Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What a Great Day to Meet Gardeners!

What a super gardening day-and I wasn't even in the garden! I started out at Helene's house (the President of the Clarksville Garden Club) in Sango discussing gardening clubs. As I was leaving her house what should I spot but this old clawfoot bathtub! Those of you who travel Old Sango Road will surely recognize this garden. It certainly made me smile and ties in with my bathtub fish pond-sure wish mine was a clawfoot like this one. The nice owner (Larry) sure was proud of it. He acquired the bathtub from a neighbor who used it as a water trough for horses. At first it didn't have the clawfeet on it but when he dragged it out of its position from behind his truck-he found all four feet! It is a huge heavy tub. Larry added the irises and shower spigot. His plan is to cascade tinsel from the shower spout in order to simulate falling water. What a super idea! I think all neighbors must smile when they see this tub proudly displayed in Larry's front yard. I will by again in the spring to look at the lovely display of irises.
I next went to Lowes thinking it just might be sale time-and boy did I rack up! I met Linda there where she was busy buying all of the coral bells Lowes had in stock:) We talked about-what else-gardening! and friends! Then my best gardening friend Gerrianne showed up and coincidently Linda's best gardening friend Fran also showed up! Fran was looking for the coral bells Linda had already loaded into her cart:) This was so not planned but made for a very enjoyable afternoon in the garden shop. I do hope my new friends come to garden club next week!
I wanted to quickly mention about posting comments on blogger. Stacey and Sandy have already covered posting instructions on their blogs so I will not repeat it here, but my mother mentioned something readers may not know. She had been trying to comment on my postings but blogger told her she needed a Google email account. When my mother went to Google to sign up she could not find a place to get email. That is because Google email is called Gmail. My mother established an account no problem. Others, like my daughter do not want to fool with yet ANOTHER email account so she only reads without commenting. That is fine.
in the garden....


  1. Tina,
    Bamboo sure is invasive. Do you remember the bamboo on Orrs Island. Don't remember if you were there or still in Germany when we works sooooo hard on it and Sara and Rod helped. Pulling it with Rod's 4 wheel drive and got a flat tire! Love...Mom

  2. Tina, you do not have to get a Google email account!! You just have to register your existing email address with Google to get a Google login for Blogger. All you readers, go to the Veteran Voice Blog and read carefully my instructions there. I used an MSN email account to register with Google, and my Sweetie used an AOL email account. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET A NEW GOOGLE EMAIL ACCOUNT!!!!

  3. Oh, and by the way, I LOVE THE TUB!! This is the kind of old tub I have, so I am going to show this to Sweetie. He wasn't thrilled at the idea of making it a pond, so maybe he will go for this. This is simple and looks good.

  4. Hi Stacey,
    Glad you to see you are back in town and had a great time in D.c. I thought you might like the tub. I love the clawfoot one so much more than mine. And thanks for the info on posting-everyone check out Stacey's blog for info on posting comments if wish to post and have not figured it out.

    Of course I remember that bamboo. I was the one digging it out all the time. Every time I am in Maine I go by the Orrs Island house and have noted the new owners FINALLY at some point eradicated that awful bamboo. Invasives may have their place in this world-but I really don't know where! That was definitely tough bamboo but I don't remember Sara and Rod. The neighbors across the field?

  5. Tina,
    Yes. across the field and they also owned the cove behind us where we used to dig clams.

  6. I remember-vaguely. I thought that was who you were talking to. That bamboo sure was a bear! How are Rod and Sara?

  7. Okay, love the tub!!!
    Stacey go for it with our without Sweeties help!