Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yellow Roses and a Surprise

The bright, sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship.

Today, I would like to present Lola with these beautiful roses as a symbol of our friendship here at,
In the Garden...


And now, a surprise:

The Saint and I recently cut down a dead tree with the assistance of our neighbor and his tractor. Once the dead tree was to the ground, we found a surprise from within the hollow walls. Two baby squirrels were snug as a bug in a rug in some of my stolen fake snow from my Winter Display on the front porch! Here you can see one of the cute little critters so young its eyes are not yet open. Being animal lovers, the Saint and I were quite upset at disturbing an animals home. Yeah, I know, why care about a squirrel when they wreak havoc in my garden so often. Well, because they are living breathing things and even though a pest at times, they to deserve a chance at life. So these animal lovers went into action. The Saint placed the hollow half log on top of the 3 foot tall stump for a bit of security from raccoons, foxes, coyotes and cats. I gathered more fresh fluff to keep the babies warm. The weather forecast was calling for rain so I did what I could to keep the little critters dry. I gathered bark from the dead tree and carefully made a roof for the babies.
I then placed a heavy notch of wood on top to keep all in place. We checked on the nest after 24 hours of giving them peace and quiet. The babies were no longer in the nest. We do not think a raccoon got them as the area was too neat so we believe the mother squirrel moved her two babies to a new nest. Squirrels build more then one nest in their territory so maybe one was nearby just waiting for such an emergency. We saw an adult squirrel with a mouth full of the fluff so we think that may have been mommy continuing to make them a nice cozy home. Gee, those two very babies we rescued will probably be digging up bulbs this summer, In the Garden...


  1. Good Morning Tina, how wonderful, I have never seen a baby squirrel before. They are so cute, I rather think all the little ones are cute.
    Thank you fore showing us your 'baby'. I hope everything turns out well, it's a cruel world out there.

    xoxo Tyra

  2. Wow! So sweet of you, Skeeter. Seems this Spring is so full of surprises everywhere. How cute the babies look! I've never seen one before. You were lucky to be able to see one vis-a-vis.

    Have a great day!

  3. That is the first time I have seen into a squirrel nest. They find some cozy materials. I thought they only used leaves. Live and learn.

  4. I am beginning to loathe squirrels right now, your post is so precious though! I would have tried to help too I'm sure. Great job!

  5. Good Morning Skeeter, Tina.
    What a surprise when I came onto the blog this A.M. Thank you so much Skeeter for the well wishes & the roses.

    As for the small ones, I know how cute they can be. We had a couple for pets when I was young. Missy, my little female, was used as advertisement at the local theater for the Walt Disney movie "Perri", a story of a small squirrel. She grew up & sadly we had to let her go as she began to chew on clothes. Later she came back & put 3 babies in my mothers lap as Mother sat in the chair in the yard. My hubby used to carry them in his shirt pocket. Animals can be so trusting, loving unconditionally.

  6. Babies are sure cute, but then they grow up.

  7. Awww...cute babies.

    Happy Birthday to Lola!


  8. Happy Birthday, Lola.
    And what a cutie. Sweet tiny babies. Can it stay a baby forever?

  9. Hi Skeeter ! It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful little ones are .. and how smart their moms can be about gathering the perfect material for a snug little nest !
    Great job making it safe for them again : )

  10. Tyra, Skeeter here posting this morning :) Sorry about the confusion. They are cute little things and the least we could do to help since we took away their home...

    Chandramouli, This was the first time I had ever seen a squirrel so young with eyes still closed so it was a treat for us. We did what we could for the babies and now nature must take over...

    MNgarden, They are critters of opportunity with nest building. They use what ever they can find just as birds do. I forgot to mention but there was a piece of a turtle shell in the nest as well. We are still trying to figure that one out lol...

    Darla, Yep, soon those very two babies will be adults and giving me problems in the garden. lol but being animal lovers took over in our hearts for the homeless babies...

