Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tennessee Favorite's

By SKEETERBeing a girl from Tennessee, I should always have a little bit of TN in my Georgia Gardens. Tennessee's State Flower is the Iris. There are around 170 different species of the Genus Iridaceae. Although, the Purple is mostly recognised as the Tennessee State Flower. I was lucky to have my Purple Iris bloom just before I left for a Tennessee visit. My first Iris thanks to Tina passing them along to me.
While in Tennessee, I spent an evening with another Tennessee favorite, Elvis! The Clarksville Humane Society had a benefit for the needy fur baby's of my hometown. The Judds, Buddy Holly, Rod Stewart and the King rocked the roof off the place! The HS raised nearly $20,000 at this event! I was so happy to be a part of that and it was a fun filled night of entertainment. I had a great week of visiting with family, friends and Pets. What more could a girl ask for on her birthday! Maybe some Flowers, Chocolate and Balloon from Sidekick and family!

Thanks to "In the Gardens" very own Master Gardener Tina, I have a little bit of those TENNESSEE FAVORITES, In the Garden...

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  1. OH Skeeter, Happy Birthday, sounds like you had fun! Love the purple Iris, is it fragrant?

  2. Beautiful iris.

    Belated Birthday wishes. It sounds like you had a great celebration.


  3. Glad you had a great birthday! Tina gave me some great things for my garden too! I can't wait for them to grow and show their beauty. Carla

  4. Love the irises! I can't wait to see them bloom here. And of course Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    What a fun concert.
    I didn't know the state flower of Tennessee is the iris. I've learned something new.

  6. Good Morning everyone! Rain falling on my GA gardens leaving me with my usual soggy spring mess in the back of the house. Yikes, I hope all the seeds I scattered dont rot! Rain is keeping me inside but that is fine with my furry babies as they are enjoying some quality mommy time…

    Darla, Thanks and yes, it smells so nice and purple is my favorite flower color!

    Flowerlady, Thanks and oh it was a great birthday week spent with family and friends!

    Southern lady, Thanks, being home for my birthday was awesome! Spending time with the ones that got me on earth is the best…Tina is such a giver of her gardens isn’t she? I have so much thanks to that sweet girl…

    Dave, Thanks and soon you too will be seeing iris in bloom. I was surprised as to how soon they bloomed for me but with our “early” spring in GA, I reckon to be expected…

    Sherlock, Thanks and blogging teaches me something new every day! I believe it was my grandmother that taught me about the iris being the TN flower…

  7. Happy Birthday to you and it was so nice visiting with you last week. So glad you like the iris. It's a beauty. Stay dry today and relax. I love rainy days:)

  8. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great time.

    Wonderful iris!

    (the voles ate ALL of my Dutch irises over the winter -- my new garden enemy -- worse than deer!)

  9. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I love the Iris, I think the buds are so cool looking. It'll be awhile before they bloom here.

  10. Glad you had a good birthday. I had sent a card to your house so I know you got it late which was not my plan. Easy for me to remember your birthday as it is the same day as my only nephew.

  11. Tina, I had a great visit with you and Mr Fixit and enjoyed my time as always with you two. I always feel so welcomed in your home and the cookies and almonds were yummy in my tummy girl!

    Cameron, Thanks, I had a ball at home. I feel your pain with the Voles! Our yard becomes overrun with Moles during the winter months. The root eating Voles move into their tunnels. I am hoping our excess rainfall is running them both to higher grounds. They have tunneled under landscaping bricks, gravel, plants; you name it they get around! I hope they do not find my iris as they are located in one of their favorite routes….

    Catherine, Thanks, soon, soon you too will be enjoying these beauties! I was surprised as to how quickly they opened but we have had one really warm early spring here in GA…

    Jean, you beat me to the punch about the card girl. I did receive your card on Sunday night once returning. I am so behind on taking care of “thank yous” and household business right now. Just enjoying some lazy lying around with my fur babies on these rainy days! Thanks so much for the card as it kept a smile on my face a few days longer…

  12. Hi Skeeter, Happy Birthday to you! I didn't realize that the iris was native to the S. United States. Guess it must be if it's the TN state flower. Yours are just lovely. I spent a lot of time this fall and spring dividing my clumps of irises, which had just gotten too large. Hope they survive and bloom.

  13. What a wonderful Iris that Tina passed along to you. Happy Birthday Skeeter! :)

  14. Barbara, Thanks! The day Tina gave me these, she had lots she was giving away so I assume they multiply fast! I dont know too much about them but will be learning as I go. I do know they seem to be very adaptable as these were in a hot trunk for a few days before I got them back to GA and into the soil. So I am sure you will have success with your Divide and Conquer as well. I hope to divide and transplant for many years to come for a yard full of them...

    Raquel, Thanks! That Tina is the best for passing along pretties! I have a little bit of Tina here and there throughout my gardens. Things passed along put a bigger smile on my face then something from a nursery any day….

  15. Skeeter girl : ) Happy Birthday !!
    I love that you have a little piece of your home state with you in your "other" home ? haha
    I wish I had little bits of all the provinces and countries I have been to .. oops .. that would be way too much ? wink wink
    It sounds like you had a great time and can you please pass some of those chocolates around ??? ;-)

  16. Hi Skeeter, it looks like the flowers are happy now after the meltdown. We also have yellow iris flowers here but of course your TN color is more beautiful and bigger.

  17. Skeeter, you made Sidekick smile with such a nice picture:0 Of course, you always make that boy happy with your visits and pictures of frogs and lizards in your cool yard. He bugs me every year to go to your house, hahaha. Like it's a drive across town or something, rofl.
    Hi Tina, Nina, Jean, Lola and Dawn -hope you girls are enjoying some pretty spring flowers. Ciao!
    Lola, I hope you had a great birthday this week too!!! All these wonderful garden ladies with March birthdays:0)

  18. Hello everyone,
    That is a pretty one Skeeter. My first one to bloom was a rust/yellow. About 5 blooms on the same stalk. I do need to get some that actually grew in Tn. I too try to have plants that are home to me.
    Thanks Anonymous, I did have a very nice special day. Did Lil Bundle have a great special day?
    Happy Birthday, belated Skeeter. Seems March was a great one for great people.

  19. Oh darn it Lola. Happy Birthday. I have a list of all you wonderful girls birthday but I can't find it right now. However, how come face book did not remind me? Geez, they are slacking on the job along with me. Glad you had a good day.

    Hi Anonymous. Your lilacs must be about ready to bloom. I know that will make you happy!! Me too when mine bloom. We usually have them beforee Memorial Day up here but we are having suck a late spring this year we may not this year.

  20. Oh Jean, you are too funny. Your not the only one that types like that.
    Thank you one & all for the good wishes.
    Have a great day all.
    Going to NAS with brother. He is down for a visit.

  21. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Skeeter! I'm glad you had such a great evening and a fun trip to Tennessee. The irises are beautiful--they may be Tennessee's state flower, but we love them here in Illinois, too.

  22. A belated birthday wishes, Skeeter. Glad to hear it was a fun-filled day. Lovely irises! Wish I could grow those lovely ones...