Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bloom Day-April 09

From In the Garden

Unknown Tulip

From In the Garden

Virginia Bluebells. Mertensia virginica.

Solomon's Seal, aka Polygonatum odoratum var. thunbergii 'Variegatum'

Phlox divertica (Woodland Phlox) and 'Herman Pride' Lamium, aka Lamiastrum galeobdolon

Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star'

White Bleeding Hearts.

Bleeding hearts, aka Dicentra spectabilis. Also blooming is Dicentra formosa 'Luxuriant'

Jacob's Ladder, aka Polemonium reptans

Chrysogonum virginianum, aka Green and Gold
'Delaware Valley' Azalea
'Vanhoutte' Spirea. Also blooming (not pictured) is Bridal Wreath Spirea. The two are often confused but if you look close at the flowers there is quite a difference. I will at some point post pictures of both, but on they show pictures of both the Vanhoutte spirea and the Spirea prunifolia on the page listing Bridal Wreath spirea. It is important to know there are at least two types of spirea known as 'Bridal Wreath' and 'Vanhoutte' is but one.

Primrose. I purchased a few of these last spring for pots. I then planted them in the garden and assumed they died. Surprise! I am very happy about them wintering over!
Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises. These are the most wonderful irises I have found as yet. I grow four cultivars (Boo, and three more I have to find the names of) and love these! I am preparing a post on these as they are quite different from bearded irises.

Azaleas, one of these things is not like the others-can you tell which one? Four are 'Hino Crimson'. Since one of the five died I replaced the dead one with a fake 'Hino'. It is pretty obvious I know, but better than a bare spot.

Tulips. We are a bit overrun with tulips-all sorts including....

Yucca Tulips !
Species tulips (Tulipa linifolia)
Trillium. I have no clue what kind of trillium this is growing in my Woodland Garden. Can you see the dreaded violet in the picture. I hate those things. They'd probably be okay if they stayed out of my lawn.
Pulmonaria 'Trevi Fountain' . Also blooming 'Diane Clare'.

Corydalis lutea

Muscari and Hellebores.

Blooming but not pictured are: two types of pieris, many daffodils, kerria, hyacinths, camelias, begenia, candytuft, lilacs, dianthus, leucothoe, pansies, gooseberries, strawberries, honeysuckle, colombine, clematis, bearded irises in white and purple, violets, dandelions (hate these two weeds!), fothergilla, creeping phlox in several colors, Bluets (Houstonia caerulea), aucuba, spiderwort, and oak trees.

Some plants have bloomed and already passed by. They are: crabapples, 'Emerald Triumph' viburnum, silver maple, and the 'Newport' flowering plum.

The major differences between this April's Bloom Day and last April's are: the crabapples were not past as they are this year, 'Homestead' verbena was already in bloom, as were begonias, and strawberry begonias. But for the most part all of the same plants are blooming, with the exception of the tree peony. I am not sure if I'll get blooms this year from my two tree peonies.
Looking at this post I notice I've added many more natives and wildflowers to Tiger Gardens. A bit of a change as I am a more of a traditional type of gardener tending to stick with tried and true 'perennials' normally found in borders. I don't think many wildflowers such as bluebells and woodland phlox are in borders, but I may be wrong.
In bud and nearly ready to bloom are: Lo-Gro Sumac, 'Summer Snowflake' viburnum, 'Homestead' verbena, Ninebark, and 'May Night' salvia. Many more things are showing buds including: astilbes, and peonies.

in the garden....looking at everyone's blooms today and trying to get some garden work done-it IS spring ya know!


  1. Tina,

    A lot blooming there! Don't worry about those violets, likely you might get Great Spangled Fritillary butterflies using them as host plants. We get them here but not in big numbers.
    Loved the Magnolia photo.

  2. Hi Tina, it all is wonderful, and overrun with tulips is not a bad way to be! HA I am going more with the wildlings too, and trying to make peace with the violets. They do look so beautiful this time of year. Happy bloom day!

  3. Lovely blooms! My favorite - the yucca tulips.

  4. Wow! Alot of blooms, they look wonderful! Especially since my draining hose from the basement was frozen this morning!

  5. Tina .. OK, I might be a bit green behind the ears here .. is that real with the yucca tulips ? LOL
    or are there tulips in your yucca plant ? ; )

  6. You have so many things blooming Tina! I especially love the bluebells. Colorado has chimming bells that are very similar. I look for them every time we go camping.
    Happy Gardening!

  7. Love the Virginia Bluebells! My Verbena 'homestead' is barely emerging. I need to go out and see what I have blooming... forgot about today being GBBD!

  8. it looks all so wonderful !!! I like to see it ! herzlich Kathrin aus Bremen
    I bought me a diary for my garden stories, it looks so nice and it makes a lot of fun....

  9. Morning all! On my way out but have just a sec.

    Randy, Not sure if the butterflies are worth these weeds! :)) I've got plenty of other host plants for them so the violet-urgh!

