Monday, April 6, 2009

Blogiversary and Give-Away Celebration

I want to babble a bit today about Blogging and what it means to me while showing you some pictures that I need to get cleaned out of the holding boxes and into filed spots.

It was a year ago today that Tina talked me into writing a post here at "In the Garden". I was happy with passing along pictures and a few words for her to post but in time, she decided I needed to do the posting and writing myself. What a sweetheart Tina is to always be there to encourage us along with trying new things in life. My Blogging actually started with my hometown newspaper. I have always kept up with my hometown news through newspapers since leaving home way back in 1985. My mom would mail them to me in every state we lived in to include the country of Germany! What a wonderful thing mothers are to their children. Thanks again mom for all the trips you made to the Post Office for your baby girl. I was thrilled when the newspaper world went to computer. I know the newspapers are rethinking that technology today with the loss of hard copies but it is a wonderful thing for people such as me living away from home. I can now push a few buttons to see the life I left behind continuing to unfold each day. In time the technology got even better for me as they started allowing people to comment on each story. I thought that was great and now I could have a say in what was happening in my hometown without submitting a hand written "Letter to the Editor"
Some people used that privilege as a way to bash other people so in time I dropped off from commenting on news stories. It was just no longer any fun for me. But they had a new thing which caught my interest. A group of people were on a Blog thing talking about their pets. I soon realized that I had so much in common with these people and then I started to comment with them also. A few of them met with me with one of my hometown visit and we all hit if off as if we had known each other for many years. In time, a new Blog showed up about Gardening. This was our very own Master Gardener Tina's blog. I again started to comment on that blog and just as with the Pet People, I formed blogging friendships with Tina, Jean, Lola, Nina, Anonymous and Dawn as the original Commenter's way back when Tina started up this fun adventure!
I was a shy person with not being able to make friends easily as a young person. Now I am not so shy and am eager to meet new people with every chance. Blogging has enabled me to meet people all over the world. Some I have met in person and I hope to meet more in person as time goes on. I am happy with learning about everyone, their gardens and families through blogging.
I only wish I were a speed reader and writer as I can only visit so many blogs in a day. I must come up with a way to read more then I currently do. But do know that I enjoy every comment you make to the blogs I write. I read every single comment on In the Garden and enjoy everything you all have to say and not just about my posts but Tina, Dawns and Lola's as well.
Blogging is something that some people joke with me about. They do not understand the world of blogging because if they did, they would be blogging also. But my life is a bit boring and I do have time to spend on here when others may not.
Blogging keeps my mind fresh with new ideas to incorporate into my garden world.
Blogging has gotten me to notice things I probably would not notice otherwise.
Blogging gives me the push I need to get something accomplished. Blogging is visiting with people of similar interest. We understand and are there to give a helping hand or voice when needed. From a simple idea or just a few words of encouragement.
As I blog each morning, I feel as though I am sitting around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee talking to my friends. We joke and laugh together, we encourage each other and at times, we may drop a tear or two for each other.
I never considered myself a gardener until blogging started. Tina would tell a story of a certain flower, bush or whatever, and I would have something to relate to that item. Then the more I read and talked on "In the Garden" Tina had me realizing I am indeed a Gardener! More of a hobby for me but a gardener all the same!
With each day of blogging comes new knowledge for me. There is not a day that goes by without me learning something new from Garden blogger's! Not many people can say that from watching silly things on TV. I don't watch much TV since blogging but I don't miss it at all but do miss my Blogging friends when I am not able to visit with you! Since blogging, I now look around my yard and see something pretty in just about every direction I turn! Something growing from me digging in the dirt!
The grass even looks better to me since blogging!
And I notice the berries in animal scant now when before I would just say yuck animal poo... Come on admit it, I am not the only one which examines animal poo... Pine cones, a sprig of pine laying on fallen brown needles look pretty to my eyes since blogging.
And I no longer just look down since blogging.
Blogging has me looking up for beauty.
What was once just a simple tree, now talks to me when I view it.
I welcome animals into my garden since blogging. I had decided that a garden is not a true garden without animals such as our neighbors cats.
Birds have always been special to me but since blogging, I am more excited to see a bird and provide treats such as meal worms to my buddies the Bluebirds,
and the cute little Titmouse.

Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me . I am so grateful to Tina for giving me that nudge and having me be a part of "In the Garden"

In honor of my One year Blogiversary, I would like to give away a little gift to one of you wonderful commenter's!

Since I feel as though we have coffee each morning together, I would like to present one lucky person with a coffee set. A Coffee cup, Plate, Bowl and Hand napkins will be the prize...

Leave a comment and your name will be placed into the Saints magic hat for him to draw the winning name on April 17, 2009. You must provide an address to be a winner at . Winner will be announced on Sat. April 18, 2009...

Thank you all for being such wonderful people to chat with each day!

Happy Blogging,

Note: I am still on Spring Vacation and may not be commenting for a few more days.


  1. hi skeeter, all your pictures are so beautyful, they are telling stories, about flowers, plants, birds and butterflys and other animals, they gives me the chance to enjoy all this wonderful things you have at USA, some of that plants we have also, but a lot of them are different and also the birds and butterflys, always I like so much, to enjoy this blog, thanks a lot at all posting peoples of "in the garden"
    liebe Grüße von Kathrin aus Bremen

  2. Skeeter, the pictures and story behind blogging were great. I LOVE the blog even if I don't comment everyday. The amount of knowledge gained from y'all is incredible. I too find myself admiring a tulip popping up by itself in my freshly mulched yard more than I ever could imagine. I am by no means a gardener but for me it's something I enjoy while chasing my kiddos around the yard. If I have to be out there watching them I am surely going to enjoy myself with the beauty of nature. You all are the best! And, I do feel like I am talking with you when I get on here and especially when I read the comments. I feel like part of a group --it's a great feeling:) Thank you Tina for starting this wonderful little world for me:) I'm so glad that we had the chance to meet some of you--and Skeeter my Sidekick just adores you and LOVES to see pictures of your animals:)

  3. Well said Skeeter, as I read through the post I thought many of the same things. I remember saying to one of my Master Gardener friends that I was doing a blog and her response was "Why?". Because there are some fantastic people out there!! It has been nice getting to know so many of you. Tina was very encouraging to me as I got started too. thanks for putting into words some of the joys of blogging.

  4. Skeeter, this is a very nice post and very pretty pictures. I have been looking at everything outside in a new light with renewed energy. It's fun and interesting to blog and read blogs, I've learned alot.

  5. Skeeter ... I think I may have called you Tina in my last post (oops ! sorry girl !) ..
    I was a painfully shy person too .. but being a military wife quickly shot that down .. you can't be that shy and survive being an army wife !
    The pictures were beautiful .. the commentary wonderful .. it all combined to make a lovely post girl !
    Congratulations on the blogaverserary ? spelling ? another oops ! Joy

  6. Congratulations on your blogaversary! Isn't it just wonderful when you realize all of the new friends you have found through cyberspace?
    I love your bird photos! I'm planning on decorating my new house with floral and fauna and birds will be a big part of that. Thanks for entering me in your drawing.

  7. Skeeter, this was a beautiful post! And your pictures were all amazing. I especially loved the butterfly. I read "In The Garden" every morning before work while I drink my coffee--so guess that means we have coffee together each morning! :) I am really happy to be part of this blogging community of friends...your sentiments expressed exactly how I feel too.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  8. Good morning all! Tears this morning-such a sweet post Skeeter! And all words ring true indeed. Blogging has been a wonderful thing for all of us I think! Here's to many more years of blogging on here and so glad you joined in! Have fun on break!

  9. Skeeter,

    What a beautiful post! I can relate to all that you've said about the garden blogging world.

    Have a great day!

  10. Dear Skeeter, Happiest of blogaversaries to you! I am glad you and Tina found each other and that you decided to join In The Garden. I always enjoy your posts. Todays post is wonderfully written, a good read and it resonates with me! Have a sweet day...Let's hope this cold snap moves through quickly so we can get back in the garden....gail

  11. A wonderful post. It's a great example of the beautiful things that instant connections and the internet can bring into our lives.

    I love the pictures of the birds snatching the mealworms!

