Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Pooped to Plant

These plants still have not found a home in my Georgia Gardens. They look pretty good here in this picture as if I planted them but not so. They are still in pots waiting for me to get around to putting them into the ground.
As you can see, the Red Rooster's (Crepe Myrtle) are indeed Red after all! They started out a white, then pink then bright deep pink and finally Red! These are my first Red Rooster's so I don't know if this is normal behavior for them or not. I planted two that I shall show you at some point. One will accompany me to Tennessee on my next trip and the other two, well, they will find a hole in my gardens at some point. Probably this fall as it is too stinking hot to plant anything now. Plus we are not having rain and dragging the hose around is getting old. The weatherman says 70% chance today so hopefully, we will get some moisture on the gardens. I am so behind on weed control again. That never ends, rain or not.

We have some family members coming next week for a visit. We are determined to get this renovation completed by then so we can enjoy some Rest and Relaxation! All but the vanity should be finished as our cabinet maker is on vacation. Due to the high humidity, he was not able to get the finish on the wood cured.

I have been cleaning out a closet to make room for misplaced items due to the renovation. Thank goodness we have a ton of storage space in this house. Unfortunately the closet's are up stairs. But we are flexible and will make it work.

Yesterday the washer broke so we had to stop what we were doing and research new washer and dryers. We decided to go ahead and get a dryer as well. We bought them at the same time so figured it was a matter of time before it went on the fritz as well. Funny how things do not last like they use to. Oh, have I said that a lot lately.
Anyway, I am just TOO POOPED TO PLANT, In the Garden...
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  1. Good morning! Red Rooster is such a pretty red. Not familiar at all with it but it's neat to learn about the color changes. Have fun organizing and hopefully some rain will come. We ran in to a lot of rain when we drove through Georgia.

  2. Understandably you are "too pooped" and "too tired"!

    I'm unfamiliar with Red Rooster, but it sure is pretty.

    Enjoy the time with your company & take a mental & physical break from your hard work. (It'll be there when you return.)

  3. I really like the Red rooster which I have never seen before. I understand how tired you are since we are DIYers. Agree about the newer appliances. I replaced my old range that was 25 years old and said thatbit may be the last one I will ever buy . DH said don't bet on it, too much of it is electronic.


  4. Afternoon all.
    That Red Rooster is something else. I've never heard of it but it is beautiful. My crepe is dark pink at top but very red at bottom. First yr for the red part.
    Take it easy & get some rest.
    Tina, hope you have a safe & enjoyable trip.

  5. There are a few of those red roosters around our town and boy they do catch the eye...I'm looking for one myself. You do need so R & R!

  6. Good evening everyone. Still no rain as of yet but cloudy so looking for it...

    We are spotting more and more red myrtles in our area. They do glow during the day...

    We are working on the Reno but at a slow pace today. We keep loosing things. Funny as with less clutter, we still loose things. The memory is not what it use to be, Sigh....

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  7. Skeeter, we are getting showers now, some thunder. Sure wish you had some of this liquid sunshine. We are in our monsoon weather.
    Just before it started to rain I cut okra, bell peppers, banana peppers. Gave the peppers to Young'un. I tried okra & eggplant {the skinny ones} in the frying pan together. That was good. I was surprised. Will do that again.

  8. Renovations can be such a pain but rewarding. Liking your plants in the pots...who says everything has to go in the ground.

  9. That is a very pretty red and looks happy in the pot.

  10. It has been too stinky hot to do much of anything outside! Love Red Rooster.....will keep my eyes open for one of those.

  11. How prolific your crape myrtles are! Maybe because this plant is hybridized in temperate countries, it is much suited there. There are crape myrtles here too, though the pink ones, my mother has it actually, but they don't produce lots of flowers as yours and those i see in photos in sub-tropical countries.

  12. Just wanted to pop in here before bed time to say hey.

    Lola, we are getting some rain! Finally and I hope more comes too as we so need it...

    We have the pocket door in place and the dry wall up on the wall portion of the door. Valve installed for the toilet and faucet for tub in place. Washer and Dryer on the front porch waiting for pick up and utility room all cleaned and ready for the delivery of the new ones in the morning. We are making great progress!

    Have a Great Weekend....

  13. Wow - you've got a lot going on Skeeter! Your new plants look very pretty in their temporary spot. I do the same thing with new plants during the summer - keep them in a holding spot and wait for cooler, wetter weather to plant them. It's much easier to keep an eye on them and keep them watered when they're all together. I hope you got some rain!

  14. too pooped to plant - love that catchy phrase, I assume it's assume it's OK to borrow it when suitable occasion arises?? Hope the weather cools down for you soon and reno is finished as well.

  15. I'm sorry you've got so many thing pooping you out. Too bad about the washer. Sounds like it was the last thing you needed to have to worry about. Still, you've got Red Rooster to pep you up a bit. And the plants in pots can wait. It really does look like you wanted some potted plants just where you'd left them. Rest up!

  16. What a pretty Crepe Myrtle! I seem to always have a few plants sitting around waiting to be planted. Hope you got some rain! We have the opposite thing going on here and have hardly had to water at all.