Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Blooms and a Rescued Dog in Tiger Gardens


'Rubra' Flowering Quince in Front Sidewalk Garden




Chionodoxa 'Pink Giant'


Purple Hyacinths


'Ruby Giant' crocus (later bloomers here)


Unknown Viburnum Bud-It looks to be a good year for my viburnums.


 Spicebush Buds/Blooms (Lindera benzoin) Do you see the cobwebs? No housekeeping in the garden-I let the spiders do their thing.


The Virginia Bluebells are showing some color.


Muscari has just begun blooming.


Bloodroot is in full bloom.


And here is Lili, a temporary bloom in the garden. We are house sitting my daughter's two dogs (the other is Bella) for a bit while she is away on Army training. Short story about Lili. Christine found Lili running in the middle of the road and stopped to rescue her. She is a pit bull. Our county automatically euthanizes pit bull breeds if the owner does not come and claim them after the three day waiting period. They took down her info and we all hoped her owner would call in. No luck of course. 

We posted her 'Found' info in all the local stores. If received a call saying 'my' pit bull was seen running around. Ha! Ironic huh? I post a 'Found' sign only to have some say I lost the dog. We got her back quickly and found she is an escape artist. Enter choker chain and tie out. Still, Lili escapes. This time we don't find her so quickly and my daughter is frantic. We spend all evening hunting for her. The next morning I call the local gas station to see if anyone reported seeing a pit bull. The clerk tells me a friend of hers who is a clerk at another local gas station reported to her that a customer said she found a friendly pit bull at her house and is holding her. Wow! In the meantime I am calling Animal Control the same time as this lady is reporting this lost dog and could they come and get her. A lucky ending for Lili was I was able to secure her. Christine will have to fix her fence and watch her closely. She has not escaped my yard though she tries awfully hard. 

I only tell you Lili's lost and found story because we know this dog was loved and had to have been a family pet. She was well cared for though not spayed and not chipped (both have been rectified). I we can find her with a little effort why didn't her owner come forward? It is so heartbreaking seeing all the unwanted animals in our society. People, if you have a pet or know someone who does, encourage them to spay or neuter them. If you know someone who does not have a pet, encourage them to adopt one....

in the garden....

I figured I'd soften you all up with pretty pictures of flowers before I got on my soapbox. Animals suffer so much. I know there are many who suffer and I wish I could help them all, but in the case of animals they have no control-we do. All it requires is for us to be responsible.

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  1. Your photos are just beautiful this morning. I declare I could smell the sweet perfume of those hyacinths! What a story of Lili. Don't people understand that having a pet is almost like having a child?

  2. Love seeing all of your blooms. Wish I could take in their wonderful scents as well.

    What a sweet story about Lili. She does look like a happy dog.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. Beautiful photos as always. Minutes before I was reading about Hyacinthus from whom Apollo created the flower. It was a sad story but what a beauty came out of the lad!!!!

    Nice to hear about Lili. Luckily we don't have many strays here. It's all dog people here and I am a bird guy :D. My love is a Hyacinth Macaw and an African Grey. Hope I get to have them as a pet in future...

  4. So many lovely blooms, Tina; I can't believe your quince is blooming already!

    But what a wonderful happy ending to Lili's story! She was so fortunate to find her way to your daughter's, and she is such a kind person to have not given up on Lili. When I used to volunteer at our Humane Society with my granddaughter, at least half the dogs there were pit bulls or pit bull mixes. Fortunately, though, they do not euthanize them unless they're too aggressive. Our late dog Roco (not a pit, but a very big dog) was taken to the Humane Society when he was 9 years old and spent 6 weeks there before my daughter brought him home. Though they took good care of him, I think he was traumatized by this experience and took awhile to adjust to other dogs again. He was only with us for about 3 years, but I like to think we gave him a very happy old age.

    Sorry I rambled on here...this is an issue close to my heart, too. Lili is a lucky girl.

  5. It's nice to see so many flowers blooming for you. Our spring flowering is almost finished. Temps have been in the upper 80s already.

    I don't understand why some people bother to have pets and then proceed to neglect them. Maybe it's a lack of commitment or responsibility. I think the education has to start early, like just about anything else that's important to learn.

  6. The flowers look great! I wonder if you should rename Lili - Houdini! She seems pretty adept at the escape act thing! Our cat that we adopted many years ago (since passed away) was a stray we took in. She was one of the best pets I've had. It will be a while before we can handle a pet around here though. When the youngest one is older maybe!

