Saturday, February 16, 2008

Third Friday Workshops and PPS Meeting

February Perennial Plant Society Meeting

For general information about upcoming events; here is information on this month's Perennial Plant Society Meeting:

Program: Dear Deer, Please Don't Eat Here by Carolyn Hoyne

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: 5800 Hillsboro Road at the Hillsboro Church of Christ (temporary location change)

Carolyn will have a slide show presentation and a handout with a comprehensive list of plants to dissuade deer, as well as a recipe for a homemade deer repellent. She has been gardening with the deer for 15 years and has a great deal of experience with the pests.

TSU's Third Friday Schedule for 2008

Here is a schedule of the Third Friday Workshops and Field Days at TSU for all interested parties:

March 20: Fruit Crop Production

April 18: Communities in Urban Tree Planting

May 16: Organic Farming In-field Demonstrations

June 20: In-field Specialty Crops Demonstrations

July 18: Small Business Development

August 8: Small Farm Expo/Small Farmers Recognition Program

September 19: Rural Land Ownership

October 17: Fall Vegetable Field Day

November 21: Marketing and Economics of Agricultrual Enterprises

For further information you can contact: Bridgett Bush Collins at (615) 963-5833.

I will bring some brochures to Tuesday evening's meeting regarding the workshops for all interested.

As is typical when I post about the PPS, I have included a picture of my son. If you look closely at my cedar tree, near the top and to the right, you will see the Jimster way up high. To be young again.
in the garden....


  1. Tina,
    Thank you for posting the info so quickly.


  2. hi gail. i was just commenting on your wonderful post. you all go check out gail's post today about dave and i! so nice! and so true about gardeners! see ya tuesday.

  3. Tina, I know this is a bit off topic, but I wanted to let you know that the plants that you gave my daughter and I last summer are starting to come back! We ventured out to take a look and to start getting our beds ready, and we noticed the irises and strawberries are peeking through. We were sure that they were gonners after the dry summer.

    Rebecca in Heatherfield

    P.S, I should have been in contact with you before now, but life gets in the way sometimes.

  4. rebecca! good to hear from you! i thought you had moved? you should stop by sometime. especially when things start blooming again.

    i am so pleased your strawberries and irises are coming on. i bet you will have some large purple iris blooms this year, and maybe a few strawberries. those strawberries are everbearers so they will grow strawberries ALL season. not so many all at once like the june bearers though and they will be smaller than what you are used to when you buy strawberries in the grocery store. your daughter will love picking them and it tickles me pink when people have a piece of my garden growing in theirs!

    and you know what, plants have a great will to live even despite the terrible drought of last year. they will both be fine and will grow for many years! i finally moved all the strawberries from my veggie garden to an out of the way area. i was happy to move them and give many away along the path.

    you stay in touch and nothing is ever off the subject. we all in here just talk and enjoy the company (and maybe even a little of my posts every now and then:) you probably know most of the folks who comment regularly so i won't introduce them. feel free to talk anytime. don't let life get in the way all the time but we all understand that it can definitely get in the way some of the time!

    you could easily do a great post with your latin background. that would be fun for me! i still wish i knew latin to help me more with the plant names. do you know i read something the other day that said botanical latin is not really latin. i find that hard to believe but what do i know.

    did your daughter enjoy the puzzles? i often think of her and you when i am on freecycle. that is why i thought you were moving. i do hope all is well and you enjoy the plants. i am sure i will have some more later this year too. i will be doing a post on gardening with children and your daughter is a great age for it. if you would like to see her on here-just email me or stop by. i can easily snap pictures. i have some pictures from some of my commenters already but can always fit more and am happy to feature others. my email is: and you know the address.

    the other anonymous on here has a daughter about the same age as yours. she is learning gardening and has a new house like yours too. we'll all have to get together sometime.


  5. Sounds like a lot of nice informative programs to attend. It would be nice to be close to something like that.

  6. Lola, They probably have stuff like that near you. Call your extension office and inquire about the different programs.

  7. Tina, any way you could get your hands on the list of things a deer does not like? I could use that in our yard as well as something that bunny's dont like!

  8. If y'all click on the picture, you can see the Jimster in the tree better! What a Monkey you have Tina... LOL..

  9. yes, lola, like mom said, i bet they have something like this down in florida near you. the county extension agent is a good person to know if you like to garden.

    thanks mom for answering lola. i like it when you all talk together-as i feel better that you all can manage without me in case i am out of the net. almost gardening season and i have been there all day. i am sore and tired.

    skeeter, i will be attending the program with my good friend geri. i hope to meet gail there too, a fellow garden blogger. i will do a post on deer and make sure carolyn is ok if i pass along her tips. if not, i can find things to say. i fortunately don't have a deer or bunny problem, but i know they both can be bad! you know you are a true gardener when bambi's mother got shot in bambi :) and you are not all that unhappy.

    jimmy is a monkey. he was really up there high!

  10. I'm glad you said that skeeter, took me alittle to find jimmy in the tree, I thought he was sitting until I enlarged it! He is standing! How dare he tempt gravity and risk breaking a bone his mother made! Ugh, wouldn't be able to even look, luckily Tina doesn't panic about that as I do. Paul Bunyon? Blue?

  11. Dawn, I know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but I am not stupid either. So....please explain Paul Bunyon? (is that spelled right?) and Blue?

  12. Tina,

    It's me again! I posted another question about the PPS meeting in an earlier post! How did I hit the wrong comment section...I am going to try to attend the February meeting. Look forward to meeting you.

