Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bill's Garden Part II

Continuing our tour of Bill and Linda's garden we see how he artfully mixes up perennials with his shrubs, trees, and hardscaping. This is a perfect picture to see the design of the mixed garden. Here we have an evergreen arborvitae, daylilies, a pine tree in the background with a 'Forest Pansy' in the foreground, as well as a sidewalk to the right of the display. Just lovely.
Here is a long shot of the side of Bill and Linda's home. Bill's garden is set off center to the right of the home when looking at the house. The garden was a destination very close to the home with its own little secret hideaway in the garden--which you will see.
Whimsy was done up right in the garden. There were tons of sitting areas with nice garden artwork to look at while one relaxes in the shade. I especially liked a huge full length mirror hung on a fence. It enlarged the garden nicely and made one want to go and peer inside of the mirror.
Here are some of the lovely ladies who enjoyed the garden tour. We have from left to right: Naomi, Irene, Charene, and Vonna. They are peering inside the adorable garden shed/retreat.
And you too can peer inside of the garden house. It was fully finished and had electricity, pergo floors, and a lovely wooden finish on the walls and ceilings. I can see myself spending many hours and even sleeping out here.
Do you all know what this plant is? Many of you do but many don't as well. This is 'Summer Beauty' acanthus, aka Bears Breeches. This is a nice architectural plant in a garden. Give it room. If it is a happy plant it will bloom and may even spread out for you. I have one in my current garden and one on the land. The one in my current garden has suckered out a bit and I've been able to share these suckers with some of my friends (Sandy--I'll save you one). Mine has not bloomed but I suspect it might one day. Bills' grew in a mostly shade but I have seen them grow in sun or shade. In my gardens I have planted my plants in about half and half.
We'll finish with this long sidewalk taking us to a formal garden complete with a beautiful statue. We'll look at a few more pictures Friday....

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  1. This garden has a lot to offer. It is such fun touring anothers garden even if it is via blog post. Much appreciated.

  2. That secret garden must have been a real good secret because I missed it! Darn! I'm glad you showed a picture of cute!

  3. I envy garden tours, but it is not very common here as there in the US. Only a few rich and famous have big gardens that deserved to be toured. I guess all of you enjoyed it.

  4. What a variety of styles there are in Bill's garden! Of course, as usual, I'm attracted to the "whimsy", but there is obviously so much more here!

  5. What a gorgeous garden room! And I need to do some research on acanthus to see if it would grow here. It is beautiful! It looks like you had a fun group to tour along with, too.

  6. I wonder if the garden room is claimed more by Bill or his wife? It's probably not technically a man-cave, but for a gardening man I guess it would make do for one. I recognize that specimen of arborvitae (the one in the first pic) but don't know the varietal name. Could you find out for me? I have one that looks just like it, not like the other ones planted near it, and it's really starting to stand out like a sore thumb.

  7. Quite a lot of different the whimsy and that garden house

  8. Many different areas and styles in this large space. The entry looks rather generous too.

  9. What a beautiful tour. Many thanks. I really enjoyed the sights.

    Greetings from London.

  10. The straight long walkway at the end of this post is rare in personal gardens! Seems we mostly go with curves how cool to see that....