Friday, February 8, 2008

Favorite Names

This crocus is not the first bloom of the year, but it is exciting none the less. The first bloom went to the witch hazel, then hellebores and of course the pansies.
I was wondering what kind of pet names you readers have for plants, gardens or whatever. I call daffodils DD's for either d$%#& daffodils or daffy ducks, depending on how I am feeling. When I have to divide them of course they are not the nice name. I also call nasturtiums nasties and rhododendrons rhodies. I can't think of any others right now but I know I am not the only one who has pet names for plants. I also have names for gardens, but they are boring names like 'Hydrangea Garden' and 'Driveway Garden'. What are some names you all have?
in the garden....


  1. What a nice surprise --I saw two daffodils bloomed today when we went for a walk by the farmers. So exciting! There is actually a HUGE long line of them that bloom and when they are all opened it looks stunning. They didn't last very long last year:(

  2. Tina, many years ago there was a hillside on Madison street near the turn to Clarksville High School that was filled with daffodils! Was the most beautiful sight in spring! I wonder if they are still there or if progress has scraped them off (bull dozed) and built something...

    Dont think I have pet names for my plants or flowers. That is kind of strange because the Saint and I have funny names for a lot of stuff... Heck, the cats have several nicknames each!

  3. Tina, I don't have pet names for any of my plants either, but do have some of the gardens named - sun garden, hosta garden, hillside garden, etc.

  4. Jack of all trades always manages to ask me when I plant my favorite ground cover, "How do you pack a sandra?"

  5. anonymous, i know seeing those early daffys was a treat! it is definitely a sign spring is right around the corner! soon you will be weeding and trimming to your heart's content!

    skeeter, my friend geri was telling me about daffodil hill. i hear the daffys are planted all in rows and not randomly but that there are thousands. is this the hill? i think so. it is still there. i will look for it. i love daffys. probably my favorite bulb with muscari coming up second.

    skeeter, i'm listening for those names...

    nina, good! glad to see i'm not the only one who names my gardens. my problem is i always get confused on the names! do you do that too?

    dawn with peaches, pack a sandra huh? as in pacysandra(sp)? good, love it. you are a funny person on here! mom agrees!

    where is mom tonight?

  6. Is this getting through?

  7. Hi Guys,
    Finally got this thing straightened out. Almost lost my mind in the process. Young'n had to do a lot of something or other. I don't understand it. Maybe I should just leave it alone. lol
    Don't let the names confuse any of you. It will be Lola.

    No don't recall having names for plants. Did spank my pear tree one time with newspaper. Neighbor thought I'd lost my mind. He wasn't far off. lol

    jean, Are you into those gardening books? They sure can take you away.

    The bed has been calling, so I'm gonna lay it down.

  8. Glad you got things squared away Lola. These puters are a great thing but sometimes can be very frustrating.

    Actually I have spent quite a bit of time the last few days online at plant places. Trying to figure out what I wanna buy and where is the cheapest. I have a list a mile long!!! Too long and too costly. There is sooooo much out there. Also been reserching some other things I have been wanting to do

  9. Welcome back Lola! Missed you...

    That probably is the same hill Tina. I called it the daffodil hill too!

    Waiting for the names???... Are you asking the cats nicknames?
    Sheba- aka, Queenie Bee, Sheba B-Ba, Clown Cat, Cricket feet, Water Meister, etc....
    Cheetah- aka, Monkey, Chi-Chi, Scardy Cat, Mommy’s Baby, Little Girl, etc...

    Oh, I do have names for the gardens… Butterfly island, Driveway island, House Triangle’s, Hosta bed, etc…

  10. Jean, There are several catalogs that offer a discount of $25 on a $50 order. I use them when I can, makes me feel like I am getting a better deal,anyway. But if your interested in the coupon codes let me know. They are not offered on line.

  11. Would love to have the codes Nina.
    I saw one on line but that was all and I can't even remember which one it was now. I gotta go over them all again anyway. I started a list from them as to what I want but still have to do more work on them as I will not live long enought to do it all! But I love saving a little here and there.

  12. welcome back lola. spanking a pear tree, now that should be a story. i have heard of shaking trees, what is the point of spanking it. i can imagine a neighbor thinking you crazy too.

    love your kitty names skeeter. can't imagine what pet names you have for the saint if you have that many for your pets!

    mom, i forwarded nina's email to you. feel free to email her directly as i think she wouldn't mind. you all talk every day already, email exchanges are the next logical thing to share if you all want.

    nina, that was very nice to compile the links and addresses for some nice plants. i sent it on to mom.


  13. Tina, I read somewhere that if you take newspaper & roll it up & gently spank a tree from ground up it makes the sap rise faster & helps the tree. I guess you could say that it does the same thing as shaking.

    Thanks all I hope things are fixed with this thing.

  14. i have heard that lola. not sure if it makes a noticeable difference but it can't hurt! did it help your tree?

  15. I think it did to some degree as leaves started popping out. I'd like to think so anyway. We had more pears that yr. Or maybe the weather was just right that yr.