Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blooming Allergies

By SkeeterAchoo, Sniff, sniff, Achoo, whoa, excuse me! This scenario has been played over and over in my Georgia Gardens this past week. I have been dealing with a nasty cold or is it allergies? I don't have allergy attacks and cannot recall a cold or anything similar for at least the past 3 years when I had my tonsils removed. I was out and about cruising Garden Centers a week ago with people sneezing, coughing and sniffling all around me and the next thing I know, I have these same symptoms. Along with watery eyes, runny nose, headache, etc. No fever so I can rule out the flu. I may have picked up a virus but the Saint has not caught it from me, so maybe not a virus after all. With our early spring temps, there is so much pollen in the air that even when one would not normally have an allergy attack, they just may this year if living in Georgia! Everything is opening up way before it should and I feel the air is in overload with allergic particles. Trees are budding out like never before for this time of year.
The Trees are full of spring beginnings.
The pine trees are producing that yellow mess now when normally not until the end of March. But that is fine by me as the sooner it comes, the sooner it will leave.

Needless to say, I have not been in the garden playing in the past week. I also missed out on the Saints weekend run to town for materials to complete a few jobs around the house and garden. I rarely get sick (Colds) and my Saint was feeling bad for me because he brought home a 6-pack. Not of beer but of Snapdragons! Just a little something to put a big smile on my face! I have never had snapdragons in my garden so I am anxious to be digging in the soil again. But for now, Achoo, I continue to deal with those BLOOMING ALLERGIES, In the Garden....

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  1. Dear Skeeter ~ So sorry you are dealing with this attack of allergies or whatever. How sweet of your DH to bring home snapdragons. They are such sweet flowers. I have grown them down here, so I know they'll do fine in your gardens up there.

    Be well and I hope you get to play in the gardens soon.


  2. Sounds like allergies to me...miserable I'm sure. I have poison ivy everywhere more than any other place! You will love the snapdragons...you may or may not know, they wilt and die with too much water...very easily started from seeds in the fall....what a sweet gesture from the Saint.

  3. Skeeter,
    Wow pine pollen already! Hope it feel better it'll pass quick enough. Snapdragons might even live two years!

  4. Bless you!
    Hope you get over this soon. Enjoy those snapdragons!

  5. Bless you!! I feel for you and I bet it is allergies. They say tree pollen is bad this year. I hope the rain washes it away and you can get back at it soon! What a great guy the Saint is to bring you some flowers.

  6. I sympathize Skeeter. But instead of sneezing I am having sinus--ugh, it is a pain-literally! Our pollen count has really been high so guess it will be here a while!
    Feel better!

  7. Gesundheit! Have you tried eating a little local honey every day? The bee expert at a seminar I went to recently said there is some research (read old wives' remedy) indicating that local honey will help you build an immunity to allergens in your area. Maybe it does work because last year when we first moved to Tallahassee, I was miserable for a few weeks from all of the pollen here. It's everywhere again, but this year the allergies haven't been as severe. I've been using Tupelo honey from a local source every day for at least the past six months, adding it to my tea.

  8. My sneezing has now turned into coughing my head off! Oh well, just another stage to overcome I reckon...

    Flowerlady, I was shocked to get those snappys as my Saint is not really a romantic kind of guy. But I do know that he was thinking of me while out and about without me at his side as usual…

    Darla, thanks for your snappy information! I know nothing of these little beauties so I need all the info I can get on them! Oh, how I would love for them to reseed themselves…

    Randy, Yes, the pine pollen has started and way too early but fine by me. Like I said, get it over with sooner. I hope my snapdragons will last one season but two would be grand!

    Sherlock, thank you! Now I am coughing my head off. Arggggggg…

    Tina, Danke! We had some rain over the weekend and I am sure that is going to help some. By weekend, back into the 70’s so it will start again….

    Meadowview, I bet we will break record highs of pollen in the air this spring! Hum, do they even keep records of pollen counts as they do temps? …

  9. W2W, Yes, we eat local honey for the same reason but have slacked off eating it lately. I have been on a coffee kick instead of hot tea this year when I normally have that tea with honey! You are just what the doctor ordered girl....