    Lola, I am glad you enjoyed your beautiful roses this morning! When we found the babies in the nest, I asked the Saint if we could keep them. lol, he immediately said NO and I was joking with him but he knows it would be easy for us to take them in. Well, the cats might have something to say about squirrels in the house. Your story was wonderful of the squirrels you had as a child. I think it is sweet how you father carried them in his pocket! That must be a wonderful memory. I hope you have a day filled with great surprises from your family! Happy Birthday again...

    Janet, Yep, too bad they have to grow up. And these two little stinkers will be wreaking havoc in my garden before long as they do grow so quickly. Oh well, what’s an animal lover to do :-)…

    Cameron, they did bring a smile to our faces when we found them. Then a frown as we had taken their home away. I think alls well that ends well though, well until they become adults in the garden...

    Blossom, if only they all could stay babies! Cute, cuddly and so sweet in the small innocent baby form. But those teeth will grow and soon they will be chewing on everything in my yard! Ah, the fun of being surrounded by wildlife...

    Gardenjoy, It is amazing the stuff they use in the nest. I forgot to mention in the post but we also found a bottom to a turtle shell. Now what in the heck was that doing in the nest? Maybe a teething ring for the babies to chew on. But who knows...

  11. Ohhhh, how sweet. I would have done the exact same thing even though they destroy gardens. I know the mom was happy to find them safe and alive. You two are awesome!

  12. Happy Birthday Lola!
    Skeeter, first I was ohhhing and awwwwing until the very end then I burst with laughter! Yep, they will be destroying things with the expression. "can't touch me, I'm the baby you saved"!

  13. Happy Birthday to Lola! And what a cute surprise those little squirrels are! I think I would do the same thing Skeeter.

  14. Squirrels are probably my favorite wild animal... the babies are SOOOOO cute. But even if it had been dreaded groundhog babies I found, I would also try to help them survive. Who would try to kill defenseless animals?! I bet the mom did come back, I'm glad she found them a better, higher-up home. And happy birthday, Lola!

  15. Happy Birthday Lola! I hope your day is filled with love and celebration!

    Skeeter, you have a good big heart...I love that about you! I would have saved them, too...Don't they look like Disney innocent and cute!


  16. Happy birthday to sweet Lola!!!! Enjoy today to the fullest as you have to give Young'un the day tomarrow and tell him Happy birthday from me.

    What a great experience to have had
    tame squirrels in your life. My grandfather had a couple of red squirrels that would eat out of his hand and I thought that was quite special but nothing like what you had.

    I just know the Mamma got the babies and thanks you 2 for keeping them safe and dry.

  17. Skeeter, I can't blame you at all for rescuing those little creatures--they are so cute! I'm glad to know that Momma Squirrel managed to whisk them away to safety. Let's think positive--maybe she will be so grateful to you that she'll make your garden off-limits:)

    Happy Birthday, Lola! It's a good time for birthdays--my youngest daughter turned 23 yesterday. You're probably just a few years older, right?:)

  18. such an unbelievably cute photo! but they are a real pest in my garden.

  19. cute. Thanks for being kind to these living creatures.

  20. Well, they may very well be...digging up your garden soon. But they're such cute and innocent appearing little critters!

  21. Happy birthday Lola!

    What a sweet post! That baby is so cute, and it's amazing to what lengths mothers can go order to make their young as snug as possible!

  22. How adorable, Though I have a severe disdain for squirrels and the havoc the cause, I too can understand you love of a living creature. Last year, when I mowed peoples grass, I ran the lawn mower over three precious baby squirrels. Fortunately for them, they were very young, they had no fur on them, and the blades passed right over them, causing no harm! I had no clue what they were. So I scooped them up, and took them home. My mom was the one who knew what they were, and ordered me to take them back were I found them. I found a nice bit of grass that was warm and comfy, and prayed that the mommy would find them. IDK what happened to them, the next day they were gone. I don't think I will ever know!