  12. Happy Blogiversary, Skeeter! All your photos are sooo beautiful and how nice to start my day with them (well, it's evening here, but for owl's like me the day has just begun)!
    I've also had people joking and commenting when I said I had a blog. They said, "Why waste time?" I simply shook my head feeling sorry for them.
    BTW, Tina's an inspiration for me to start my blog too. She's so wonderful with her posts, ain't she?
    True. Blogging has given us the eyes for minute details.
    I am so grateful to Tina that she introduced such a wonderful, blogger, gardener, and friend from over miles away into this wonderful world.
    Keep blogging and enjoy!

  13. Enjoyed all the pictures and especially the birds with the worms.

  14. Wonderful post today Skeeter! Congrats on your Blogiversary!

  15. Good Morning everyone and thank you so much for the kind words! I see that we all pretty much feel the same way about blogging. What a wonderful world we have found...

    I have a day full of plans with family and friends so need to get off here....

    Everyone have a great day even with a bit of a nip in the air. Maybe this will be the last nip for the season. (fingers crossed)

  16. Congrats!! Great photos and wonderful reasons to blog, I agree!!

  17. couldn't get the email to go through.

  18. Hi Skeeter, you show a series of wonderful photos. Sharing. I think that's the key word that binds bloggers together. We all share a common interest and we share our knowledge and experience.

    This was a wonderful post.

  19. Happy Blogiversary!
    I enjoyed your post. Blogging has made a difference in my life too. It is fun! It does take up a lot of time though! Especially at this time of the year when things are really rolling along in the garden! Have a great day!!!!

  20. Skeeter, I could have written this post! What I mean is that you have expressed all the feelings that I have about blogging from the friendships I have made here to the attention to all the little details that make this world a beautiful and interesting place.

    Congratulations on your blogaversary! Lovely photos today, too. I am thankful, too, to Tina for leaving a comment on one of my posts one day so that I found this great blog and all of you. If you're ever driving through or near Illinois, Skeeter, give me a call!

  21. What a great post! Happy Blogiversary. It's amazing what I've learned since I started blogging too. Your pictures are beautiful, you are definitely a very good gardener!

  22. What a truly magnificence post today and with great photos. Truer words could not be found. I also see things much better and notice things more often. Before Tina started this blog, I thought of porn when I heard the word blog. Oh my, was I missing out on a lotta different subjects!!! The blogging world is the best and you sure have added a lot to it Skeeter. I am so pleased that Tina has you, both for her sake and the rest of us readers.

  23. Happy blogaversary, Skeeter! I'm glad you've learned to appreciate things through blogging (even scat). It is hard to explain the appeal to people who haven't experienced it, but I agree with you on the great community of people out there sharing you successes and failures in the garden.

  24. I'm so happy you said that having animals in your garden makes it a true garden! I totally live by this philosophy. I wrote a post on my blog about how I actually had to use the trails the animals made in our yard and incorporate them into the garden. They keep using their trails without trampling into the garden beds. Happy Blogiversary!!

  25. Skeeter, Tina is an inspiration, all right. And so are you. I remember your little video about the butterflies dancing around the flowers, and you encouraged me to try using that feature. Thanks for your help, your kind words, and all the fun you add to the blogosphere. Happy Blogiversary!

  26. good day skeeter,

    blogging has been a wonderful experience hasn't it. getting to know wonderful people,sharing knowledge, fun details of life and looking for beauty in every spot possible...congrats on a year of posting.

  27. I used to have pen pals all over the world as a kid and young adult... I feel blogging has the same connection, but with photos! I have close local gardening friends, but it's been so fun to see what everyone grows and how the plants are different all over. Blogging has opened up a new world for me, both in pictures and friendships! (I don't need to be entered into the drawing, but I think it's a sweet gesture!)

  28. Congrats Skeeter on your one year anniversary! Beautiful pictures and great reasons to blog in this post. Although I don't examine animal poo...

  29. I can so relate to everything you wrote about blogging Skeeter. I'm so glad Tina encouraged you. I find it so inspiration and rewarding as well. I remember being confused by this blog at first tho ~ I was never sure who was doing the posting. I just had to learn to read the bottom bar! Congratulations on your one year blogiversary. You are so generous to offer a gift. It's a beautiful one too. Here's to many more posts!

  30. I am delighted to celebrate with you. Congratulations!
    Please, oh please, put my name in the hat. The prize is gorgeous.

