Thursday, March 25, 2010

Georgia Snow in March

By Skeeter Yes, it is March and it snowed in Atlanta, Georgia this past Monday! I do not live in Atlanta but rather a 2 hour drive due east of Atlanta. We did not have snow in our area (Augusta, GA) but you could have fooled me when I was driving around town Monday!
Look at the white filled trees! Yikes, look at that scary sky!
Not white fluffy snow but white blossoms of Pear Trees.
In our area, Landscapes are full of Planted Pear Trees with most of them being Bradford Pears.
They are so beautiful in just about every direction I turn my head.They glow with the sun shining on them and unlike our one real Winter Snowfall, the blossoms do not melt within hours!
Not only do we have tons of planted Pear Trees but also Wild Pear Trees in bloom.

I have talked about these trees in the past but could not find the posting. Anyway, I left that posting a mystery as I did not know what these trees were at that time.
Yesterday, I contacted our retired Extension Agent and he informs me the trees are Flowering Pears while some are Fruiting Pears.
These Pears are abundant and with the many blooming Planted Pear Trees, they are a beautiful sight.
I came upon some in our back woods and took this close up shot of the blossoms. I never knew our back woods had any until the Saint and I took a stroll this past weekend. I stumbled upon some other interesting things while in the woods but will save those for another day.
I do not have any White Blossomed (Blossomed, is that a word?) Pear Trees in my Garden. The trees are too fickle for me but I do have several Bridal Wreath Bushes in bloom. They also look as though they are covered with snow.
The tiny Bridal Blooms are so cute to me and remind me of the days I played bride with my dolls and used the blooms as bouquets for them. Ah, the childhood memories.

Atlanta had the real snow but I prefer this GEORGIA SNOW IN MARCH, In the Garden...

Note; I have been sitting on the Grand Jury and finding it most interesting. I cannot speak of what goes on behind the closed doors as I am sworn to secrecy but I do have one thing I would like to share with you that I learned yesterday. As gardeners, I think you may get a chuckle from this.... "Collard Greens ARE a Weapon"! So be careful if you are growing Collard Greens in your vegetable gardens...

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  1. What beautiful blossoming trees and how wonderful for you to be able to enjoy their beauty.


  2. The fruit bearing and the Bradford Pears are just about finished blooming around here...I so love them!
    What about Mustard Greens, should I be concerned? lol

  3. Those pear trees are beautiful and I had one at the other house I lived at, but the bridal wreath is reeeeally something I want! It is spendid!

  4. Pear trees are nearly invasive in some parts of this area, having escaped from cultivation and thriving. That's not to say they aren't pretty.

  5. The Bradford Pear trees have been beautiful here too Skeeter. I think their blooms are prettier than fruit bearing pears. I miss mine, but the blooms were sure messy! (trying to find that silver lining from losing the tree!) :)

  6. I love Bradford ornamentals. Every spring I wait for the petals to start falling, as it reminds me of snow! Really like your close ups, too.

  7. Good Morning everyone! I have the windows open to the house at 8:30 in the morning! Yippee, the temps are great now....

    Flowerlady, They keep me smiling from Point A to Point B while on the road…

    Darla, They are greening up quickly here so they will be gone soon here as well but replaced with dogwoods and azaleas. Oh yes, be concerned about Mustard Greens as well :-)

    Dawn, I knew I would get your attention with the bridal wreath. After all, I talked about dolls :-)

    Meadowview, That is one advantage to not having them for sure. I get to enjoy everyone else’s trees while I myself do not have any either. I think they are the prettiest I have ever seen them this year in our area. Conditions must have been perfect for them….

    Charleston Garden, These are all starting to shed their blossoms as well. The March winds are blowing them around and they truly look like snow flurries. Thanks, close-ups tell a different story of a plant and flower…

  8. The look great but are so weak against the weather. Many of the wild pear trees you see are hybrids from the Bradford. The birds spread the berries all over. I actually looking forward to the day my pear trees split so that I can replace them!

  9. I love when the pear trees bloom. A certain sign of spring!

  10. Okay, you have most definitely peaked my interest with the collards! Every year I can always know for sure sping is here when the wild pears and plumb trees are in bloom.--Randy

  11. I think the Bradford pears are gorgeous. Too bad their wood is so weak as they really have the best of many ornamental traits. They do glow that's for sure. I love bridal wreath! I have three here-two different kinds. They are budding so it won't be long now.

    Have fun at jury duty and watch out for those collard greens....

  12. WOW! It's exploding spring! Glad your having fun on the grand jury.

  13. Dave, We had a Bradford Pear in the yard when we moved here. It was damaged when a huge pine beetle infested tree was dropped on it so we removed it. I enjoyed the blossoms in the spring but knew not to replace it as they are not great trees, well in spring they are great. I do miss that blooming beauty though…

    Gardener on Sherlock, Yes, a sure sign of spring indeed!

