Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Silver Bells in the Garden

"Silverbells, silverbells,
It's Christmastime in the city
Ring-a-ling, hear them sing
Soon it will be Christmas day" 

I can't help but think of the famous Bing Crosby song 'Silver Bells' when I think of my Carolina Silverbell (4 winged Halesia tetraptera). If you saw the flowers in person you would surely think of silverbells, though maybe not about the Christmas song 'Silverbells' as I do. 

This multi-stemmed tree has been growing in Tiger Gardens for about three to four years now. It has finally gained some stature and is blooming wonderfully. This is a tree that is not a tree that yells 'look at me' from afar. You really have to be up close in order to enjoy the blooms.

Mine is sited along a fence line that gets afternoon sun. It is in organically rich soil under some oaks and a hickory tree. It will eventually grow to about 20' and is determined to be a multi-stemmed tree. I have tried in vain to grow it into a single stem tree but the trunk keeps putting out so many additional sprouts that I have decided to give up fighting the trees' nature to be multi-stemmed. This is a tree that will make the move to the new Tiger Gardens next winter. I will site it close to the house where I can enjoy it up close and personal and I will always think of  'Silverbells'...

in the garden....

It's May! Can you believe it??
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  1. That's a lovely tree, and I probably would be singing 'Silver Bells' too.

    I enjoy hearing about your plans of moving this or that to your new home and gardens.


  2. Hi Tina...These flowers are just lovely! It's hard to believe it's May 1st. We're going into our "super-duper" gardening time!!

  3. May already? Wow, soon we will be out of the spring season and into summer! Yikes, that scares me a bit with the upcoming humidity... Your silver bells are nice and similar shaped to the other silver bell being Silver Berry's...

  4. That must be hard, the choices and work of moving not only house but garden too. Good luck!

  5. Tina! May already and what a glorious day we are having! No blossoms on trees as yet but the buds are forming and I'm sure next week we'll be surrounded by new green folliage!!
    Winter went out like a lion but that's ok Spring with al its possibilities finally here!

  6. Tina, while i am keenly looking at the flowers of the beautiful tree, my eyes kept on lingering on the so plenty of lilies on the ground. I can't imagine the beauty they give when they flower simultaneously.

  7. No I can't believe it is MAy as I have had so little time in the garden in March and April...lovely bells!

  8. Pretty tree! I don't think I've ever seen one. I do like the multi-stems, and I hope it takes the transplant well. We are experiencing a cold front coming through today - they are expecting cold temperatures that will break all records! No, it's hard to believe it's May!