  7. Lili is so glad to have your family. She's chipped, but does she have tags with your daughter's info? It seems like lost dogs find their way to our garden often. My husband usually can get them to come to him and we call the number on the tag. We get a relieved owner wondering "how she got that far from home?" Once, we had a litter (4) of lab puppies. I had to call the shelter to pick them up. Luckily, they'd had a call looking for them.

    Your quince is very pretty!

  8. Your flowers are lovely! Love that Hyacinth, pretty pink!
    Good advice for pet owners. There are too many sad stories out there about pets who are not well-cared for at all.

  9. What beautiful blooms and I plan to see them in person today! I will take written notes on some of them as i think they would make great assets in my garden!!!

    You know how I feel on animal topics so I will not go there but I picked up a shirt at our HS table at an event in GA. It says, "Don't Liter, Fix your Critter" Great statement for sure...

    I got me some Kiddo hugs yesterday! And balloons, chocolate, flowers and some adorable hand made cards! Life is good.....

  10. Good morning all.
    You have a lot of pretty blooms Tina.
    The flowering Quince is so yummy looking.
    Good that your daughter came along when she did. Hate to think of other consequences had she not.

  11. Living out in the country we have had some dumped animals, mostly cats, I feel so bad for them. Glad your story has a happy ending.
    Mine are not escape artists, thank goodness. We have no fence nor have them on leads.
    Love your Quince, really want one. Think if I put it up by the road it won't be a 'thorny' issue?

  12. Darla, I member of the family indeed. Hyacinths are incredibly fragrant this year. I'll blow a whiff your way;)

    Flowerlady, Coming your way as well!

    Chandramouli, So glad you don't have many strays there. It is a shameful problem here and is absolutely heartbreaking. Bird-love em!

    Rose, The animals are just so helpless and need people to advocate for them. Fortunately there are tons who do and that is a good thing. Rambling on about them is never a bad thing. I did not realize just how common pit bulls and mixes are. They can be really really sweet dogs. This from a lady who is mainly scared of dogs-unless they are big red fluffy teddy bear types like my goldens. But there are even stray goldens! I got both of mine from animal control. So sad. Yes, I think shelters do traumatize dogs. It is a rough existence and your Roco was mighty lucky to have love during his life. 6 weeks is a long time. I think they keep them only 3 weeks here due to overcrowding.

    W2W, Sometimes up here the common belief is that animals are 'property'. No feelings, no matters, no nothing. I have neighbors who think that way and their dogs live at the end of chains, cats multiply. So sad. The belief should change. I have a foster dog now and I think she has never been in a house. She is sweet and in awe each time she comes in. Of course, it means more cleaning but that is the way it is here.

    Dave, Houdini is an apt name for her. She is a little trickster and my daughter has to continually watch her. Hopefully she'll get her fence fixed this weekend though. We must keep the gal safe. I remember your kitty. Sad when she passed.

    GOSS, My daughter bought her a new collar with a fancy nameplate with her name and number and mine too, but do you know it was too small? So tight. She had to get another one. I agree that would've saved us trouble when we lost her. It should be rectified this week I hope. Good tip. That's crazy to get a whole litter of pups as strays! My goodness what were they thinking. Glad they had a happy ending.

    Rosey, Yes indeed too many sad stories. Blooms are always nice though.

    Skeeter, Yeah for hugs! Do you know I saw them too? What a coincidence. We'll see you in a bit. Look for more hugs-from the four legged types though:)

    Lola, We think of that all the time and sure do wonder about Lili's owner. It is clear she was loved and well cared for. They maybe just got tired of hunting for her but I just couldn't imagine.

  13. Janet, We know about those kitties and feed a few here. So sad for them too. The quince is indeed a thorny issue. I have several and all but this one is out of the way. This one is in my front sidewalk garden and I keep it small by multiple prunings. Not ideal but I so love the deep red that it has to be this way-at least for now and the past few years. You might try that. Thorns no issue when it is small and surrounded by other plants. In fact I was just snapping pics to show it in context so I'll post those soon.

  14. Aww, I wonder if Lili is trying to escape so that she can find her way back to her orignal home? She may still be a little confused. HOw long ago was she rescued? She looks like such a sweetie - I bet she'll settle down eventually.
    Nice blooms, BTW!