  13. Mom, Paul Bunyon(sp, I don't know either) Was the legendary lumberjack and blue was his ox. I think they traveled west..... You know, chopping down trees, perhaps I should of said George Washington with the cherry tree. (least I think it was him)

  14. Dawn, I figured it was the Paul Bunyan as in lumberjack (right spelling as I looked it up) but had forgotten that Blue was his ox. But I really don't see what that has to do with Jimmy in the tree. Do you remember the big Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor?
    It has been there since I was a kid. This is basketball tourney week and when I was in high school a bunch of us would go to Bangor (we always had the week off, as they still do) as our tean back then was always in the tourney and that was the big thing...late at night...see who could climb Paul and get up the highest. It must be 50 feet high. Crazy teenagers we were, just like today!!!

  15. Forgot but there is a cute tounge and cheek thing on Paul Bunyan at

  16. i remember the paul bunyan statue in bangor. used to love seeing it as a kid and the red lion restaurant, and of course the trip across the airline on the camel's back. dad says it isn't there anymore as new roads have been built. i am sure it is safer.

    we have a little house down here that has what i think is also paul bunyan in its yard. the thing is huge and you can see it from the highway quite aways away. i love seeing it and try to get jimmy to look too.

    very very windy here. i can't remember it ever being so windy here in the winter.

    got onions, peas, radishes, lettuce, and rhubarb planted today. such a relief. can't wait for it to start growing. my rhubarb finally perished last summer. oh well. bye now. gotta go take some more ibuprofen!

  17. Mom, think of it this way.....If I don't want a kid in a tall tree, who do I call? A tall lumberjack! Course called only after the kid made it down safely.
    And yes I remember the statue, there is also one in Rumford only not as tall, and I believe it has blue.

  18. Got it Dawn, thanks. Duh!

    Tina there was a lion on the restaurant sign but the name of it was Millers and it was a very high class restaurant with white cloth napkins and tablecloths. No waitresses but waiters in tails and a matradie (probable spelled wrong). I took all you girls there for prime rib when you were little and you loved it! Talked about it forever!!!

    Everyone called that stretch on the airline a pet name of which some were....the camel back, the whale back, the saddle back, the horse back or just plain ole thank you mum. They took it out several years ago and I am sure it is safer. There was a lotta contervail over it when they wanted to take it out. I was among the ones that felt it should stay....just widen it. You probably can guess with Baba in the business of building roads he wanted it GONE. It is so pretty thru there with the mountains and lakes and you can see so far so they made a few very nice pull off spots to enjoy it from. Much better than what was there before.
    But when I go over that stretch I am still sad over it. Also, you would not know the infamous airline. The whole 100 miles has been rebuit with many passing lanes.

  19. Tina, Do you start your rhubarb from seed? How does it do from seed & can you break it the first yr.? That is what I plan to do. I hope it will do ok. I love rhubarb with strawberries. I could eat a whole cobbler by myself.

  20. gosh mom, i always thought the name of the restaurant was red lion. i do still remember it but didn't we go there often?

    lola, i purchased roots from wal-mart. they have them out now. i wouldn't think you would find them in florida because rhubarb won't do well there. you'd be lucky if it even came up one season and if it did, you'd never be able to harvest it. even here it is always recommended to harvest the second year of growth.

    i got three in the pack but only used one. i am giving the others to gerianne. rhubarb barely grows here and i know it would never grow in florida. it is too bad because it is SUCH a pretty ornamental. it gets about 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall with huge leaves and the characteristic red stems. i do harvest the stems and use them or give them away, but mainly i like to grow it. it grew so well in germany and grows well in maine too. my mother may still have some growing. this is one reason i like tennessee so much, we can kind of grow things from the north (like peonies and rhubarb) and things from the south (like crepe myrtles and lantana). we are right in the middle.

    when i first moved here i did not think peonies would grow, then i would see them around town. what a great feeling to know they grow here as i really love them. my rhubarb initially lasted about only four years. so many people come over and are shocked to see it growing here. it is a challenge though. mine is in part shade in a cool part of the veggie garden. i hope it lasts longer this time.

    i know, too long again.

  21. just wanted everyone to know i really wasn't fearful for the jimster. he has always been somewhat of a daredevil and actually climbed up that far without me knowing! once there i had to snap the picture. him being the last child you would think i would be more protective, but not so. he is quite independent too.

  22. Yes Tina we did go to Millers several times but it evolved over the years. It was such a high class place and then it became just a regular every day place and then it became a buffet but still with a menu. But no matter what it was it always had great food and the best prime rib.
    Now it is a casino. But that will close in several months as they bought the Holiday Inn across the street plus some other land, tore everthing down and started new. Will be a huge big new casino. Peggy and I had gone to Bangor to see Judy in the hospital last year and went in the casino. I won $800.00. Playing on a nickle machine!!!! Then I left!!

    My rhubarb was great as it was the good old fashion type. It orginally came from my grandmothers house in Canada and my mother had it in a house they rented and then took it to the house they bought when I was 10. After Baba retired and they sold the house and went into the senior place she took it with her. Then when they came here she brought it.
    It had gotten huge but one spring several years ago it did not come up. Guess it was just too old and got winter killed. I still miss it
    and now buy rhubarb. Have to have my rhubarb custard pie once in a while.

  23. you are making me hungry mom.rhubarb and prime rib! yum yum!

  24. Gosh, me too. I do love to eat.
    Rhubarb grows good in N.C.
    I can't keep my ggkid out of my Purple Leaf Plum & you all know they don't get very big. I panic.

  25. I know I panic too, I'd be the one who yells for them to get down and they would fall! Oay vey.