  10. Hope you feel better soon. I signed up for an email notification of what allergens are out. It's called the Pollen People.com and I was surprised just how early stuff is blooming. It might be a good way for you to narrow down what you might be allergic to. Cedar has been blooming here for a month, just when my headaches started.
    I forgot about the mess that the pine makes, maybe ours will get it over with early too.

  11. Given we live in a pine forest, I cringe at the thought of all that yellow pine pollen....I know it is coming!!
    Hope your allergies are shortlived.

  12. Well that is a bloom that is not so pretty but does pollen make you cough also. If not, it must be a cold. I do not know much about pollen allergies. Maybe it is a combination of the 2 things. Whatever it is, I hope you feel better soon, like yesterday!!

  13. Catherine, Thanks, I too hope I am over this soon! I am with it for 1 week now and am so tired of it. This mess is keeping me out of the gardens and the weather is perfect for playing in the garden, grrrrrr. I don’t think I could ever forget the pine pollen here, it is that bad…

    Janet, oh boy, just wait on that pollen. Some years it is so bad you think you see smoke in the air when it is only pine pollen! Yikes, it is bad some years. With proper rain, it is not so bad so hope for rain…

    Jean, I have never been one to get allergic reactions during the spring bloom time. As I said in the post, I have not had such an issue in over 3 years so I find it difficult to believe I have allergies. But who knows, with massive amounts in the air this year, I may be having an allergic reaction to something…

  14. Skeeter, I do not have the ,verification word, 'ancer' forya. Sounds like allergies even with the cough. Even, we who have not dealt with allergies before, can suddenly be candidates...hope you feel all better soon.
    Love the sweetness of the Snapdragons from the Saint...Hubster Bill gives me flowers from the field and woods, but never anything he has to spend a dime on...that's ok with me. I love the thought the best.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. OMG girl ! welcome to my world !!
    I laughed about the six pack .. too funny ! Good boy Saint !!
    Yes .. some Springs are worse than other Springs .. summers ... Autumns .. it can all run together some years and never let up .. needless to say I have a permanent RED nose and my name is NOT Rudolph! hehehehe .. You have never had snapdragons in your garden before ?? what on earth have you been doing !! I'll be back to check up on the poor things .. make sure you water them in well and sweet talk them a bit because they might be afraid of you in that condition girl ! LOL
    Joy "annoying woman" ;-)

  16. Dar, I use to prefer a picked wild flower over any bought flowers. But now I have an issue picking a flower as I feel as though I am killing it! With my non-romantic guy, I will take what I can get though....

    Joy, You crack me up girl. I will give those dragons a go… Even though I dont care for the taste of beer, I may just get a six-pack if I don’t knock this sickness soon! Better a happy sick person then blah feeling sicko….

  17. I'm so sorry about the allergies...not something I have to deal with much because I have no regular allergies, only to antibiotics. But hopefully the pollens will pass soon and you'll be in the garden again!

  18. I hope you feel better soon! What usually gets me is when mold starts blooming in the spring..

  19. Sorry for the allergies, I consider myself somewhat of an allergy queen with 5 siblings and 2 parents with allergies, plus my kids starting up with the constant sniffles . . . I have good success with daily prescription flonase and OTC claritin or zyrtec (generic so cheaper). I'm not huge into alternative medicine, but I'm wanting to try NAET treatments for allergies - try searching google local if you're interested in finding a practitioner - they're related to accupuncture and several friends have reported success. We'll see.

  20. The pine trees here don't start their pollen-fest until June here in Colorado. I wonder if it will happen earlier here?
    I hope that whatever is causing your sniffles is gone soon!

  21. Pretty flowers from the best. I have been wanting to grow them here but hesitant as no knowledge.
    Pollen is very bad everywhere. It acts like a cold with all the symptoms of both. They say it's worse than it's been in yrs.
    Sure hope you feel better fast.

  22. Hi Skeeter, i am a bit late here, so i hope by this time you are already well. I am also having allergic asthma but it always start with sudden cold temperature, then sore throat and cough. It is already my life. By the way, i want to report to you that despite the failure to emerge by most of the seeds, and failure to grow of the germinated ones like the birdhouse gourd, the marigolds already sent out their big orange umbels. The zinnia i gave to my neighbor was a bit lanky but produced some flowers. Just to tell you further that you are in my thoughts.