Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Signs of Spring

By Skeeter

I am hearing signs of spring in my Georgia Garden! Click on the video and you too can hear this wonderful sound.
Robins were once a sure sign that spring is on the way. Now it seems that we see them in our gardens when they should not be here. I have seen Robins in my gardens all winter long this year. The picture you see above is of a Robin during the fall because when I went outside to snap a picture of one today, I could not find one nearby. Ah, the green grass, I cannot wait.Other signs of Spring would be the Daffodil's. With warmer temps, they are finally starting to open, Yippee... Forsythia is starting to open as well. When the Daffodils and Forsythia open, I know that Spring has finally arrived in our neck of the woods. By weeks end, I expect to see lots of yellow in our area. Our Gardens are usually over run by Gold Finches in the winter but this winter we have had only a few of them stay as winter guest. The predominate winter guest have been a small flock of Red-Winged Black Birds! They are the main birds you hear singing on the video above.

They are beautiful birds with their yellow and red wings glowing in the sun. Their red coloring is difficult for me to capture on film. They are a busy bird and very easily scared with movement by me. If you would like to know more about these birds, Click HERE. They have become most chatty lately. I think they are about ready to take off for their homelands.The Birdhouses are cleaned out and holes chewed by squirrels now repaired. Soon, the birdhouses will be bustling with activity by my feathered friends.Here are some of those pesky squirrels which like to chew on things such as birdhouses. Argggg, stay in the trees will you!Ah, a beautiful Blue Jay at the feeders. I wish I could have flowers in my Garden as pretty as this fella! Ah, sure SIGNS OF SPRING, In the Garden...

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  1. Signs of spring are popping up all over, for me it's the Crepe Myrtle, when I see leaf buds on those Im pretty certain no more frost.....we have tons of the red winged blackbirds with the brown headed cow birds, the cowbirds make that cool 'liquid' sound.

  2. Good morning Skeeter ~ Loved that little video and was wondering if it was going to be birdsong, as I've been hearing a lot of that myself, and it just feels like spring. They sound so happy and content. I'd love to be able to see daffies and forsythia in bloom, too warm down here, so I'll enjoy via your pictures and pics from others.

    Have a lovely day and a great week.


  3. Wow! I can not wait for us to start blooming out, until then it's nice for you to share your spring with us.

  4. Love the video and pictures! Carla

  5. Great video. I like the sounds of the birds singing.
    My show of Spring is buttercups, forsythia, Snow drops & my ever faithful Azalea. The little buzzing fellows are there too. lol
    Beside myself as I saw my first blue bird yesterday in my area. Hope to see it more.
    Have a great day all.

  6. I love your photos! And it's so true about the robins. I noticed them in the winter when it was freezing here and snowy. I kept wondering what they found to eat. We are seeing some interesting birds I can't identify and I am wondering if some have begun migration. Your forsythia give me in my Virginia garden hope...the redbuds are swelling, which means spring will soon be here too!

  7. It's definitely on its way! The weather this weekend and yesterday was great here and the birds have been singing too. Hopefully the plants will begin waking very soon.

  8. It's a wonderful spring in your garden! Those birds are MOST happy! And I know that makes you happy too. I now have to go listen to a cowbird like Darla said as I have a strange call here and am wondering if that is it. Everyone have a super fabulous day! Anonymous-the daffys should be out soon!

  9. I saw my first redwing blackbird here yesterday. The males always come early to get the best nesting spots along the creek.

  10. Love the birds singing and I do not have a lot of squirrels so I can just enjoy them and not have a problem with them. I have a feeder on my window by where I sit and I put a cup of sunflower, a cup of mixed birdseed and a cup of peanuts in it at a time so I can make all the little darlings happy but I had not had a squirrel in it all winter till one day last week and he stayed for nearly 3 hours so I thought he was just making up for hibernating all winter but Dawn and JOAT's were here on Sunday and JOAT'S said they do not hibernate but yet chipmunks do. I found that interesting.

    With our mild winter we are close to having Daffy's blooming. I have brought Forsythia's in and put them in water 2 times and they have come out. First time I only had 1 vase as I was sure it was too early. I was wrong so now I have 5 vases fully of them, so cheery. I also have Crocuses in bloom. However they say the weather may change, bummer!!!

  11. Good Morning! Yesterday hit 74 degrees and today calling for more of that so I must get outside soon as I have seeds to scatter amongst other fun things to do...