  23. Happy Birthday Lola! That was very charitable of you to make sure the baby squirrels were safe & sound from other critters and the elements. But you're right, that is the next generation of bulb raiders in the garden. :)

  24. They are sooooo cute. I love baby animals no matter what they are. I'm glad you helped keep them safe!

  25. It's the first time I've seen baby squirrels or a nest. Pity you couldn't have dabbed a little harmless paint on one ear - then you could have recognised them as they carried your bulbs away (lol)

  26. Thank you everyone for the well wishes on my day. Young,un's was the 27th. He was my birthday present that yr.
    Yes, I had the pet squirrels when I was in High School. I had Missy when I started to date my then, later hubby. Back then they served cream in very small glass bottles. So, guess what? My soon to be hubby would warm the cream then put it into doll bottles to feed the baby squirrels that didn't have their eyes open. Imagine waitresses when they saw what crawled out of his shirt pocket. lol Very good memories.

  27. hi skeeter, thats great... liebe Grüße von kathrin aus Bremen

  28. Happy Birthday Lola -I hope you have lots of sweets and treats on this special day. Ciao! Such a great month for a birthday:)

  29. Oh Skeeter, even though the squirrels are damaging to the garden with their ceaseless digging, the young of any animal is to be prized and protected. I am so glad the mom came to the rescue. I hope she realizes the good deed you two did and takes it easy on your garden. And spreads the word to the other wildlife around there. And a happy anniversary to your parents and happy birthday to dear Lola! Whew! What a mouthful. :-)

  30. Heather, Thanks, it was just too difficult to think about those poor little innocent things possibly dying due to our tree cutting. :( We had to get them safe; it was the right thing to do...

    Dawn, Yep, did you ever watch the show on TV about the Dinosaur family? The baby use to say, "Gotta love me, I'm the Baby!" lol...

    Tina, no doubt with your tender heart. But you would have probably taken them in the house and bottled fed them. lol...

    Monica, That is exactly the way we felt. No matter what critter it would have been, we would have been trying to take care of it. We are so weak in the knees when it comes to animals... :)

    Gail, from what I have been reading on the comments today, I think we all have great big ole hearts where animals are concerned. I know those stinkers are trouble in the garden but so innocent when just little babies...

    Jean, I was just telling Gail how I think all the Garden Bloggers would have not let them babies just lay there all open to the world to prey upon them. We all have such tender hearts for nature of all types. My Great Aunt also had squirrels so tame they would eat from your hand. One bit the Saint while trying to get a nut. We joked and said we would have to keep an eye on the Saint and if he started to foam at the mouth, then we would have to shoot him. Joking of course....

    Rose, Yes, positive thoughts on the baby squirrels. And I do think they will make the woods across the street their home and not come into my garden and dig up bulbs or potted plants. lol, I can dream right...

    Matron, They are pest in my garden also. I fight with them all the time trying to outwit them. Sometimes I win, sometimes they win but they won on this one as we could not leave them be without some type of protection for the night...

    My little family, I do believe most everyone talking about this little creatures, would have done something similar for them...

    Brenda, Even though I do live in a Dream World at times, I do know that soon those two little cutie pies will be digging in the garden and making me upset. Gee, the love of nature keeps me on my toes...

    Kanak, I read where squirrels add to their nest most every day. I think they do this first thing in the morning as that is when they would steal my white fluff I used as snow on the porch. They are smart little things...

    Zach, Ah, you have a tender heart as well. I am going to say that they probably fell out of a nest and mommy squirrel found them and took them high into a tree and made them safe again! I like happy endings and that is my ending. :) They are little pest in the garden but so cute when tiny and innocent...

    Raquel, What can I say? I am weak when it comes to wildlife and yep, they will no doubt be upsetting me and soon as they grow so quickly...

    Catherine, I just could not bare the thought of them dying due to our cutting down their tree. If we had known they were in the tree, we would have never cut it down. I did not know that squirrels were born this soon after cold weather...

