Friday, February 22, 2008

Garden Club

The third week of the month is a very busy week for me. I call it my Garden week. I not only attend the monthly Perennial Plant Society meetings in Nashville, but also attend my garden club meetings.

I have been a member of the Beachaven Garden Club for 3.5 years. I think in all that time I have missed only two meetings. When I first retired from the military I desperately sought out other gardeners through groups. Starting with the Master Gardener Association. I have attended and completed the course (with honors), but this association was not an option for me in Tennessee. I next tried some garden clubs. I was told garden clubs are social clubs and not really what I was looking for. Next, Karen of The Garden Place on Woodlawn Road directed me to the Perennial Plant Society. Just what I wanted but it meant a trip to Nashville each month. Bummer. I still wanted a local club.

In the summer of 2004 Stacy Smith-Segovia did a feature article on the way I garden, specifically the French Intensive method of gardening. This article was my first public exposure with gardening here in Clarksville. Obviously, I have much more public exposure since I started this blog, but more on that next week. That first article opened alot of doors for me back then in the Clarksville community.

Sandra Watson, the President of the Beachaven Garden Club, saw that article and called me to ask me if I would like to visit her club. I missed the meeting I was supposed to visit. Shame on me! But, made the next one. The ladies asked me to join and here I am still a proud member, and now the President. (I think no one else would do it-lol) This garden club has made me feel so very welcomed in Clarksville and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not only do we socialize, because we are friends, but we also talk gardening, share plants and learn from one another. I often speak of my garden club friends on here; Sandra, Diann, Geri, Esther, and Nancy so far.

This week's meeting saw us treated to a really colorful and interesting program on a subject even I am not too terribly familiar with, Wildflowers. Charles and Vicki Moffitt (pictured) are a great team who pleased all present Thursday evening with the great pictures of the Applachian Mountain wildflowers. They have both personally hiked from Georgia to Maine, documenting the trip all along the way through some really wonderful pictures. Vicki especially loved Maine and had the opportunity to get down from the mountain to the coast where George Bush has a summer home. Anyone know what city that is in Maine? Besides my mother and sister who live in Maine. You can't answer.

Charles and Vicki are known on the trail as Papa Smurf and Flame. Can you guess why? We all had a great time enjoying the show and appreciate them traveling all the way from Springfield in the cold dreary rain last evening. Thanks! I believe they have a website under trail journals listed under their trail names, but I am not sure so I have not included a link. Sorry.

in the garden....


  1. Thought I had a eureka moment when I tried the video, my real player distorts the image and the upper loading video only buffered to 12 seconds, have such a cheesy 'puter.
    My guess about papa smurf and flame is due to him looking like a smurf, (except w/o the blue face) and she has brillant red hair.
    I won't guess about georgie. Later

  2. Very nice post Tina --and in my world you are the best gardener ever --you share so much of your knowledge with everyone. I'm sure the wildflower pictures were beautiful!

  3. you got it dawn with peaches. he definitely has the beard like papa smurf and she has beautiful red hair. who the heck is georgie?
    you'll have to come and visit your big sister someday and see the cows first hand. it might be nice to leave maine once in a long while.

    hey anonymous, thank you so much! next week i am going to talk about sharing knowledge and explain kind of why i do it. i am so glad to help you out with your garden. but i really don't know much about wildflowers and learn everyday. those pictures were so awesome. i am trying to establish a wildflower garden and have some what i call ephemerals. they are already coming up and soon will bloom. can't wait. hope you are staying warm and the family are fine.

  4. Yes, I can see why he would be called Papa Smurf. Flame is good too. At least you wouldn't have trouble remembering them. That must have been real nice to go the whole trail.
    I thought a Garden Club was social. But it would be nice to have one where you really talk gardening. So much I would like to know.

    Hope all you guys had a lovely day.

  5. Georgie would be George Bush, 'member you asked what town in Maine?

  6. dawn with peaches, i am losing my touch, forgot that quickly. thanks for reminding me!

    lola, we definitely talk gardening at my club, but enjoy socializing too. it is fun all around. i bet there are some where you live too. you'd have fun and enjoy it. i had a lovely day. as is mostly the case.

    goodnight all.

  7. Tina I did'nt get the Georgie at first either and thought of our Georgie the Ghost. Then I read it again and said DUH!

  8. Kennebunkport Maine??? Not sure on the spelling....

    Wow, hiking from Georgia to Maine! Impressive...

  9. yes indeedy skeeter-you got it!