Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

It is raining today so that and my sickness continue to keep me out of my Georgia Gardens. We need the rain so I am not complaining. I sit at my computer and gaze out the window with my garden shed in view. I have often wondered where one should be standing to see the perfect overall view of my gardens. I do believe my buddy OJ has found just that spot!
CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, In the garden...

Note to self: Add pressure washing the shed to my long "To Do" list...

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  1. Hopefully the rain has washed away some of the newly forming pollen and you will feel better. Make sure someone takes your photo when you climb on top of the shed for an over all view of your gardens.

  2. Skeeter,

    The rain is good no doubt! The kitty does know the best place to see the garden. A roof can have a wonderful view if you are not afraid of heights.

  3. Smart cat! If you're ever in doubt of which is the best / most comfortable seat, just watch where kitty chooses to sit .... yep, that's the spot ! :D

  4. Incidentally, do you know that picks for In The Garden are not showing up on Blotanical? I tried Picking your post now at least 3 times but it didn't show up while there was no problem with the others that I picked.

  5. I hope you start feeling better soonest! Cold and dreary and rainy here:( Rog says we need to move to the Caribbean. Ha! Not! I love views of the garden from above. OJ figured it out for sure.

  6. Those cats can go just about anywhere! Maybe you cat has the right idea, just install a porch on top of your shed and you have a cat's eye view of your garden!

  7. So sorry you're not feeling well Skeeter - hope you're better soon.

    OJ definitely seems to have found a great vantage point for garden viewing!

  8. OJ has found the right spot, though I suspect he may be interested in something other than your plants:) Hope you are feeling better soon, Skeeter!

  9. OJ certainly found a great spot! Think the rain is finally over for at least a few days. The lake is high enough to go out in the boat.....maybe Saturday, supposed to be nice.

  10. We had a decent rain fall and now the skies are trying to clear up! Yard is soggy though but lake filling for boating season...

    Darla, I am hoping for washed out pollen counts for sure! Don’t be looking for that roof top pic of me any time soon….

    Randy, Love the rain calling out the gardens! The only issue I have with heights is no railings to catch me if I fall. If there are railings, I am fine. Mountain edges freak me out though.…

    Sunita, Yep, kitty does find some good spots to rest, well for kitty, not for me. LOL. I will get Tina on your dilemma as I don’t manage the technical aspect of “In the Garden.”

    Tina, Tell Mr Fixit that if he were at the Caribbean, he would complain of the humidity! LOL. My upstairs window view is about as high as it gets for me girl. No shed walking for me…

    Dave, I love the shed roof-top porch idea! When are you available to install one for me? Nothing fancy just a simple spot for iced tea and lounging in the summer months…

    Garden Girl, Thanks, I have been dealing with this sinus mess for over a week now and so ready to be rid of it. I should install a camera on OJ’s head for those views, Ha…

    Rose, That nosey OJ found a way to the top of the shed and he was snooping! I think the squirrels were tossing Sweet Gum Ball Pods on his head…

    Janet, Our lake is rising as well. I am so excited as I am planning a year filled with trips to the lake! We missed out on so many last year due to, of all things, too much water! But in Tennessee, not Georgia. Hubby has the boat all tuned up and ready to go...

  11. Too cute for sure but is he saying "Well it seemed like a good idea, and it is a good spot but how do I get down?" I guess it would be easy to climb up but not so easy going down. I am sure OJ will figure it out.

    In the grocery store yesterday I heard some ladies talking about the pollen being here already. One lady said she was so stuffed up she had to miss church on Sunday. Could not believe it, there is still snow on the ground. Here by the water it is going fast with lots of bare spots but up town that is not so much the case.

  12. Hope you are back on your feet and in the garden soon! Carla

  13. hi Tina, Hope your feeling better soon. What a smart cat to find such a perfect vantage point to see all the comings and goings in the garden.

  14. Hello All. Yes, Kitty has a good view of it all.
    Rained here during the night so all is washed clean. Sure hope it has helped with the pollen.

  15. Hope you are feeling better by now. I love the name of this blog post. Very funny!
    O.J. would not like our shed roof, it is covered in pine needles.

  16. Yep cats always find the best birds-eye-view (pardon the pun). :)