    Frances, tulips are good for sure. Thanks for the ID too:)

    Les, Glad you like them. I gotta shake it up a bit you know.

    Dawn, I hope no damage!!

    Joy, It is cut out egg shell cartons put on the yucca leaves. I have posted on it-a neat southern 'tradition'. So no, not real-just for fun.

    Linda, Love the bluebells too! I found a whole wooded glade full of them. They are awesome. New additions here I hope they multiply. I've heard of chiming bells before. Sound nice.

    Janet, That verbena is late this year. Yes, do go check out your blooms. I bet you have lots.

    Kathrin, Yes, garden journals/diaries are very helpful indeed. Glad you liked the blooms. You have many too!

  10. Hi Tina! So much beautiful bloom! You made me laugh about the violet! I wish it would stay out of the beds and it can have the grassy areas! Fantastic photo of the bluebells! Love all the tulips! Have a great day...I wish the sun would come out! Gail

  11. Wow, you have a lot of stunning blooms! I love the white bleeding heart, corydalis, and azaleas, especially. And of course the tulip yuccas! Using the egg cartons is sheer genius, and Felder Rushing rules! (P.S. You mean tulips don't do so well int he south? Hooray!!! Um, what I meant was, I so often see wonderful flowers that I can't grow in my colder zone, so it's nice to have a few that go the other way!)

  12. Good morning Tina, lots blooming in your garden. Do those tulips return every spring? Are they Darwins? Love the Virginia Blue Bell, I've never seen one with such intense blue color.

  13. How pretty Tina! Love the bluebells - can't wait for the ones I planted last week to bloom (might have to wait until next year for blooms, but I'm hoping they'll surprise me and bloom this spring.)

    Happy Bloom Day!

  14. Tina- they all look so nice. You must have the memory of an elephant (don't they have amazing memories?) or a huge garden journal to remember all those scientific names. I am sure your garden is ablaze with wonderful blooms right now!

  15. Tina, Your trillium may be T cuneatum.


  16. thanks for sharing all your blooms...i always love seeing what everyone has growing in their gardens. have fun working out there today. i was mowing yesterday in the cold wind.

  17. Gosh, Tina, you have so much in bloom! I had to hunt in the rain yesterday for anything besides daffodils and hyacinths. I would definitely like to be "overrun with tulips":) Those Virginia bluebells are so sweet; I really need to plant some.

  18. I think I pictured the same trillium up at my in-laws. Gail may have answered the mystery for me too! Those azaleas are blooming very well. Everything looks great!

  19. Fantastic blooms! Can you really be run over with too many Tulips?

  20. I agree with Gail that you may have the Little Sweet Betsy Trillium --photo on my blog (

    Love all your blooms! My bluebells are beginning to be showy right now, but we're still experiencing a rainy spell that has slowed down the blooms in the garden (not enough sunshine).

    Have a great day!

  21. Tina,
    You have SO many beautiful blues in your garden! That's Jamie's favorite color.--Randy

  22. Great blooms in a great garden. All are so lovely. Envy here. lol
    My yard looks weird without my little tree.
    Have a great day all.

  23. You have a lot blooming in your garden! I especially like the Dwarf Bearded Iris and the tulips. Lovely!!

  24. Gail, Ha! That is funny! And thanks on the ID on the trillium. I've added it to my log.

    Monica, It is okay! I don't blame you a bit-it is rough to be zone challenged and actually, believe it or not works both ways:)

    Marnie, Some hybrid tulips return reliably for a few years, then die off. The Darwins are reputed to be the best but I can tell you I am not impressed with the hybrids. I have prepared a lengthy post for next week chronicling some tulips and their longevity here. The bluebells are awesome!! They are so pretty! I dug these from a wild area near my home and they have all recovered nicely in my garden thanks to the cool weather and rain. I put them in a moist area and hope that helps them next year to look so wonderful.

    Linda, The bluebells are new here but in a good spot I hope will allow them to continue to look as great. My garden is going native-albeit slowly and in only certain areas.

    Heather, Yes, good memory for most perennials and common plants. The wildflowers I am at a total loss. I am learning though.

    Marmee, It is still cold today. I am so in shock. Glad you got your lawn mowed-beats doing it in summer right?:)

    Rose, Yes-overrun indeed. A good thing I suppose. We won't worry about the deadheading Frances told us to do (very good tip for me) right now. It is for much later. Tulips are funny here but how can anyone resist when they are marked down to nothing? Bluebells are nice. These came from a wet area near a stream. I will showcase them in their natural setting soon, but I have mimicked the same here for them-minus the stream:)

    Dave, Thanks! And getting other gardeners input on plants has been a real big help for me on more than one occasion.

    Darla, Depends-if you are of the type who likes TONS of bright cheery color and some eggshell carton type tulips, no you can't be overrun. If you are a more sedate gardener who prefers formality-you might not like all these tulips:)

    Cameron, I checked it out and have added the name into my Excel journal now-thanks! All the wildflowers are stunning this year. I have never been so impressed or so observant to see them all AND to identify them.