  31. Your thoughts about blogging are spoken by a real blogger. I love the way you observe that non-bloggers don't get it.
    I loved your pics, but particularly the one with a dog in a field of flowers, leaving behind an undersized probably relieved St. Francis. But I particularly love the pic of a bare foot in lush grass. Best self-portrait ever!

  32. Good evening everyone! It has been a busy day filled with family and friends again so a great day even though a cold rainy one...

    Thanks for all the great comments and a wonderful year of blogging!

  33. Happy Blogiversary Skeeter. This was a wonderful post. Your pictures are beautiful - what gorgeous gardens you have. I agree on everything you said but do people really look at animal poo? LOL Really?

  34. Raingardener, Thank you! i could not help but notice that the poo was full of berries. I was wondering what kind of berries and where they found them near my house. lol. Yep, I am am observer and sometimes I think that may be a bad thing. roflol...

  35. Isn't it wonderful the way the combination of photography and writing focuses your attention. I think a year of blogging and garden blogging in particular really opens a person's eyes . This is a terrific post

  36. Becky, Thanks and so true on the way photography and writing seems to focus me a bit more. Too bad the house cleaning is left a bit behind though. hee hee....

  37. Good morning Skeeter, and happy (belated) blogiversary! I'm glad Tina talked you into blogging, and have been enjoying your posts and your beautiful garden.

    I know what you mean about the house cleaning - between Spring Fling, MG classes, volunteering, and blogging, keeping the house clean has taken a back seat. I got a plant order in the mail yesterday and opened it at the front door. This morning I see there's soil all over the tile floor. It blends well with the dog hair, and maple tree litter we drag in every time we go outside.

    The neglected housecleaning isn't the worst of it though - I've had so little time to visit blogging friends lately, so I'm doing a little catching up this morning.

  38. Gardengirl, hello and yep, the house does seem to have taken a back seat with me this past year. But my kitties still get their fur cuts from us to keep the hair down. I will not take a backseat to fur clipping. lol... I have been away for a bit also with taking an extending Spring Vacation. I have been to the Gulf, Tennessee and now back in GA for two days then we take off for VA. Lots of travels but a wonderful time spent with family and friends! I will get back to visiting blogs once all this traveling is behind me. I have missed the Blog chit chat and it will take me forever to catch up. Will be a good thing to do during a rainy day! :-)

  39. Hi Skeeter, a very happy anniversary and I am so glad you started posting on In The Garden too. Besides just helping Tina out, your fresh and funny voice and beautiful photos, the bird shots are phenomenal! enrich us all. You are most definitely a gardener!

  40. What a beautiful post Skeeter. You touched my heart with so much of it. I can relate to a lot of your journey...Blogging really has given me a sense of community but also feeling and understanding myself as a gardener, an identity as a gardener...and a place to validate it all, with words and photos. Boy, do I ever have photos. So many I can't even put them all in posts...birds galore, blooms,etc. I like how you managed to put so many lovely ones in this post.
    Happy 100th post...I haven't been counting mine. May you and yours have a Wonderful Spring, and Happy Easter;-)

  41. Frances, Thanks, I do enjoy the birds as much as the garden. I think they all belong to gether dont you? I am excited each spring when they all start to nest in the garden. They are such joy. I hope to continue with another year of chit chat...

    Jan, Oh, such kind words from you today! Thanks as they lifted me but I am pretty lifted on any given day since blogging. I too feel as though I have a sense of community as well with blogging. Strange thing as I always thought people that talked to strangers on computers were weird. So now I guess I too am a weired one. lol, I have found such wonderful people full of knowledge and value each of you....

  42. Coming out of lurkdom to tell you how much I enjoy the bird photos in particular and to wish you a very happy blogiversary

  43. Catsmum, thank you! We do enjoy our wildlife and are so lucky to be surrounded by so much...

  44. As you rightly pointed out, blogging definitely changed all of our lives - the way that we look at our surroundings, the way our ears twitch when we hear a bird's call, the way we appreciate a weed's beauty, and so many other things.
    Lovely that you mentioned about Mothers! They truly are a special creation of God!
    Happy Blogiversary again, Skeeter! I wish you keeping doing this forever and I should thank Tina for bringing you into this world.

  45. Thank you for the kind words today Chandramouli :-)