

  14. Good Morning everyone! Another overcast hot and steamy day in GA.I have so much to do before I take off to TN at the end of the week and I am checking off more on the list each day...

    A lot of the new things you are seeing in my gardens were created in early spring. Normally when the weather is not so hot but this spring was a hot one. After a long cold winter, the hot did not seem to bother me so much though. Now is a different story as I have forgotten the cold days and am ready for cooler ones now. lol. Seems I am never satisfied ha ha. I am lucky that I am a flexible person and can roll with the punches in the garden. If something does not work out, it is disappointing but I will compromise and add something else. This year I am working on a tight budget and with the free lilies, statues, iris and birdbath (you will see on Thursday) I had a lot of free fun! I was able to stick to my budget. The Saint and I are happy with how things are turning out this year….

    My parent’s home is moving at a slow pace right now but things should pick up soon. Mom has been really pushed to the limit with the flood and dads hip jumping out of place so I need to be there for her mentally as well as do some physical things. I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents to always be there for me as a child and young adult. So what ever I can do for them now is only a small thank you to them…

    Everyone have a wonderful day…

  15. Every thing looks great Skeeter and I am betting the nanners will grow soooooo very big out there in the open that you will be so glad you moved them there. I started one from see in the house in April and it has already outgrown its pot
    so I need to get it outside. I woner how many years I will be able to dig it up and bring it inside. When it gets too big for that I will just leave it ouside to die in our cold winters and start all over again. After reading about yours and Tina's, I just had to try.

    Have fun in your home state. I know you will be a big help to your parents. Hope things are progressing good with no snags in the "new house".

  16. Wonderful Skeeter. Your gardens are filling up fine. Or should I say growing together.
    I do hope that your parents home progress's at a faster pace. I know how it is to be without a place to eat or sleep.
    You do be careful & don't worry about anything here. We'll always be here for Tina, you & Dawn. It's the first & best blog I've ever read.

  17. Thanks ladies, your words mean so much to me :-)

    Way to go on that banana Jean! Blogging does make us do things we would never think of without the encouragement....

  18. You've working hard! It must feel good though because it's all looking really great.
    Hope your time in Tennessee is good, it sounds like you'll be busy.