    Jamie and Randy, I am fairly into blue this year too. Don't know why-maybe because it is similar to the ocean and soothing and tones down my reds and oranges and yellows. But blue rocks lately~!

    Mom, Glad you like it! Talked with Sarah yesterday and she said you are itching to get into your garden-so glad! I hope your veggie garden is full of new veggies too.

    Lola, It is a real bummer you lost that tree! Maybe an opportunity to put in something else?

    Sweetbay, I am preparing a post on the dwarf irises. I never knew there was such a thing as Standard Dwarf bearded iris and wow! I posted on these last spring too. I simply adore them. They have some excellent traits the tall bearded irises lack. Maybe next week or the week after. Do you grow these too? I know you love the irises so I was wondering?

  25. Hi Tina~
    Stunning garden pictures today! I love the Virginia Bluebells, so pretty! Hope you're having fun in the garden as I type :)
    Happy day~ Karrita

  26. You have so much! I LOVE virginia bluebells. I tried them last year and they died :( Maybe it was too dry, I'm trying them again. I can't wait to see my bleeding hearts, they are days away.
    Your azaleas are gorgeous!

  27. Wow ... thank you for sharing all those lovely blooms. Sooo many ... I wish my garden is bigger, much bigger so that I can plant and plant and have all those lovely beautiful flowers like yours.

  28. You have a wonderful assortment of natives in your garden Tina. I planted Jacob's Ladder last fall but haven't seen any signs of it. I'm sure it didn't make it. The Azaleas look pretty vibrant under that tree. Happy Bloom Day!

  29. All I can say is Wow. Just Wow.

  30. I so want some of those bluebells. And I'd love to have bleeding heart. But I don't think it grows here. Too hot.

  31. Karrita, Yes-loving the garden today. Nice and cool and wet moist soil that is ripe for planting. How much better can it get?

    Catherine, I've seen these growing in moist full shade areas along a stream. I planted mine the same way so I am hopeful. Time will tell. Thanks on those bright azaleas. They encircle a white flowering crabapple and when both flower at the same time-spectacular.

    Blossom, Not sure how big your garden is but you sure have so much going on in it-even a wonderful pond full of fish! I love the fish all bunched up on that leaf.

    Racquel, Don't give up on it. I did at first and thought I had killed mine. It is about 4 years old and has been moved once and only now coming into its own. They are hard to kill, like part shade I find. Slowly getting wildflowers; which I have no clue how to grow but with all shade might as well. Have a great day!

    JGH, You are too kind!

    Hi Brenda, Hey, you all have bluebonnets! I don't! I saw them on Nola's blog yesterday and could only think-cool!

  32. oooh, the trillum is going to be incredible Tina. I remember finding them in the woods while going on nature walks with my family (as a kid). You have so many beautiful blooms this month, I hope you'll showcase some of them individually in future posts.

  33. I adore the color of the Virginia Bluebells – they don’t look real they are so perfect. Your garden is a lovely riot of color. Thanks for sharing!

  34. How pretty it all is. I wonder if your Trillium isn't T. sessile, the Toad Trillium?

  35. I love your assortment of blooms, Tina, some of which I will have blooming in my yard in a few weeks.

    I'm glad your amsonia is coming up!

  36. Tina I am just blown away with all of the beautiful blooms in your gardens. Now I see why everyone loves Virginia Bluebells. Wonder if they are hardy here? Your tulips look like a bright pastel Easter basket just like your Hyacinths did earlier. Now be nice to the Violets - at the moment it's one of a few things I have blooming. ;-) I know what you mean though - it grows in my grass too.

  37. The blooms are really taking off in your garden, just beautiful. The Virginia Bluebell is one of my favorites but was also eaten/killed by the squirrels two years ago, must find another one this year. I have the same trillium growing in my yard, I will check out the tag tomorrow and send along the name.

  38. After seeing your charming Virginia bluebells, I sure hope mine come up! I bought a little tuber, or root, or whatever it was, but it was so insignificant, I can't imagine it coming up!

  39. You have so much spring color Tina! Wow, I am so excited for you! And the tulips are so beautiful I dont know how you could think you are over run with them! :-) All is so beautiful! While in VA I was ohhhing and ahhhing over all the wild violets in the Saints parents yard! lol....

  40. That's a really terrific assortment you have there, Tina--The yucca tulips are really fun! I can empathize with your situation with the replaced azalea. Some plants can be so easy to find one year and impossible the next. Even if your planting is a little mismatched, I think it's pretty gorgeous.

  41. Tina, you have an amazing garden. Such a lot in bloom-I would be eout there all the time enjoying the gorgeous sights. Love the bluebells. A neighbor gave me some starts and I have just planted them. so far they are looking good. Happy bloom day!

  42. You sure have a lot of different kinds. Beautiful pictures!