  15. Wow Tina, I love the first 2 pictures, just stunning!!

    Will anyone ever be able to figure out why people can be so mean spirited to a helpless animal? Maybe that sounds harsh but I really think it is mean spirited to just drop of an animal. Dogs make such a great addition to a family if brought up right, same as our human children. They do require time to be brought up right. That is why I will never have another dog. I have reached the point in life where other tings are more important. Time is limited so I will stick to my birds. Lily looks like a real sweetie.

    Skeeter I am jealous of all those hugs and visits. I bet that little bundle is a big boy now. Wish I was there. Have fun.

    Hi girls (you know who you are). Wish we were all there. I almost forgot Tina but I love the Bloodroot. It is gorgeous. Do you know why I love it? Reminds me of another flower that I have always loved.

  16. Your blog makes me happy. What beautiful flowers. I'm glad you found a rescue dog you love. We have two rescues of our own and we just love them both!

  17. Jen, I don't think so. She is just a wanderer and wishes to run. We tried so hard to find her owner but no luck. She will hopefully calm down after she grows a bit (probably in a few years). My daughter adores her and she is quite a friendly dog so we'll keep her. I'd like to trade the evil one for her (Lady).

    Mom, I have no idea what other flower you've always loved unless peonies? The bloodroot looks more like daisies though? I have no idea. This bloodroot has finally spread and I'm able to move it around. Such a good thing. If I can still find it when we come your way I might bring you some. I suspect it will be dormant though but we'll see. Lili is a sweetie for sure. Christy just adores her but doesn't like chasing her home when she escapes under her chainlink fence. Hopefully they'll fix it this weekend. I saw Lil Bundle yesterday! He is big but the other kids are who I thought changed the most. It was delightful running into them.

    Alexis, You are so sweet and I'm glad you like the blog. Rescues are the best I tell you! I couldn't imagine life without mine and will probably always try to have a dog. The trick is to not have too too many though all at once.

  18. I think it looks more like a pond lily than a daisy.

  19. Of course, I should've remembered wading in the little pond to pick you one or two. They are very pretty flowers and I can see the resemblance.

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  21. Yup, I was sure you would get it. They remind me of summer camp when I was a kid as we used to get them all the time while at camp and I was alwas there for my birthday so someone would always get me some. Love em.

  22. I'm so glad you posted such kind words about pit bulls!! They are NOT a vicious breed! Any beaten or abused animal wil become violent. Certain breeds aren't born "bad"! I hope your daughter keeps Lili!! As for shelter rescues, I have five!!

  23. Your flowers are so pretty! I love how big and bright your pictures are, I feel like I could reach in and touch the flowers. Your Virginia Bluebells are far ahead of mine, I just found a few leaves today so I'm glad they've returned.
    I have to admit I've always been nervous about Pitbulls, probably because of the stories that I hear on the news. I know they aren't all bad so it's good to hear reminders of what sweet dogs they can be. I don't get people and pets either sometimes. Our dog is practically like my other kid and I can't imagine not looking for her if she went missing.

  24. You have posted photos of all my favorite early spring flowers. You even included spicebush! Crocus tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant' is a later blooming cultivar of the snow crocus species. I love its more saturated color and the way it extends the season.

  25. Gorgeous blooms this week Tina. I'm loving that Quince, really need to add one of those to my own garden soon. I'm glad you found your escape artist dog. We had one that was forever getting out of our yard years ago. All my pets are rescue animals. It's a shame that there are so many unwanted furry critters in the world. Glad to hear your daughter has given this one a good home. :)

  26. You have a beautiful collection of spring flowers! Bless you and your daughter for taking care of Lili.

  27. I love your spring flowers especially the bloodroot - going to see if that is available here.

    Lovely story about Lilly, its lucky your family are animal lowers

  28. People who garden tend to also be people who are kind to animals, even unreasonably feared pit bulls. You and your family are good people for taking care of her, if only she realized how good she has it.

  29. Happy Birthday Skeeter!! Hope you had a great day!

  30. Wonderful spring blooms Tina! I especially love the bloodroot - hope to see ours again this spring! I dug one from my mom's garden early last spring, and then Monica brought me another (dormant) one later in the season.

    Lili looks like a sweetheart. She is lucky to have found a home with your family! I couldn't agree with you more about irresponsible pet owners.