Monday, November 5, 2007

More Standardization? Why not?

I think I will try to standardize some of my postings. I really, really enjoy gardens and usually the gardeners who tend them. I have been known to drive around and stop and knock on someone's door to comment on a particularly nice garden I have spotted. I have made a few friends this way and have found others not willing to talk about their gardens, and that is perfectly okay.

I think I will make my postings in a few areas more standardized. I have already profiled a Plant of the Month (Japanese Anemone), a Gardener (Ann), and a Community Garden (New Providence Blvd.), and now I would like to add a Garden of the Month. When I mentioned my new idea to Mr. Fix-it he said, "Who will be the judge?" No judging. Absolutely none. I don't believe you can judge gardens as they are as individual as the gardeners who tend to them. Just a personal preference of what I think works and what others might like to see or emulate in their own gardens. I look for gardens that are not necessarily designed and maintained by professionals, but for gardens an amateur gardener loves and tends. Gardens can be as small as a specimen plant in the front yard or as large as an entire front yard devoid of any grass and instead planted solely with ornamentals. What matters is the garden itself and the gardeners connection to the garden.

I like whimsy in my garden but that is not necessarily what I like in other gardens or even what I look for. It is always nice to smile when one sees a garden but there are also feelings of serenity, ease, symmetry, formality, color, peace, fun and the list goes on. Gardens are usually a reflection of the gardener but even if they aren't, they show what the gardener likes. I am interested in all types of gardens and already have several in mind that I have noticed over the years. Some are simple only containing one type of plant, some show some serious organization and others just yell at you and say look at me! Some are subdued and some are so low maintenance as to be doable by anyone that I just enjoy the possibilities of them all.

Participation will be voluntary and I would never use someone's garden or information without their consent. I am primarily talking about the private gardens and gardeners. The community garden will always be a public garden, and the plant of the month will always be a plant from my garden. Recognizing community gardens are very important to me because they and the gardeners who tend them give so much to the community. Using a plant from my garden ensures I know how it grows and that I know what I am talking about when I post about it. So, I'll give it a try and see how things go!

in the garden....

Plant of the Month

Community Garden of the Month

Gardener of the Month

Garden of the Month

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