Saturday, May 4, 2013

Biltmore and Meeting Bloggers

Lets go back to Biltmore for a peek at some more things shining during Spring.
 The Water Gardens were cleaned out and ready for a new season.
 Koi fish of various sizes were happily swimming around.
 This was a super friendly fish. It kept coming up to us and the Saint even pet its head. Looking for a hand out no doubt.
 We spotted many tadpoles in the ponds.
 I found this bloom interesting but could not find a name. Anyone know what this could be? Maybe a Viburnum?  
 This was the only Rose Bush blooming at the time. Soon, the Rose Gardens will be bursting with colors.
 Orchids were seen in the Orchid house.
 Not sure of this bloom but found the color intriguing.
 A beautiful White/Pink Azalea.
 The Saint and I were in awe of the many May-apple's seen throughout Biltmore as well as the mountains. The Saint flipped this bloom over for a better peek.
 We had a nice walk along the stream. 
 I spotted Peter Cottontail just about the same place I spotted one last year! I could not help but wonder if the same bunny.
 Last year while in the Farm, the Saint was holding and loving on a chicken. He was disappointed that the chickens had just been given some scratch and not interested in him. I got a kick out of all the chicken butts up in the air.
 Cornelia and Cedric together once again.
Animal lovers, my kind of people!
As animal lovers, we were happy to see so many people with their dogs enjoying Biltmore Gardens. 
 Last year we missed the car but not this year. 
Impressive to us antique car lovers.
 We enjoyed our visit to Biltmore and hated saying goodbye to such views.
We tried to explore Chimney Rock State Park but the weather would not cooperate with us, sigh. Oh well, just another reason to get us back to the North Carolina Mountains some day!
 As we headed out of town, we met up with Lynn and Chris for lunch in the nearby town of Hendersonville, NC. We were on the same bus as Lynn of The Dirt Diaries, last year during the fling. We chatted a bit here and there during the fling but when we met for lunch on this day, it was as if we had known each other for years! We had the best lunch and visit full of non-stop conversation at The Black Rose Pub in Historic Downtown. Our kind of place! I could not resist giving Lynn a Gnome after her posting of the Chelsea Flower Show. hee hee... 
We headed on down the road towards home. Since our route was taking us right through another bloggers town, we decided to stop by and say hey. I have been Blog chatting with Janet, The Queen of Seaford pretty much since the beginning of my Posting days! It was fun to see her home and gardens in person as I have been watching the progress through her blog since they broke ground. The Saint and I had so much in common with Janet and hubby Charles that our visit kept us there way longer then anticipated. After all, we still had almost 2 hours to drive and The Saint had to go to work the next day. Ha, Time flies when you are having fun.
2 days of our 3 day weekend were rainy but we enjoyed every minute of it. I mean come on, who wouldn't at BILTMORE AND MEETING BLOGGERS, In the Garden... 
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  1. What lovely gardens and how wonderful to visit with two different bloggers. It looks like a great time was had by all.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. What a beautiful trip and how fun to get to see fellow bloggers along the way!!

  3. What fun! To travel and to meet up with others bloggers! A perfect vacation!

  4. I think it would be so fun to see other bloggers gardens. This sure looks like a great time. That mystery flower kind of looks like a Fothergilla, but I can't be sure.

  5. I wish I'd know about last year's Fling ahead of time. I like to think I would have been able to attend! There were obviously many wonderful friendships created, as well as fascinating gardens opened and shared.

    Your posts have been encouraging me to put the Asheville area on a list of potential regions to explore one of these days. Thanks for sharing everything with us.

    By the way, I think the white flower you were asking about might be Fothergilla.


  6. I met Janet when she stopped by my house last year. She's great!

    I've enjoyed your photos of your trip.

  7. How fabulous to get to go to Biltmore, but even more fun would be meeting other bloggers. I can imagine one would have to much to say about gardens and blogging, the time would fly by!

  8. So great to be with you both! I told you my head would look like a Macy's Parade Balloon (:

    Can't wait till we get together again!!

  9. The Plant Name for the unidentified Plant is Fothergilla, witch alder. Love the blog and pictures are beautiful

  10. Boy that picture of the 'view' along the route to Chimney Rock says it all....what a weather pattern! It has just been soggier and soggier. So glad you all stopped by, we will do it again soon....maybe if it ever warms up!!!

  11. Wouldn't it be a blast to tour the area in one of those old cars with the top down. Of course you would have to have a wicker picnic basket filled with goodies to tide you over. Such fun. Love seeing the Biltmore and the Bloggers again. Thanks for taking us along.

  12. I've enjoyed reading all your posts about your trip to Asheville--what a fun-packed weekend! You make me want to go back to every spot we visited in Asheville , and how fun to meet up with Christopher, Lynn, and Janet again. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate, but I can see it didn't stop you from enjoying yourselves, even touring Christopher's mountain. Love the chapel and little cottage!

    The white bloom looks like a fothergilla, by the way.

    So glad you won this weekend getaway--the B&B was beautiful--and shared this experience with us, Skeeter.

  13. Tickled me you had the picture of the fothergilla. I got one this spring because of reading about it so much last year, spring and fall, on garden blogs. I got mine at a local plant sale a month ago and it just keeps on blooming. You ought to get one.

  14. You really had a great visit and came back with some beautiful images. I did not know they had chickens? I love your photos of the Koi and tadpoles.