Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bloom Day-October 2009

From In the Garden
Bloom day this month sees the garden beginning to slow down. Some plants are fading fast while others are just now coming into their glory, but you can definitely tell fall is here. The monarchs have been a great joy of this fall-in between rains. They seem to be everywhere and are most receptive to photographs. I believe the above pictured monarch is a male due to the spot on the lower wings. The females do not have a spot. Here are a few of the blooms found at Tiger Gardens.

Sheffield Mums (Thanks Frances)

Balloon flower.
Pineapple sage. I winter these over as cuttings in the garage because they are not hardy here.
White mums.
Annual Red Salvia. I'll be offering these seeds during seed swaps this year.
Mushrooms are in abundance here.
'Sunny Border Blue' veronica and annual begonias.

Also blooming not pictured: lantana, Japanese anemones, hyssyp, catmint, 'Diamond Frost' euphorbia, dianthus, alyssum, azaleas (including Encore azaleas), impatiens, dahlias, 'Miss Huff' lantana, roses, asters, pansies, million bells, dianthus, and ornamental grasses.

in the garden....


  1. What a pretty picture of a Monarch!
    Let me check my flowers.....ah, nope. No flowers just wind blown leaves. Does that count? Just kidding, you have much more than I would ever have in the garden at this time of year. Pretty, pretty especially the mums.

  2. I like that first shot as well. You are likely to not be the only one with mushrooms blooming in their yard, but I would prefer to have too much rain, than not enough. Happy GBBD!

  3. Great photos! Love your Camellias! My pineapple sage is doing well too, the butterflies are really enjoying it!

  4. A bounty of beauty can be found in your gardens. I posted the Sheffies today too. Thanks to Frances for the ID. They have always been known as my Mother's Mums...

  5. Your butterfly photo is very very nice! Great array of blooms! Sheffields are such nice mums! Are yours fragrant?
    Happy GBBD!

  6. Very nice Tina. I have what I think is 'Clara Curtis' which looks just like your Sheffield. In fact I call it both (cuz I get confused.) In either case, it is a great performer in the fall garden. Happy Bloomday!

  7. I can't believe you have any mushrooms in your garden! Your first picture and my first picture are very similar. I caught a monarch on a zinnia yesterday too. I like that Sheffield mum. Nice blooms!

  8. Hi Tyra, it is still looking very good in your garden! Sheffield mums looks so very beautiful together with the grayish foliage and then the veronica wow what a great color!

    Happy gardening! Tyra

  9. Tina, you have so many "summer" blooms! I'm glad I am not alone. I love your Sheffield mums, such lovely color! The first picture is fantastic!

  10. Wow Tina! Your blooms still look beautiful~ I already miss mine as we went from 94 to 34 in 8 hours. Crazy weather we have here!

  11. I wonder if I could even find anything blooming in my garden today. Maybe a stray Aster.
    You have so much going on in the south! Lucky and blessed you are.
    Such stunning blooms! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Tina, still so much beauty, good for you getting that monarch shot, just fabulous! Thanks for the link love, the sheffies are not quite open here, I think, hard to tell what is going on with the rain all the time. I thought Helen's looked like sheffie but didn't want to say anything. Clara is more pink, sheffie more peachy, I think. Your veronica is one of my very favorite plants. Great with the begonia. :-)

  13. The Monarch on the Zinnia is totally awesome. This time of year in Maine is probably my fav time of year, next to spring. It is also the one time of year that it would be nice to be in the south for the extended growing season.

  14. The monarch is gorgeous! You still have a lot blooming. It is still looking wonderful as always. I am starting a seed swap if you are interested

  15. Good raining morning to all! The rain is good it is good it is good-I keep saying.

    Dawn, Windblown leaves, hmmmm, we have those here too and they are annoying.

    Les, The rain is great! I am happy the trees will be going into winter well hydrated for sure.

    Lzyjo, You just have to love that pineapple sage. It is such a great late bloomer and worth wintering over.

    Darla, I was wondering about your mother's mums so it is great you have an ID. I've been seeing a lot of sheffies on blogs today. They are most wonderful in the garden.

    Janet, Not sure if they are fragrant but I don't seem to remember a fragrance and I am sure I did smell them. I'll give another go though.

    Helen, I thought your Clara looked similar. Frances cleared it up. She says sheffies more peach (mine are really peachy too) and Clara more pink. Lovely mums all though.

    Dave, Tons of mushrooms here due to all the organic matter and previously cut down trees. I think they are a sigh of a healthy garden (and one that might be a bit acidic) but that's okay. The monarchs are amazing! I've seen them flying even in rain here. I've never had so many butterflies as this year and it is amazing.

    Tyra, Thanks! Very summery here still if you can overlook all the fallen leaves. I think I must begin raking soon. A fun sport for me-almost up there with washing the dishes:)

    Tatyana, Glad you like the monarch. Those sheffies are nice too and look great next to the 'Powis Castle'.

    Heather, Crazy weather indeed! OMG-that is a bit too sudden for me.

    Rosey, You look under the snow and I bet you'll find a flower or two that is most hardy and will shine for you.

