Thursday, February 7, 2013

Euchee Creek and Bartram Trail

Geocaching has taken the Saint and I to many places near our GEORGIA GARDENS the past two months. One such place is by the lake at the Bartram Trail. 18th Century naturalist William Bartram explored the southern route from March 1773-January 1777. His trail led him through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee.
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Walking along the Bartram Trail back in early December, we had a nice fresh cover of leaves on the ground.
This lone leaf was still attached to its tree on that day. Sweet Gum I believe.
Greens were popping up through the carpet of leaves.
We spotted a flock of turkey but they also spotted us so did not hang around for a good photo op. Here you can see 3 heads just before they disappeared behind the ridge with the rest of the flock.
A magnolia tree growing out in the middle of no where!
A beautiful Fern greeted us in the woods.
We past our favorite Boat Ramp which you can see remains out of water with our drought. Looks more like a pond then a lake at this point. Rain coming today but we are already 4 inches behind for this year! This makes year 4 of this drought cycle. Sigh...
We also walked the Euchee Creek Greenway. This trail is an ongoing trail system linking many different parks in our county.
The trail is in the middle of a swamp type area running along Euchee Creek. Swamp that is, when we have rain.
Euchee creek was happy with water.
 During this Geocaching Day, we somehow followed our coordinates the wrong way to the cache. This log became our bridge across Euchee Creek. The Saint was across and then I preceded to cross the fallen log. I was half way across the creek when I froze up! I could not seem to get my feet to walk forward or go backwards. I was not scared per say, more like I did not want to fall into the cold water on a January Day! The Saint came to my rescue and led me on across one step at a time. The step off was a bit slippery and hilly. Needless to say, I could not go back that same way so we walked along the creek for some time looking for another way across. We found a larger log that I felt better about crossing even being much higher from the water. Again, the Saint let me use his shoulders for balance and we took it one small step at a time. We got a good laugh from that experience and I have since purchased a nice long sturdy walking stick for assistance in the future.   
This spot is along one of our favorite walking spots. We never knew this little rolling water spot was there until Caching took us a bit off the beaten path for a closer peek! This is why we enjoy this new hobby of Geocaching so much.
The Saint and I found many Caches while Geocaching along EUCHEE CREE AND BARTRAM TRAIL, In the Garden...
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  1. Hi Skeeter...what wonderful trails! I just love hiking along trails like these. Funny story about the log..I can just picture you frozen in place. I always use a hiking stick...wouldn't go without it. BTW..the last time we hiked I bent down to tie my shoe and there was a Water Moccasin two feet from me. You never know what you'll see!!

    1. Christy, Snakes is another reason why the new walking stick for me! We have seen harmless snakes on the trail and know in time, we will spot a "Bad" one... We do not plan to get too deep into the woods once it warms up enough for snakes....

  2. A beautiful trail indeed. The plants coming up look like a euphorbia. Very nice! I've been looking for some like it for my garden. One day we need to go traverse this trail together. It is the one by your house right? I saw the sign. The Saint is indeed a saint for helping you and so sweet. Good job getting across! You mentioned the greenways. We have them here too and I'll be highlighting it next week. They are a beautiful asset for communities. I wish we had more but slowly they are coming along. Have a great day!

  3. Tina, The euphorbia was in the woods near the lake. Not sure I could find it again as we get off the beaten path at times. But we sure could give it a try to see if we could find some for ya... I have been to the Greenway near Ft Campbell but have yet to walk it. Am sure there are many caches on that route....

  4. I love hikes on such beautiful woodsy trail. It is so sad about all these droughts. We're very dry here in Minnesota and our recent birding outing to southwest Florida brought their six year long dry spell to my attention.

  5. Hello Skeeter, how are you? This is the first time i heard about geocaching, but i guess it is a lot of fun, and you were able to capture lovely photographs along the way. I love most that reflection on your lake now turned pond, and also i would have loved to walk on those thick layers of leaves. I haven't done that, so do the leaves make sounds on each step?