Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freebies are the Best!

By Skeeter One day the Saint drove past our house as we were headed back home. We live on a dead-end street and I was wondering where he was going. He told me to just hush and I would soon know. He took me to a neighbor's house to see if I was interested in some freebies for my Georgia Garden. Well, yes, you know Free is my Friend!

This neighbor and my hubby car pool together as they work near each other. He purchased a house on our street about 2 years ago and has been slowly renovating it on the inside. Now they are ready to start working on the yard. The previous homeowner was a gardener and added many dogwoods, azaleas, evergreens, lilies amongst other pretty things to their landscaping over the many years they called this house home. The new homeowner, which I shall refer to as Dee, and his wife are not into gardening. They want to simplify the landscaping and keep things which will attracts bees away from the house. They have two young girls which do not need to be stung by bees. The lilies attract bees and they had to go. Dee was going to toss them all into a ditch but the Saint told him I may be interested in them. Ah, what a Saint I have to think of me in such a time of need. We came home with two truck loads of lilies for free! I have no idea what kind of lilies I now call my very own but I do know there are two different types. Dee says they are orange in color but that's all he knows about them.
Just look at those healthy Freebies!
When the Saint asked if I wanted the lilies, I rushed to the shed and grabbed all the empty pots I could find. I used the pots from the failed Container Vegetable Garden. Thank goodness I still had them in them in the shed. Dee had dug them all out a few days prior to me taking them but they were moist from recent rains. I knew they would not stay moist for long so I jumped into action quickly. I picked up each grouping he had dug out and placed them in the pots while Dee and the Saint loaded them in the bed of the truck for me. Then once home, I put them on the ground near where I had planned to plant some of them.
I chose the front of the Semi-Formal Garden on each side of the new arbor we created. I would love to extend them all the way to the end of the garden (on the left side in the above picture) but this area was still too soggy on planting day. That area is much lower then the remainder of the garden. I have yet to decided what will work with soggy winter conditions and also dry summer conditions during heatwave and drought times. I had to extend the garden outward by digging into the grass about 2 feet along the entire front of the Semi-Formal Garden. Digging out sod made a second chore for me. I was taking the sod and adding it to bare spots in the lawn.
I thought I could knock out that job in a few hours but it took me an entire day to get the sod out and in its new place and the lilies in their new place. It was a hot day and in the full sun so I had to take several water breaks to keep me hydrated.
I still ended up with a headache as I lost more water then I was putting into my body. But I am happy with the results of my hard work. Well, really play as I was having a ball digging in the dirt!
I ended up with 4 clumps on each side with plenty of room for them to spread. Each container had at least 6 if not more plants in them. I really needed to divide them but I had so many that needed to get into the ground that I did not take time to divide them. We can do that another day like say once they get established in a year or so. I think the total container count was 35 or there about. Yes, For Free!
My first lilies were little Dwarf's the Saint brought home to me while on a mission to replace my broken hand shovel. He was standing in line at the Garden Center and picked up two of the cuties. That was 2 years ago and I have been hooked on them! I added several new lilies to the half circle planter on the right last year. So decided to add some of the smaller Free ones to the left planter.
Here they are mingling with Balloon Flower and Lambs ear. Some things will be moved as they grow larger but will be fine for now.
Here is a close up of the round planter for this spring. I hope she fills in soon as I really like a full planter. Voluntary Black-eyed Susan, Dusty Miller, Salvia and Marigold from small slips from 6-packs and Dianthus. St Francis watches over them.
If you were wondering what is behind the new lilies, (to the right of the birdbath) here is that close-up, being Lavender. The bees are buzzing up a storm on this plant as they love it.

I had to extend an old bed and create a new bed for more of the lilies. I also received a statue and birdbath from Dee as he did not want them! You will see those at another time. Gee, FREEBIES ARE THE BEST, In the Garden...

Note: I have plans to depart my Georgia Garden for a few days so I will be MIA for a bit. I will pop in to say hey when I get a chance. I will be around to visit as soon as I am able. Everyone enjoy these beautiful mild temps while we have them...

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful haul of freebie plants. I love your formal garden. You've done and are doing a lovely job with your gardens. Your pictures were great!


  2. Skeeter,
    People are so ignorant. Bees they only attack when disturbed. I have waded through lots of meadows with my camera full of bees never got stung. Great find and I hope they are really something.

  3. Skeeter girl you are one lucky gardener and WOW ! You have me loving that garden of yours to bits !
    The only thing , if I might ?
    I would have cut back the foliage on an angle (squared off looks worse some how .. "sword like" is better)
    When ever I transplant day lilies that have so much foliage .. well cutting that back gives the roots relief in establishing themselves there .. now this is just something I do .. maybe down south there you can get around it ?
    You have to know .. I had to poke you with a STICK because I am so darn jealous ? LOL
    They will be absolutely LOVELY girl : )
    There was a full moon last night and I had to howl at it .. made the neighbors a little nervous .. but then ? they leave me alone and stop talking to me while I am in the GARDEN ! Ha !!
    One more piece of advice .. I know .. go away and shut up why don't you !! haha
    I have a serious problem with dehydration .. what was advised to me .. and now passed to you, are those sports drinks .. nothing fancy .. I actually buy them by the case from Costco .. there is only 30 calories to them but they are electrolyte balancing drinks that will help keep those headaches away and rehydrate you better than just plain water .. so get some girl !!

