Thursday, November 15, 2007

Community Garden of the Month

My selection for the Community Garden of the Month is Joe Heitz Toyota of Clarksville on Wilma Rudolph Blvd. This is a landscape that reaches out to travelers on the blvd and catches their eye and says, "Look at me! My business cares about my community and customers and come in and shop here!" I do have a confession though, for the six years I have lived here I have always noticed the gardens but before I chose this garden, I could not have told you the name of the dealership. That may be because I have not been in the market for a new car or it may be because I was always so busy looking at the lovely rock wall and seasonal color in this landscape.

There are many automobile dealerships and businesses in Clarksville that have wonderful landscaping and my choosing Joe Heitz in no way diminishes their efforts. It is just that this landscape is meticulously maintained and it is clear the gardener or gardeners have taken measures to ensure functionality of the garden and the hardscaping. You see, like most businesses there is a big drainage ditch adjacent to the blvd in front of the dealership, and several culverts to carry away the water. Great pains have been taken to control the runoff and make the culverts attractive in the form of rock walls and a cement lining. The above picture shows a good choice of shrubs, variagated liriope (monkey grass) and a well planned area for seasonal color, which is changed frequently.

The two women I spoke to at the dealership (Debbie and Amanda-thanks for your help) were very proud of the garden and their dealership. Debbie told me Mr. Heitz has relayed to his employees that a customer's first impression is very important so he wants it to be good! This garden does not stop at the roadway. Up close to the building were several specimen Acer japonica var. Dissectum, aka weeping Japanese maples (pictured below) and other plantings.
I am told Hunter Lawn Care maintains the gardens with the guidance of Mr. Heitz. Mr. Heitz probably spends most of his time at the dealership and I know even if he does not get out and plant and dig in the soil this is truly his garden. Of note, Debbie told me several people have called the dealership asking who maintains these gardens so it is evident other Clarksville residents have also noticed the great effort made by this dealership to make their community a nice place and to attract customers!
I am working on getting pictures of a private garden. The problem I am finding is most people are not home during the day when I am out and about but will soon get it up on here. For now I am in the garden....reworking a garden and preparing for tonight's garden club meeting.


  1. Oh Tina I am so glad you posted on this beautiful garden! I gaze at this each time I drive up the hill in St B... I think it is a beautifully landscaped area and truly does show that the dealership cares about the community by beautifying his part! This garden puts a smile on my face each time I go by it…

  2. Tina,

    I agree with Skeeter. I drive by this dealership every morning taking my daughter to school and my eyes are always on the beautiful landscaping. They do such outstanding job on this. It is always eye-catching and well maintained. Good choice!

  3. Thanks! I am glad you all agree and if there are any special community gardens you would like me to feature let me know. My email is There are many areas of town I don't get to like the Trenton and Tiny Town Road area, Sango, Hilldale and other Southern areas so help me out if you see some really good gardens.