Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Furry Treats

By Skeeter This is so not in my Georgia Garden but cute enough to share with you all today. The Saint and I attended the annual "Wags to Witches Fur Ball" benefiting the Humane Society of Clarksville, TN. We left late after work this past Friday basically to attend this wonderful event. Then we returned back to Georgia on Sunday. Yes, one quick trip but so worth the drive and all for a good cause to support the homeless animals. Plus I was able to squeeze in a quick visit to "Tiger Gardens" to drop off a Dogwood tree and pick up a Angel Trumpet from Tina! Tina our visit was awesome as usual and my mom is still talking about your gardens, dogs, birds and killing that leaf, sigh....
I went dressed as a Witch with a Spider theme and had been collecting items found at thrift shops and at bargain prices all over town. I needed some direction of how to put all the goodies together to make a unique costume that no one else would be wearing. And look at what I found with a "witch costume" image search on the Internet! I found cats and dogs in Halloween Costumes! A lot of us gardeners have pets in our life and I thought you may all get a little chuckle from seeing these cute pictures.
Since Halloween is just around the corner, Maybe you will get inspired to dress your little fur ball such as these pet owners have...
Ha, I cannot imagine putting a hat on either of my cats much less getting them to pose for the after picture!
Look how cute this homemade costume is on this little pooch.
This little kitty looks like it is ready to cast a magic spell. Maybe on its owner for the costume...
I am not sure this little girl looks too happy about her costume...
Another cute witch.
Can you believe this picture of not one but two cats in costume?
All this doggie needs is a broom to take off over the moon!
And I saved the best picture for last. Is this not the sweetest face you ever saw? Notice the ears through the hat! What is this kitty thinking? Maybe, "why you do this to me"

These Fur Babies are the reason for driving through Atlanta Rush hour traffic on a Friday night in drizzle rain! Raising money to help the homeless fur balls is all worth the effort, plus we have so much fun each year with our animal loving friends. Here is the costume I ended up creating for the Fur Ball.

I was covered with Spiders and Webs from my hat to my toes! The Saint of course is my Scrooge and does not dress up for the Halloween fun but he did at least put on a Skull and Crossbones shirt. He will dress up next year, he just does not know it yet...

I am happy to announce the Fur Ball raised $20,147 for the cause!

I know this is a Garden blog but occasionally we need to leave our gardens for a good reason and I could not help but share these FURRY TREATS.. Now lets get back, In the Garden...

*Note: All animal photographs were borrowed from the Internet...


  1. Good Morning Everyone! I am entertaining house guests this week and will get on here when possible.

    Everyone have a great day....

  2. Skeeter, Marvalous costume! And the photos are so cute!
    I'm impressed about the amount of money rasied, wow!
    Ha! Poor Saint, nah!

  3. Cute, cute! Loved the last kitty--it really was the cutest! Thanks for sharing these.

  4. Love your costume Skeeter! So glad you posted a pic of it. And it is great the society raised so much money. I was just reading they'll be opening their own spay/neuter clinic. A good thing. Cute animals in costumes too.

  5. Killing the leaf-ha-too funny!

  6. I love it when gardeners leave the gardens sometimes to show us the gardener behind the garden and other interests that they have. Adorable animal photos and your costume is brilliant! Handsome couple here!!

  7. Love the adorable babies.
    Your costume is awesome.
    Wow, that's a great amount.

  8. Simply went into 'oohs' and 'aahs' over the cutest photos ever! The loudest was for your costume!! So befitting for the event! Congrats on the money raised! And the name 'Wags to Witches'...lovely!

  9. That is wonderful. $20-thousand dollars for homeless animals. Amazing. Love your costume!!!

    I went to a costume event for animals too. At this one the animals were wearing the costumes. It was chaotic! Hundreds of folks turned out with dressed up dogs, cats, pigs, horses and sheep. Don't know how much they raised but I'm sure it was a huge success.

  10. LOOOOVE he costume! It is awesome! Great job! I would love to dress up Kiki and Tide, but they don't do so well. Kiki freezes up when you put clothes on her (she's a cat). We laughed and said we should dress her up as a witch that is standing on a broomstick, because onc eyou put the outfit on her, she won't move, and she would just stand on the broomstick all night! LOL!! Anyhow....Bilbo's post is up! He is in New Mexico

  11. That is one hot witch at the end of your post. :)
    Love all the costumes. FUN!

  12. My niece dresses up her two dogs for Halloween! I don't dress myself or my cats.

  13. Your costume turned out great!
    I bought a princess costume for our dog when she was a puppy, she didn't like it much. Maybe I'll try it on her again this year for fun. That last kitten is so sweet.

  14. oh my gosh. how cute! love that last little kitten and the thick gray haired cat too. Nice cosumes.

  15. Then dogs and kittys are so cute but yes, the last one takes the prize, next to you Skeeter. Thanks for a great post. You did an awesome job on your costume!!

  16. Hello Skeeter,

    I'm just having a blast looking at these pics...they are all so cute.... I'm just rolling on the floor laughing....LOL

    They all look koochie koochie...cute.. Wanted to ask , if I may copy these pics onto a mail & forward it to my friends???? Only if u give me a go.... They would all enjoy it,I'm sure.....


  17. Thank you, thank you! I so needed that today. Even the name of the event is brilliant. I love all the costumes. Yours is great too.

  18. Good evening everyone. Raining in GA but we are managing to have fun anyway.

    I am glad you all have enjoyed the animals pics with me today....

    Thanks for the wonderful comments about my costume. I had lots of holes in my fingers from sewing it. LOL...

    Ashkuku, The animal pictures were all taken from the internet so you may copy them for your friends. And yes, my costume as well if you like....

    I must get back to my house guests now....

  19. Oh, that is cute....I think that it is wonderful to no post about gardening every once in a blue moon...

  20. Hi! Love the pics of the fur babies in costumes. And, Skeeter your costume is amazing -we saw you online in the newspaper too:) Sidekick spotted his frog loving girl -don't tell the Saint, hehehe. Have a great night everyone -raining here:( But, the fireplace is going nicely:) Ciao

  21. Wow that is great!!! Love the costumes(-: Jack is going to be a purple monkey!!!

  22. I love the pet photos, but you and your costume are the VERY BEST! Thanks for the smiles. gail

  23. Hey Zach, Good to see you again! It is nice to get out of the garden occasionally especially for such fun...

    Anonymous, Hee hee, I will not tell the Saint :-) I have been wondering what the kiddoes have planned for Halloween...?... Sorry we could not fit in a quick visit but other then my Pet People friends, Tina was the only one I was able to see. Not even a chance to see any of my family except for mom and dad! I have not been able to see the online pics as the computer is acting up on my end. We sure had fun and raised a lot of money for the fur babies…

    Cindee, good to see you again girl… I will have to pop over and check out Jack. A purple Monkey dog, Cant wait to see that one… hee hee….

    Gail, Smiles is what it is all about on this post. Smiles with all the money we made for the fur babies! So happy considering the bad state the economy is in right now. We were really pleased…

  24. LOL, you look fantastic in your costume, Skeeter! My daughter used to always dress up her pug for Halloween each year, even asking my mother to make him a Cookie Monster costume a few years ago--very appropriate for him:) I don't think I'll attempt to dress up Sophie; she'd just eat her costume:)