Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things Going On

Now that my weekly short Wednesday post is out of the way, I will add a few more notes on here that may be of interest to you readers.

First of all, last week while at the Perennial Plant Society meeting, Gail, a fellow garden blogger at said "I write the way I talk." What a good compliment. I am glad to write this way as I think talking to you all is more fun than talking at you all. I do this through my writing. But, I must say I CAN, when the opportunity requires, write in a business like manner as well. I mean after all, nearly 20 years of college DID teach me a few things. I write informally on here because I write this blog voluntarily, and I have found my little writing niche with writing the same way I speak. Writing does give me an added benefit speaking does not; that is I can edit it first!

I have always wanted to be a writer, and my writing has helped me throughout my Army career and life in general. I have had a few articles published, written a few nationally recognized Army awards, but not written a book. Some day I might. I have often heard it said you should write about your experiences and what interests you. Gardening is but one of my interests. I think Stephen King must live a pretty interesting life because of the way he writes. Don't you? Okay, enough of me for one day. Now on the real reason of this post.

There are two important happenings within the community that will be of interest to gardeners. The first is the 'mini' Master Gardener Course'. This course will start next week, and will be conducted weekly on the following dates: March 4, 11, 18 and 25. Class times are from 18:30-20:30 and the location is at the Madison Street United Methodist Church, 319 Madison Street. Cost is $40. Contact Karla Kean at 648-5725. She has extended the registration deadline to this Friday. Go sign up if you have ever had the curiosity to find out about the Master Gardener organization, but didn't want to commit to the full course! Subjects include a class on herbs; Diann Nance my January Gardener of the Month, will be an instructor. Be sure to say hello to her!

The second very important happening in the area is the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show at the State Fairgrounds in Nashville. More information can be found at: The show will run from tomorrow through Sunday. It opens at 1000 each day and closes at 2000 each night, except Sunday, when it closes at 1700. Admission is $9 for adults, $8 for seniors, and $1 for children. Parking is free. Gerianne and I will be attending tomorrow. This will be my sixth year attending, and the third year with her. We have a great time and it is WELL worth the trip. There are many good speakers scheduled to speak, super vendors, and let's not forget about the 26-I say 26!-demonstration gardens-all indoors.

It has been awhile since I posted a picture of my home state of Maine. I know some enjoy them a bunch (Ginger). I find this picture to be a restful picture. It is typical of life in Maine. Stephen King lives in Maine not far from my sister, Dawn with Peaches. He writes often of real places in Maine, but you can see from the picture that Maine is rarely the scary place he makes it out to be.

in the garden....


  1. Such a beautiful picture.
    Wish I were there on my boat right now!

  2. Maybe I will run into you at the L&G Show, if I can talk Michael into going...I need a new garden tool!


  3. Okay, where is this one? This one does look like Stovers, but than again.....might be the islands side.

  4. A very peaceful site. Good for calming the jangled nerves. I use to set & watch the ocean lap upon the shore at Asbury Park, N.J. I've always heard that Maine was a beautiful state.

  5. Hi Tina, thank you for sharing a piece of back home with us. It was a nice day off for the kiddos. They played in the wet stuff --can't say they built anything but they got their clothes soaking wet, lol. They all got along really well today for a change. I hope it is nicer tomorrow so we can go peek at the flowers that are coming up. Today I didn't want to disturb them with snow and ice on them.

  6. Don't think it is Stovers Dawn but not sure where it is. My guess is Estes or Graveyard Point. But then again with only 2 boats could be at Potts Point.

    Magnificence wherever it is!

  7. Oh darn it but I forgot something. As I said before I go to Daves blog everyday along with Gail's, Craig's and Francis's but either Craig has not posted in a long time or I am doing something wrong. Any one know if it is me or not. Also Frances has not posted for 2 days. Hope she is okay.

  8. hi everyone!
    boat is coming out soon skeeter!

    gail, i will be there at 10 am with gerianne. if you go tomorrow we will surely run into each other and i'd enjoy meeting your husband. that way he will know you are not the only 'talking gardener' who obsesses over it!:)

    dawn with peaches and mom, think saxtons, back side. it has always been a peaceful place for me to take pictures.

    lola, have you lived in nj too? or just visited? you are quite the traveler! never been to asbury park. is that where bruce springsteen is from?

    anonymous, it was a cold and blustery day but i did see some kids playing outside. adults too. wasn't it pretty? glad it is gone though. much easier coming home from school this evening. which, btw, they never called a snow day for nashville state. there were a bunch of unhappy people, students and faculty, there this morning! what about that traffic jam on i24? see why i won't work in nashville? too far to drive and i don't know how people do it! i think back to school tomorrow. hope so.

  9. mom, i am sure the other bloggers truly appreciate your interest and concern, but they are fine, i am sure. believe it or not, not everyone posts every day. but i bet you just made their day!

  10. I figured it was some place manicured, it looked to green it the foreground. Nikkis home today, she has a nasty cold. :?*

  11. LOL. I just did'nt think that island looked familar at all so kept thinking it must be on the west side. Should have said it instead of making guesses. Knew it was not at the tank farm and could not think of any other place you would be on the west side. I also kept thinking that looked like the west side in the background. Is that Ragged Island or is Ragged out past Brown Cow

    I know all bloggers do not post every day but Craig has not posted since the 16th. He may be busy moving.

  12. hey dawn with peaches, i hope nikki gets better soon. lots of rest, soup and warmth with the new house otta do it!

    mom, i have no idea what that land is out there. none whatsoever. it is just an area i snapped when mr. fix it and i were out driving around. i always have loved this ocean and enjoy photographing. i did get some pics at the lawn and garden show. but then the aa batteries died. i hope my new ones come tomorrow as i am going out of town overnight and will be posting late on saturday. head's up for you all. but i will post. ttyl

  13. Lived in Freehold, N.J. Bruce Springsteen was born in Long Branch, N.J. on Sept. 23, 1949. not far away. You know the military moves you a lot. I lived in Brooklyn, N.Y. also. Young'un was born in St. Albans Navel Hospital. I understand it no longer exists. At least I did have a chance to see different places.

    Hope Nikki gets better real soon. No fun being sick.

    Hope all had a joyous day & will have a restful night. Stay warm.

  14. lola, getting to see new places is cool. so are you are a fan of bruce springsteen?