Friday, February 8, 2008

Master Gardeners

The word master just seems to conjure up expertise in any thing it is placed in front of. So logically, master gardeners are masters at gardening. How true. In order to become a master gardener, in my opinion, you have to first and foremost have a deep love and passion for gardening. Of course, my opinion will not get you certified and you truly don't have to have a deep love of gardening to become a master gardener. You don't even need a working knowledge of gardening. You need only visit or call the local extension office and see Karla Kean (or whoever the agent is for your county) for information regarding the master gardener class and to sign up!

Classes are offered periodically throughout the year, usually at a convenient time in the evening. You will receive 40 hours of training in a wide variety of gardening subjects to include but not limited to the following: composting, insects, plants, pesticides, cultivating needs, pruning, lawn maintenance and a whole host of other subjects. It has been a while since I took the class (more than 10 years) so I might not be up on all of the subjects anymore.

Once you successfully complete the training (yes, it does include a test to ensure you 'mastered' the subjects taught), you then have to complete volunteer hours within one year of completing the course in order to become a certified master gardener. Volunteer work is a committment and may seem easier than it sounds, but you truly have to work to complete the hours required.

Montgomery County is lucky to have an active Master Gardener Association. They conduct activities regularly, have plant sales, trips, improve the community by completing projects, and sponsor garden tours. They collectively provide a great benefit to the community by sharing their expertise free of charge to all who need it in the form of manning the telephone at the extension office during certain periods of the week. If you have any type of gardening question these wonderful people are happy to assist you in answering it, free of charge. The Montgomery County Master Gardeners have volunteered a total of 1190.20 hours and driven 7875 miles in 2007! That is a lot of free hours helping our community! If each master gets paid an average of $15 an hour, you do the math and find out just how much free labor master gardeners provide our community.

The Tree Steward class scheduled to begin next week is STILL looking for a few good volunteers. The information you learn has been invaluable to me, now is your chance as it is not too late to sign up. Call Karla Kean (931) 648-5725.
in the garden....trying to be a master.


  1. Good morning all.

    test? Did I miss something?

  2. yes, lola is having troubles commenting. i was wondering if everyone was, but i guess not.

  3. Hi guys, I'm in a rush, first day to leave doggie alone in the house, hope I don't find thing shredded. Commenting to see if it works, Lola and I have had alittle problems with that. Later. :)

  4. Beautiful picture Tina.
    Looks like Valentines is here a bit early...

    Take a test to be a gardener? Yikes… As far as being considered a Master Gardener, I will stick to my fun hobby of playing in the dirt. I get tested enough there on a daily basis by nature.... LOL...

  5. Tina, Is there any new news about Baby or Bruiser?

  6. Here are some web sights on Confederate Jasmine if anyone is interested...

  7. hi all, just a short note. baby and bruiser should be coming home today. good good news for these expensive little pups. cj has already found a home with golden huggs clients. the other two will as well.

    mom and dawn with peaches, hearing about the snow days all the way through sunday! let it snow...let it snow.

    skeeter, many think like you. you really don't need training to be a good gardener, but it helps to know why certain things happen the way they do and the training is very helpful with that and where to find info. i will check out those links to the jasmine.

    lola, i hope you are able to get back on here. the editor hasn't yet responded but i am thinking it is on your end. check out skeeter's links and see if your jasmine is the same thing when you get a chance. i am curious.

  8. RAH RAH RAH!!!!! WooHoo!! Great news Tina. I know 3 was lost but having 3 is 3x's as good as none so great news and good news about CJ also. How long before he can go to his new home. I hope soon so he does not get used to the other 2 pups being around in your house.

  9. Very nice picture --I'm sure I would not do well at all on a garden test, lol. It's okay with a nice garden lady like Tina I think my yard will do well with her expertise. Yes, Tina --you are an expert:) Great news about the pups --have a great weekend!

  10. Lola if you can get on here but not comment click the preview button before clicking on publish.
    I also had trouble one day and that worked for me. At first I thought it was cause I ramble too much. LOL

  11. thanks guys. the pups are doing great. i should go get them soon.

  12. i did not pick up baby and bruiser. upon discussion with the vet it was decided it was best they stay in the clinic another day or two. this in no way means they are worse so don't worry. cj is still doing great.

  13. Great news on the pups!
    Hope you get them back this weekend... I will post your latest comment Tina on the Pet People Blog as a little update. I will also remind people to dig into their wallets for donations towards the Vet bills as I know they must be piling up!

    I finished the rest of the shelves in the Shed today! I also organized the garden area of the shed. Lets see how long before the Saint has my table filled with his toys and in my way! LOL…

    Have a good weekend all...

  14. skeeter, yes, by all means post some updates on the pet blog. i can't tell you how generous everyone has been. your parents, sandy (omg SANDY!), and the vet clinic and many more!

    golden huggs told me the vet has been just astronomically WONDERFUL with the bill. these pups are still very expensive pups but EVERYONE has worked together to save them and they are so special. it is too bad they all can't be saved but at least these ones are going to good homes and are rescued.

    good for you on the shelves-you go girl. i can see you dragging that skill saw around now...