Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall Trips and Color

I just came back from a wonderful weekend in a super resort called the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Ohio. The trip was courtesy of Mr. Fix-it's job and the Ramsey family thanks the Army for the great time and awesome weekend! Especially Peggy, the behind the scenes workers, and the command team of the Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion.
My mother left a message on my answering machine all worried about why I hadn't posted each day (God love her) as she was really worried. Don't worry mom, all is well! My readers know I like to talk about gardening and will normally post each and everyday, but sometimes awesome weekends will cause even blogger and gardening to take a back seat. I will get back to posting as soon as possible-I promise!
The Great Wolf Lodge is a themed resort located adjacent to Kings Island just outside of Cincinnati. There is an indoor water park, a spa, shops and an overall woodsy feeling. Kind of like what one would get living in Alaska, which is where I usually think most wolves live. Upon driving up to the lodge we were welcomed with a massive display of blue and yellow pansies and the absolutely best stand of tall fescue grass I have seen. The grounds were wonderfully landscaped with 40 feet tall hemlocks and spruces. I was very impressed. So where are the pictures you are asking? Silly me, I forgot the camera! I realized my mistake on the trip up there when I saw some beautiful chestnut trees in their fall glory. I kept telling Jimmy to look at the trees and weren't they beautiful? He was not impressed but I know secretly he was taking it all in.
Since it is fall and the first hard freeze of the season is forecast for this week, I did take a few pictures out here in Woodlawn. The large picture with the beautiful burning bushes was taken in front of Woodlawn Elementary School on Woodlawn Road, and the smaller picture with the contrast of reddish pink and green was taken on Lylewood Road. The next trip I take, I will surely remember that camera! If readers have some nice photos they would like to share with others, email them to me at:
in the garden....


  1. Ah how Beautiful!
    We are TN bound this weekend and I am hoping to see some color while driving over the mountains!

  2. Hope I got this right. I learn everyday on this magic thing called a puter. LOL Good to c u back. Love...Mom

  3. Hi Skeeter and hi mom! Mom you should say hi to Skeeter and tell her how much you enjoy reading her posts and how much fun you are having on here. You know way more about computers than I do because you have the lingo down!

    Skeeter, you are going to be in for a treat this weekend with all of the fall color out there. Drought, smout-it has NOT seemed to harm the fall color at all. My mom likes my blogs and enjoys reading the posts. She is also a pet lover-dogs, cats and now THREE cockatiels (all free) and two parakeets (free again). Boy do those birds make a racket! Anyhow, see you Friday.

  4. Hey mom Jean, I was thinking the same thing about you having the lingo down! Good job!

    Our neighbors have those loud McCall (spelling?) birds and keep them on their screen porch! I am pretty use to hearing them now and dont really notice them.

    My mom says there is some color in TN but nothing like it has been in years past but with us hardly having any down here, I will enjoy what I see…..

    I got all the porch plants in the house yesterday! I am leaving two out and if they die, that is okay as I don’t have the room to bring them inside. They are too tall to go under the house. It is hard enough keeping the cats out of the ones I brought inside. I don’t want to mess with any more. They were inexpensive ones from Wal-Mart so I will replace them next year…

    It did not get as cold as they were calling for last night because the Elephant ears and Periwinkle are still standing tall…