Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Think Pink!

By Skeeter

October has become a month of a very important Pink Symbol. Not the pretty Pink Pentas you see here in my Georgia Garden. Pink is a reminder of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Breast Cancer is the second cancer killing disease for women following Skin Cancer. One of the tricks to beating this awful disease is early detection and treatment. So Lady Garden Blogger and Lady's of Male Garden Bloggers, do as I and get your appointment for a yearly mammogram!

It is not as bad as the horror stories I had heard before my first mammogram. I receive more pain from a mosquito bite then a mammogram. If you are a bit modest such as I, try my little trick. I go to my mental "Happy Place" which is my imaginary perfect garden free of weeds. As I stroll through my happy place, I talk to the tech while having my mammogram and soon the procedure is over. Then I treat myself to Pizza at my favorite Italian Restaurant!

So THINK PINK, In the Garden...


  1. Wonderful advice! My daughter lost her MIL to breast cancer a couple of years ago and I know so many other women that have had it. Can't have too many reminders for one of the easiest and quickest ways to catch this early.

    Thanks for the timely post. :)

  2. Good Morning All.
    I've got my appointment Skeeter.
    I have that Pink Penta blooming, also a white one. I put the Pink Penta with the dark potato vine. I must say they are striking together. I also have the Pink & Purple Torenia {wish bone} blooming.

    Morning Tina, I hope you have a prosperous day in the garden.

    Hi Anonymous, I guess you are being kept very busy with the kiddos especially Lil Bundle. What a joy.

    Hi Nina, I hope it hasn't been too hard to restore your garden from the wayward vehicle.

    Hi Dawn, I see you are being kept busy also with school & your crafts. Your garden for the time being is about over I imagine.

    Hi Jean, I do hope you are keeping busy with all your projects. How did your garden do?

    Well I wish for all to have a lovely day.
    I got woke up too early by Garfield telling me to "get up sleepy head". Yeah, he talks.

  3. You know the thing that doesn't seem right is the fact "no deodorant, or powder", just not right!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I am loving the new Save the Ta-Ta's t-shirts that are being sold. Have you seen them?

    You know Skeeter, I can't believe how many of my friends have had breast cancer...The good news is most are surviving. gail

  5. Wonderful timing for your post, my clinic said they would call me in October for my appointment...seems to be October.

  6. Excellent reminder, Skeeter! We all know someone who has been affected and the mammogram is so important and easy to do. We love the Save The Ta Tas slogan too.

  7. Skeeter girl .. that is the best suggestion I have heard yet .. so I will go to my perfect garden mentally and do just that ! Thank you : ) ..

  8. Great reminder, Skeeter!

    I go every January (but used to have to go every six months). My last mammo was digital and the radiologist can see so much more with this new technology. Also, they can easily send the digital images to other experts for consultation, instead of sending films around.

  9. Thanks for the reminder. It's time for the to call for an appointment.

  10. Wonderful tip Skeeter! I have mine yearly too and while it does hurt a wee bit it is over so quickly that it really doesn't hurt!

    Hi Lola, Just a wee bit of planting in the garden then homework inside. Rain is called for-nice for me to relax inside!

  11. My appointment is scheduled for next week. Having had a couple of scares--all of which turned out to be benign--a yearly mammogram is one thing I don't overlook. Thanks for reminding everyone, Skeeter.

  12. With this type of advice it might just be doable for me!!

  13. Good Morning everyone and yet another dreary cloudy day in Georgia but we need the rain so I dont mind at all...

    Breast Cancer is an awful disease and strikes way too many people we know in our life. I just wanted to put out a little reminder as early detection is the key to the cure!

    I have seen those funny T-Shirts with Save the Ta-Ta's on them. One of my friends that’s going through her last procedure with BC sent me a pic of one. I think they are so funny...

    Busy Day for me today and I hope Everyone has a Great Day!

  14. Check those "girls"!
    Everyone knows someone who has had breast cancer.
    But why did it have to be pink? Even though I love pink, now it is associated with an illness. :(

  15. This was a great post and a great reminder. We know too many women (although I know it affects men as well) that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily many of them were diagnosed early because of regular mammograms.

  16. Beautiful photos! Thank you for the reminder and supporting the cause! Such a tragic illness and so many people affected, even in the same family. Catherine is right, even men can be diagnosed.

  17. Kudos to you Skeeter for this post. I sure learned something today as I did not know that skin cancer killed more women that breast cancer. That is just amazing!!!! Must be all the sun and tanning booths women go for. I am one that has never been in a tanning salon and never will be. I also agree with the fact that it does not hurt a bad as I thought it would due to all the horror stories I had heard before getting one and like Tina said, it does not take too long and it is over with. Mem do not get it as often as wome but they MEN DO GET BREAST CANCER.