    Frances, Thanks for clearing that up. These sheffies are definitely peach and it is funny because I thought they were pink initially. They are doing great and I've spread them around. Thanks again!

    Mom, Thanks! You cannot walk to the front door without walking thru butterflies and my most recent favorite activity is chasing them around and photographing them. Fall is my favorite season too. I remember last year were were up there and it was most gorgeous up there!

  16. Dirt Princess, Sure-count me in on a seed swap. I have some here. Email me and I'll send you my address. Monica also did one last year and will probably do it again. They are fun!

  17. You have lots still blooming there too. I'm amazed at how much is blooming everywhere in the middle of October. My hyssop and veronica have been done for quite awhile.
    The camellia is so pretty. Mine won't bloom until late winter.

  18. I'm seeing beautiful mums on everyone's blogs. I didn't plant any this year. Their season is so short... Love the photo of the gold and lavender together.

  19. Oh Tina your Sheffield Mums are just beautiful. They look similar to Clara Curtis only a lighter pink maybe. The Camelia bloom is gorgeous.

  20. all looks so pretty !!! liebe Grüße Kathrin

  21. You've got a lot of blooms going on there, Tina. I like the mums & this yr seems that the Sheffie is very popular. I can't seem to find it here locally. May have to travel to find it. We'll see.

  22. Love the shrooms! It's so jarring that you have things still blooming that gave up here a month ago or more (Balloon flower), yet also have things blooming that haven't started yet here (the Mum). It all looks wonderful and much more pleasant than here in IL. If only Camellias were hardier...

  23. What a gorgeous shot of the Monarch, Tina! You're the first person I've read who has commented about having so many of them this year. There were a few flying around here this fall, but they always seemed to be just passing through. Lots of color still in your garden; hope it hangs on for awhile longer! And thank you for posting the pineapple sage--I wasn't sure if it was an annual or not, so I'd better get out and take some cuttings before the snow falls this weekend.

    Fascinating post on the wasps yesterday. So glad you weren't stung, though. Sophie likes to chase after bees, too; I'm not sure how long it takes a dog to learn this is not a good thing:) I'll second your recommendation on "Gran Torino"--an excellent movie!

  24. My dear that butterfly is wonderful and so are all the sweet blooms you have shown us! I noticed the camellia in the GOBN has blooms but I think it will open in the late winter.
    Isn't the pineapple sage looking wonderful~~even the rain can't stop it.


  25. So many pretties !
    Balloon flower always catches my eye.
    Camellias are spring bloomers for this zone...lots of buds though.
    The Pineapple sage blooms late here also...shame the hummers are gone. Don't you love the smell?

  26. Lots of pretty color still in your garden. Great photos -- love the Monarch. One is still here and I'm so glad that there are so many zinnias still blooming.


  27. I'm glad the monarchs are finding what they need at Tiger Gardens. You certainly have plenty of blooms for their delight.

    I should see if there is a map of the path they take once they leave my area. Could some that had been here now be at your place? I miss them. I miss summer. I meant to take some cuttings of my pineapple sage, but didn't get it done before they froze. I did get some coleus cut, though.

  28. We've had unseasonably cold weather the few days and everything here is really going downhill fast. Your beautiful post cheered me up!

  29. Great shot of the Monarch! It is lovely seeing them now that the Swallowtails are gone for the year isn't it? I love the Sheffield mum. Single mums are my favorite and that is a lovely shade of pink.

    I can send you Bidens seeds. They don't require pre-treatment and can just be broadcast where you want them to grow. The plants are easily transplanted too.

  30. I have just cavorted (virtually) in your garden. I have rolled around on those beautiful flowers (I hope I haven't wrecked anything). Many thanks for post and fantastic images.

    Greetings from London.

  31. Wow-that first shot of the monarch is fantastic! Love the colors of your blooms! Haven't posted my GBBD post yet, but plan to later today.

  32. Nice bloomers! Glad you shared the mushrooms, too I didn't realize pineapple sage had such a nice colored flower. Also love those sheffield mums - what a sublime pink color.

    I've been so disappointed that no monarchs have visited me this year (lots of spiders instead!) , so your excellent photo is especially welcome.

  33. Wow, still so much color at Tiger Gardens! I did not know that Salvia seeded itself! I will have to look for the seeds better yet, be careful when pulling weeds in that area next spring! My balloon flower is still blooming also! I was surprised as I expected it to be long gone by now. Things will be changing here soon as the cooler temps have hit us. Too cool if you ask me….

  34. Great butterfly photo Tina! Looks like I missed bloom day...

  35. It's amazing how you have so many flowers still performing even as you say fall has arrived in your garden. I like the subdued shade of the sheffield mums, I don't think I've seen those before.
    Very kind of the butterflies to pose so perfectly.

  36. Tina you asked about the Bidens -- they are reseeding annuals (even much more so than Cleome). The seeds are starting to ripen now so I can send you seeds in the next week or so.

  37. Gorgeous blooms Tina, looks like I missed another bloom Day. :( Thanks for the info on the Pineapple Sage, mine is blooming now. I'll have to take a cutting for next spring.