Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Next Gardening Generation

This is the next generation of gardeners in my family. The big boy holding the baby is Jimmy (The Jimster), my youngest son. He is holding my brand new grandson, Josh. Five ultrasounds said Josh was a girl but when all was said and done, my oldest son Brian, had a healthy baby boy.

Josh and his parents came to visit us this spring and spent a lot of time in the garden. His father made me a new garden (another story and pictures) and Josh walked through the garden with me everyday. I started gardening with my grandmother and truly hope Josh will remember me fondly as I do my own grandmother. My grandmother's garden had old fashioned brown-eyed Susans (NOT Goldsturm), Shasta daisies, peonies and a multitude of other flowers and vegetables and fruits. Her favorite flower was a peony. I remember my grandfather once taking me to visit my other grandmother's grave to plant peonies. He said peonies were forever and that is why they are oftentimes on graves. The peonies are still there after more than thirty years. This might be the reason I like peonies so much. Anyhow, it just seems like grandmothers are gardeners and usually bakers-I am lacking in this area as I rarely bake but I have the gardening down. All of my children garden and I have no reason to believe Josh will not also garden-if I have anything to say with it. :)

The weather in May just seemed to beg people to get outside and garden. Many people felt the allure of this spring as the nurseries were very busy with gardeners planting their hopes and aspirations for the upcoming growing season after the killing freeze in April. I hope all worked out but it was a mighty hard year for gardening. If things didn't work out as planned-DON'T WORRY! There is still next spring! That is the great thing about gardening, it is a fluid hobby and time always provides for another chance at getting it just the way you want it (at that particular moment anyhow). In the meantime, keep busy by looking at the new gardening catalogs and planning your garden.

I hope Josh and his parents come visit often but if not, I will be visiting them in the great state of Maine-and you can bet we will be in the garden....


  1. What beautiful little ones! Jimmy looks like a proud Uncle... I am sure you will fill their heads with memories in the garden and you might be surprised at something you do supply in the kitchen that will hold in their memories as well, maybe that one perfect veggie that you grew from your garden and served often...

  2. Yes, they all remember the little things.