    Darla, Oh yes, when the Myrtles open, it is safe for sure! We have the brown headed cowbirds drop by at times also. They are neat birds…

    Flowerlady, those birds are most happy! Some are ready to take off for home while others are trying to find the perfect mate. You have a great week also…

    Dawn, Thanks, we aim to please here at “In the Garden” :-)

    Carla, Many thanks to you! Have a good day…

    Anonymous, I have been seeing the bluebirds at the bird houses so hopefully, they will have a home soon. I love the bluebirds as they are such good parents to their baby’s. They will allow us to watch the process from egg to fledgling. Nature is so nice…

    Jeanne, We hardly ever saw Robins in our yard when we first moved here. But we were in a drought and our yard was bone dry so difficult for worm hunting. Now our yard is soggy and they are really enjoying the worms. I have a book on North American birds and it pretty much helps me identify all the birds that stop by for a visit. I so love the birds…

    Dave, Our plants are waking quickly now. Was 74 yesterday and here it is 11 in the morning and I already have all windows open to the house! It may hit 78 today! Weatherman says the pollen count will go from in the 50’s to 2000 by weeks end…

    Tina, yes those birds are happy little chirpers! So ready to take off and mate. The Redwings are so chatty that it is a bit annoying and I keep telling them to go on home as it is warm enough. With them staying, it does make me wonder about more cold stuff….

    Marnie, How wonderful, they are on their way then. Wish the ones in my yard would take off as they are so loud, lol. Soon the trees will be filled with mating calls instead of gathering calls…

    Jean, I think it is awesome how you bring in forsythia to bloom early! I may have to give that a try with a sprig. Now where can I hide it from the cats, hum… Yep, squirrels do not hibernate to my knowledge but the ground squirrels (aka Chipmunks) and I think maybe the Flying Squirrels (aka Gliders) both do. I have not seen a chipmunk in some time now and with OJ around, I doubt I will see one again…

  12. The birds are singing, the daffs are blooming, there are a few buds on the tulips--I can't wait!!! :)

  13. Skeeter, the anonymous is me--Lola. I must have hit the wrong button again.
    I was so thrilled when I saw that little blue bird I hollered. Like to have scared Young'un out of his wits. I really hope I get to see more as I do like them so.

  14. Glad you're seeing signs of Spring there. It's been a long winter for a lot of people this year. I hope you do see lots of yellow by the end of the week.
    Our weather went the other way, after mild weather all winter it got to the 20's last night and is just freezing today, birdbaths are frozen!

  15. Meadowview, It will not be long now!

    Lola, I was wondering if it was our Anonymous or someone eles speaking to me, lol. Thanks for letting me know. I once woke up the Saint from a dead sleep so he could see the Bobwhite Quail I spotted in the yard! He was not too happy at the time but once I told him why I was getting him out of bed, he was happy as he had never seen the quail in the wild before...

    Catherine, The weather has just been plain crazy this winter. I hope none of your blooms were harmed with the freeze. We will probably have one more little freeze at some point but sure was spring out there today....

  16. The birds are singing so much more now! Nesting season is coming for sure.

    We've been having great weather here for gardening.

  17. Hi Tina -it's spring on my side of town -well...okay the daffodils are opening, my crocus are up, I can see hyacinth purple just starting to peek out at us:) Such a great time of year!!! I make my daily trek over to visit the daffodils with the kiddos -the baby just loves being out there without his pile of blankets and stroller cover, lol.
    Hi Skeeter -you have a more advanced Spring than us but we'll get there soon:)
    Hi Lola -hope you're enjoying this wonderful weather. It just makes me so happy to finally see signs of Spring -I know it can still get cold but these flowers are AWESOME!!! Night everyone -ciao!

  18. Finally seeing a few daffodils here. I think spring is truly on the way at last!

  19. Tina it's lovely to see all your spring signs. Where I live red winged black birds are summer guests only :)
    It's cool that they are spending the winter in your garden.

  20. We're a little behind y'all here in the northeast Ms. Skeeter. But there are a few folks here with crocus comin up.

    Thanks for the video of birdsong! I loved it.

    That bluejay is gorgeous, but my! aren't they loud!?

  21. It definitely looks and sounds like spring at your house, Skeeter! The birds are here, the temps are warmer, and the smell of spring is in the air...but not a sign of a flower yet in my garden.

  22. Cameron, I do think that spring is about here although, probably one more frost in store. I must restrain myself....

    Anonymous, Yep, spring is on the way up there for sure. Little Bundle will love the warmth on his little body this summer. Will he be able to take a dip in the pool this year? That will be most exciting...

    Dot, I hope for no more frost but maybe one more before spring is truly here for us…

    Melanie, Skeeter posting today, sorry for the confusion. The redwing showed up in our gardens about 3 weeks ago. I think this is their first trek headed north but just stopping by to refuel for a bit…

    TC, Oh those beautiful Blue Jays are some noisy critters! We have about half a dozen hang out with us and they are torture on the suet cakes too…

    Rose, Give it a few more weeks then it will be your way. You can look at my gardens as a sample of what’s to arrive and soon…

  23. Wow, that robin looks so lean, but maybe it's just the pose of the moment... our robins tend to be rounder! I saw one the other day while walking in a park when there was still snow.

  24. Monica, The Robin was stretching out a bit so the pose made him/her look a bit leaner then it was. Look how plump the Blue Jay looks compared though...