  4. Those are some VERY healthy looking lilies indeed! Lucky you!

    Have a safe trip. I've heard from all and Thursday is a go:) Wish Lola and Dawn could come! We'll miss you guys!

  5. Free plants are the best! You are so lucky, Skeeter--these lilies look mature and so healthy. They're going to fill up your flowerbed in no time. This garden area is looking more beautiful every time I see it!

  6. Freebies are indeed good and are a large portion of my garden, esp. when I was starting out. We call those orange lilies tiger lilies here, and watch out, they take over! :)

  7. Great deal Skeeter! You were fortunate to find them. Your garden looks very good and the new arbor definitely adds character to the area.

  8. Skeeter, These look great, they are such mature lilies, I am incredibly surprised! i bet your new arbor will look amazing come summer when all the lilies start to bloom!

  9. Morning everyone, Plans have been set a bit back for my departure but still busy getting everything in order before I take off.

    Joy, too bad I did not know that advice before planting. Arg, now I don’t have time to do anything else to them as I am headed out of town. Oh well, we will see how they do this year. I am a moon howler as well! My neighbors know I am crazy with my talking to the animals, plants and whatever else I desire to chat with. I carry on conversations with the fencepost when really bored, hee hee….

    I am new to lilies but know one thing, I do love their beautiful flowers. Yes, bees is a sad excuse to get rid of plants but I forgot to mention we have copperhead and rattle snakes in our area. The lilies were really thick and overgrown. They live in the middle of more woods then us so they are terrified the girls will come upon a snake and get bitten. They are trying to clear every thing away from the house where the girls play…

    I must get now, will pop in when time allows but I am super busy then off…

  10. Great haul. By two types of lilies, do you mean there are daylilies and true lilies as well? It looks as if there were some true lilies in the truck.

    Not cutting back your daylilies probably won't set them back much since they were never really out of the dirt: straight to pots then straight to soil. One good watering will hold them for the week you are to be gone. On your return, you can cut off any yellow foliage.

    No cutting back for true lilies. If they are going to bloom, the bud is already formed.

  11. Wow! If it's free, it's for me! Lucky you! Carla

  12. You can't beat Free Plants. Good job on getting them planted so quickly. Can't wait to see the birdbath & statue you got too. :)

  13. Wow Skeeter, that was some haul you made. I guess those folks are just not gardeners and that is okay as we would have one boring world if we were all alike. You were very lucky girl.

  14. Wow Skeeter, you are one lucky girl. The Saint is a Saint for thinking of you & your garden. He is to be commended.
    They look awesome on either side of the arbor. You sure do have an eye for what looks great.
    Have fun on you getaway.

  15. Awesome to get so many. Not just a start. They will love their new home.

  16. I love your St Francis. I have one too. He was in the garden when we looked at the house a year ago - I took it as a good omen! We bought the house this time last year, and I'm totally in love with it and the garden!

  17. What a deal! I'm a lily lover too. Your garden is just beautiful! I enjoyed seeing a bigger view of it, that arbor really gave it an even nicer look.

  18. How fortunate you were Skeeter to get all of those lilies for nothing. And they look fantastic where you put them. Your formal garden is beautiful. Good job!

  19. Whoa Skeeter! That's so sweet of Dee and your hubby to have been so thoughtful and aware of your desires! Great find! I am a fan of lilies myself - especially the Oriental Lilies! I like the round planter that St Francis is watching over. It'd be great once it's crowded with foliage and blooms!

  20. Holy cats! Free plants is totally awesome. It's a shame those folks didn't want to keep such beautiful plants but good for them for recycling them into the hands of a gardener! And points to your sweetie for thinking of you.

    I would be totally jealous but my mom in law asked me to dig up and take home some of her daffodils this weekend. I think I ended up with 2 or 3 HUNDRED. Some how I managed to get them all into the ground yesterday morning but I didn't spread them out as well I would have liked. Like you I figure I can more them around next year after I see what they're like when they come up.

    Oh, and she also had me dig up and take home three small roses and a lovely hydrangea. Free is definitely fabulous!

  21. Wow, was that your lucky day. They look so good planted along that new archway too. Your garden bed is looking so lovely.

  22. I love your garden! What a nice place to relax! I like where you put your free lilies. I look forward to seeing them in bloom. I am sure the former owner would be happy that they are now in your garden!

  23. Good evening everyone! A nasty windy day here in GA but I have all my ducks in order and ready to take off in the morning. My Saint will keep the kittys in good spirits while mommy is gone...

    Nelljean, I am not sure what they are and will be interested to see them when and if they bloom.....

    Thanks for your wonderful comments everyone and I hope to chat with you soon....

    Lola, you will be so missed as will Dawn. If only, sigh....

    Bye now...

  24. Great truckload! Wonderful photos of your garden.
    Hope you'll be having fun while you're gone.

  25. Freebies are the BEST Skeeter! Your new garden is gorgeous. Hope you're having a wonderful trip!

  26. Need to get busy as brother brought me some more goodies. Boy, those Knock Out Roses are just gorgeous not to mention the huge hanging baskets of Geranium.
    Knee still crazy {left one at that} & can't hardly walk but maybe I can use post hole diggers so I can get these lovelies in the ground while it's so cool.
    Wish I could be there too.