    Easygardener, you are too funny! We sometimes talk about putting a spot of color on our black cats as we have a difficult time telling them apart at times. lol, and also on the deer to be able to tell them apart. lol...

    Lola, that is so sweet! And you did get quit a gift on March 27! That is a gift that keeps on giving year after year....

    Kathrin, thanks they are so cute aren’t they...

    Anonymous, Yep, a good month for birthdays indeed lol. Hey, I should have brought the baby squirrels to the kiddos and they could have pets in the house to drive mommy nuts lol....

    Frances, What a mouthful, you make me giggle. Yep, the young is to be cherished in all the animal kingdoms. Well, not sure about those rattlesnakes though. Still working on that one. I do hope the squirrels give me a break this year but I’m not holding my breath. Mommy squirrel is probably planning a retaliation for cutting down her tree! I am glad it is down though as today it was really windy and it may have fallen down by Mother Natures help and we not found the babies...

  31. Awww, what cute little baby squirrels! And to think that they will be busy eating up your garden later this summer just makes me laugh!

  32. Happy Birthday Lola!

    Skeeter, you old softie you! What a sweet story. How good of you and the Saint (he really is a saint isn't he?) to give those adorable babies a chance.

    I don't like the havoc they wreak in the garden, but they are so cute and I really do enjoy watching them and having them around.

  33. Don't hit me but I think squirrels are just overgrown rats. In other words, a nuisance I can live without. (Dear God, please protect me from any PETA member who might read this.)

  34. Those baby squirrels are cute.. I'm with you, I would have protected them too. The mother squirrel probably did move those babies.

    Happy Birthday Lola!

  35. Hahaha Skeeter --too funny. The kids don't need pet squirrels --no pets in this house. We can view the wild ones on a daily basis:0) We did go by Rural King today to get our fix on baby chicks and ducks. The kids love to go see them --we stopped by after church. They are so cute --but so MESSY!!!! I would need a really big coop if I EVER had any --hahaha. So I guess not!

  36. oh no. I would have felt just as bad as you did upon discovering their nest. I've never seen a baby squirrel either and I have to say they are cute (although I agree, they'll be digging your bulbs this summer!!) I hope they survive.

  37. Msrobin, I cannot help but giggle at that one also...

    Gardengirl, I feel the same way about the squirrels. I watch them all the time out the sunroom windows and they are so entertaining to me. I get a lot from them even though we do struggle to keep them out of certain areas. Yep, my Saint is a keeper...

    TC, roflmbo you are too funny. We call them Tree Rats also but hey, the Saint use to have a pet rat so to him, rats are cute too. lol. Dont worry, I dont know any PETA fanatics, just a few Humane Society folks :-)…

    Sweetbay, I like to think that mommy moved them and I do truly believe they do move them. I was not sure but after this event, I do think they can move them to another location just as a dog or cat can move their babies....

    Anonymous, How ironic, The Saint and I were at Tractor Supply today and I was down on my hands and knees getting a chicky and ducky fix! One little duck had me ohhhing and ahhhing over him. Poor little thing did not have any eyes! I told the Saint it needed me to take care of it. He grabbed my arm and out the door we went. roflol...

    Kathleen, I could not live with myself if I were responsible for the death of an animal especially a cute little baby even though a darn squirrel... :-)

  38. What lucky (and cute) squirrels. I used to feed them from my deck even though my husband would yell at me for it. I made some good friends that way!

    Let me add my voice to the chorus of Happy Birthdays for Lona.

  39. Well even though they are pesky...they still are cute!!! That was sweet, they were so cuddly! Thanks for sharing

  40. Even though the squirrels in my yard drive me crazy, and there's way too many of them, I probably would've done the same thing. I'm so glad they survived. They certainly were cute.

  41. They are cute little buggars when young. But soon, they will be pest's just like thier mother and father squirrels. LOL...