    Hi Lola, yup I am keeping busy. Right now I am putting some of my garden to bed. Still have onions, carrots, turnip to keep for a while but other things are done. I also still have pumpkins. watermelon, winter squash, cabbage and the last planting of peas. Should still have tomatoes but thanks to the readed blight, I have none. Hope you are doing well and have a great day. Boys oh boys, I sure have been winded today.

  18. I also meant to say that Patrick Dempsey, a Maine native, of Grey's Anatomy has a house about 10 houses down the road from me and he was brought up not far from here and his mother has had breast cancer and he built what is called the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing in Lewiston, Maine in the hospital where his mother was treated for it several years ago and also where his sister is a nurse. For the kick off to Breast Cancer Month he started "The Dempsey Challenge: Year One" this year. It was help this past Sunday. It is a 50 mile cycling tour which he led on his bicycle and he stopped along the way to talk to people and sign autographs. They also had some foot races during the day long event. They had over 3500 participants and raised over a million dollars in the one day. He plans on making it a yearly event.

  19. I like your suggestion to reward yourself with a little treat after the mammogram - never can have enough incentives, right? :-)

  20. Wonderful advice! I've lost most of my relatives on my mothers side in breast cancer and my mum in skin cancer / gittan

  21. It's always good to have this reminder.... we can never be reminded enough. My family and friends have been touched by breast cancer on more than occasion so like many people this is close to my heart. -Jackie

  22. Mom, Ah yes McSteamy. I am so glad he is back on TV and it sounds like he is doing good stuff for breast cancer. A good guy for sure.

  23. Nice picture and thoughtful post. I knew something was up when NFL players were wearing pink wristbands on Sunday.

  24. Rosey, I look at it as Pink is the color of a possible cure!

    I know there are other cancers out there but for so many years women’s health seem to be over looked especially anything to do with the breast! Gee, remember when that word alone was taboo to even mention? Not that long ago and I think we have come a long way since the dark ages.

    Yes, men do get breast cancer as well but women are more prone to this awful disease. If it is known in a family, I think a man should also be checked just to make sure nothing is out of the normal...

    Jean, you live in the land of many famous people. Is it something in the water or what? LOL, it makes for some good stories from you. I enjoy hearing them when you share. And you still have quit a bit of veggies in your garden too! Get them picked as they will not last much longer. Winter is on the way up there for sure. In the 40's for high's in Minnesota. Burrr too early for that cold stuff....

    Lola, I forgot to ask, how are those eyes coming along?

    Everyone have a good evening....

  25. Joel, I heard they wore pink cleats on Monday night football...

  26. Hi Skeeter,
    I used to get one every year, but because of the cost I have to pay, I am going every 2 or 3 years now. Nice post!

  27. great topic.....i love how you deal with the actual mammogram.
    i think i will try this on my next appt. go to my happy place and then treat myself afterwards.
    thanks skeeter.

  28. I've seen the same event advertised on other blogs and I have commended all the other bloggers for promoting National Cancer Breast Awareness Month. You're doing a sterling job and the photo is cute, too.

    Greetings from London.

  29. Sue, the health care system in this country has gotten out of control on the expense of everything from Medicine to Preventative check-ups! That is a shame too. Some people have to decide “do I take my medicine or should I eat tonight” So not right for a country full of wealth. In my opinion, Price control would make a big difference...

    Marmee, I find myself having to do a lot of things I dont like for my own well being. I just go to my Happy Place and am much better with life. Think Happy Thoughts, think happy thoughts :)

    A Cuban, Thank you so much for your kind words. I just wanted to jump in there and remind people to not ignore this horrible disease. I believe the answer to the cure is early detection!

  30. Hi Skeeter, eyes are doing good. The right one is not as good as the left. I learned that it's better to have them removed early. For me the vision is much better. Still have to get my glasses or use the cheaters & that's a pain in the b---. One strength for puter & another for general reading. Aarrrg
    Medicaid is for the pits. Have to go to primary dr. for physical before orders can be faxed for mammogram. Never before did I have to do this.

  31. Lola, I am glad your eyes are doing better. Mother in Law still has to wear reading glasses but is so happy to no longer wear glasses all day long. The sun still hurts them a bit for her so she is sure to wear her sunglasses whenever outside... My mom and dad are constantly fighting with MC it seems like. They had a difficult time changing from company plan to MC. I think all is good for them now though. Well, until the next DR visit and am sure they will have more hassles to overcome again....