    Randy, How do you cook Collard Greens? Hum, that should answer some questions, lol. Yes, spring is here in full force now and I am loving every minute of it because soon, the humidity will return. Arggggg…

    Tina, Once the Bridal Wreath starts to bud, they take off quickly so you may wake up tomorrow with a bush full of white! Ours kind of opened up over night! I know that Bradford’s are not reliable and that is why we did not replace the one we lost in our yard. But I love them in other people’s yards during spring. They are gorgeous and this year, more so then in the past. Did you get a chuckle from the Collards? Hee hee…

  14. Lzyjo, Spring is in full force here now and yes, I am loving it and Grand Jury too....

  15. I can imagine how pretty it must be. I've never seen a pear tree let alone one in bloom.

  16. Before I read anything I thought it was snow in the first picture. Those pear trees are really pretty! I think fruit trees have such pretty flowers.
    Hope the trial doesn't last too long.

  17. I prefer the white blossoms to snow any day! Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Carla

  18. Those pear trees are very gorgeous. Glad you showed them today.

    I have never been called for jusry duty. My husband was and it was a murder (he was found guilty) tial a few years ago. My mother was called twice, once for the grand jury and once for the travis jury and she LOVED doing both as she said she learned so much.

  19. Truly did make me look twice at the snow! What a treasure.

  20. Melanie, Glad you have seen them on the blog today...

    Catherine, I was shocked as to how much that picture resembled snow when I loaded the pic. I am not on a trail jury but rather the Grand Jury. We meet once a month for 7 months for about 4 hours to hear evidence of possible trail cases. We determine if there is enough evidence to take the case to court where it will be heard by a jury…

    Carla, Yes, this is my favorite type of spring snow!

    Jean, I am finding it most interesting. I am learning so much about the county, local businesses, people and how the Judicial process. I find it odd you have never been called for duty before. I was called when I lived in Louisiana but it was for one trail and it was a silly truck driver protesting a speeding ticket. I so wanted something more interesting. I was called but not selected about 7 years ago. The Saint was called a few years ago and selected then the case settled out of court on the day of Jury Duty. He was so disappointed…

    Bakingbarb, I was shocked as to how some of the pictures turned out. They resembled the snow pics from last month in the trees….

  21. Wow, this really has been a freaky year, weather-wise--snow in Georgia?! I returned home Monday to a beautiful spring day here in Illinois. Of course, we have been known to have snow in April:)

    Love the pear blossoms. I understand your being sworn to secrecy, but now my curiosity is piqued as to how collard greens could be a weapon:) Good thing I don't grow any.

  22. Great pics Tina and great blog. so glad you found me. You are the winner of the garden book and umbrella lights on my blog! Contact me with your address and I will get them into the mail to you. Congrats!

  23. The pear trees are very beautiful Skeeter and I love your Bridal Wreath - very pretty too. Much better than snow! Especially this time of year when we're all hyped up for nice weather and gardening!

  24. Rose, It has been one freaky winter indeed. Freezing temps and snow where normally not and mild temps and no snow where normally snow falls! I wonder if Mother Nature is trying to tell us something...

    Texasdaisy (Debbie) This is Skeeter posting today but I will make sure that Tina knows about her win! She will be most happy about this win…

    Tina, Congrats on winning the goodies over at Texasdaisys blog! Happy reading…

    Raingardener, I was happy to have that snow last month but I do not want any more of the real stuff until Christmas time again! Spring is popping here and I do not want it to freeze the pretty blooms all over town…

  25. Beautiful snowy blooms and they are in full bloom here, too. I don't grow them, but I like to look at them.

  26. Wow, those are some pretty trees. My brother has 2 in front of his home & they are in full bloom now. He says they are gorgeous. He is planning to fix planter boxes {huge} around each one to add more color. Sounds great.
    Some of the Dogwood & Wild Plum are starting to bloom around here.

  27. Cameron, I dont have any either but do enjoy seeing everyone's in bloom. They can deal with their issue while I can enjoy the blooms...

    Lola, The wild plum in our yard have already bloomed and now greening up. The dogwoods are so late this year aren’t they? Guess the cold winter set them back about a week or so. The dogwood are just starting to open and I have yet to see the Azaleas popping. The Encore in the landscaped areas are the only ones I have noticed to open. They should start to open soon though…

  28. Now there is some snow I could fall for! I can't believe it just snowed in Atlanta too. Crazy weather. I hope it straightens out soon.
    Beautiful photos.

  29. Those pears in bloom are magnificent and the Bridal blooms just lovely. I'm inspired to put a little more by way of white flowered plants in my garden :)

  30. What lovely blooms! It's snowing still in Atlanta?!!! Whoa! That's too bad. Sometimes I wish I could use some snow when it gets so hot here that I can't continue working in my garden space.
    I remember my friend who lives in San Jose, California saying that she has cherry blooming in front of her apartment. She sent me the photos which looked lovely and I was longing for them (I always have a thing for fruits and their blooms). Your photos remind me of those cherry blossoms.
    Thank you! Have a great weekend!