Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glutton for Challenges

The bees/wasp are gone from the Planter in my Georgia Garden. Look who moved into the hole they once occupied. This toad is a welcome sight and can call this hole home as long as it likes.
The Onion in this planter fell to the ground from being top heavy. I decided it was time to pluck it. The Saint is showing you how tall this onion grew.
And it was a Spring Onion that went wild!
For the next 12 days, Zip doggie will be our house guest. The Bathroom/Closet renovations continue, The Drought continues and now we add Zip to the fold. I am a GLUTTON FOR CHALLENGES, In the Garden...

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  1. Toads are always welcome. That is one impressive spring onion. Have fun with are always up to a new challenge, you can do it.

  2. Maybe better a "gluten" for challenges than a "glutton" for them???

    Just kidding! Sounds like you have your plenty on your plate.

    I'm sure that would have been a blue ribbon spring onion at any county fair!

  3. Good Morning, We had a storm roll through last night and debris is all over the place. What a mess but a happy welcome for the 1/2 inch of rain we received! Yippee....

    Darla, Zip is a good boy and does listen to commands so he will be fine with us. The cats get a bit jealous of his time with us though...

    Rebecca, Thanks for pointing that out to me. Spell check does not catch such mistakes. Hee hee… I corrected the mistake… Yes, a Blue Ribbon Onion indeed…

    Everyone have a nice day. I will be adding yard clean up to my chores today…

  4. You sure have alot on your plate right now Skeeter. :)

  5. Tina, i love that photo of the toad, it was so clear and cute. But that onion can be a big aberration, are you sure it is not a mutant, it might be a GMO which got the gene from a big plant, haha!

  6. Life just wouldn't be any fun without the challenges. What would we have to talk about? You might have had more rain from that storm if I hadn't convinced it to drop a 1/2 inch here. I watched it roll northward as I drove home last night and begged it to stay a little longer. It wouldn't listen.

  7. Cute toad. They are always welcomed here too. That is one tall onion indeed. Did you eat it? Have fun with Zip and hang in there-on the home stretch now.

  8. How fun to have toad living in your garden. Much better than a bees nest! Zip is very cute, he looks pretty relaxed in the picture :)

  9. Morning all.
    That is one comfortable looking toad. I like to see them in my garden also. Perfect hole for it.
    Zip looks to be content. Poor resident babies----jealous?
    Maybe I better check out my onion that is blooming. I've never had one to bloom before. Walking onions different story.

  10. Love finding the toads in the cute!!

  11. That toad sure did pose for a great shot. Awesome.

    That onion is really something else.

  12. Good afternoon....

    One cat hiding and one cat in a box near Zip daring him to go near her. She is Top Cat and lets Zip know it. All is going smoothly thus far. Will go out and clean the yard a bit....

    Have a great day....

  13. Love the toad looking out of the hiding place. I can't get over how tall that onion is!! wow.

  14. Good evening everyone. Wow what a day. Making sure Zip, Sheba and Cheetah are getting along is putting me a bit on edge but everything seems fine for now. OJ, Zips cat brother wants in the house with us. He is crying at the back door. We have never allowed him in the house and do not think that a good idea so we must ignore his pitiful cry’s. He has CoCo and Lilo a new brother to keep him company but he wants to be with us. Gee.....

    Spent a lot of time cleaning up the yard once the Saint came home. What a mess but we were lucky as others had real damage and still many without power tonight....

    The Saint is taking a day off tomorrow and accompanying me to a Garden nursery for their yearly sell! They normally do not open to the public but once a year. I am going to enjoy the stroll around the nursery and hopefully bring home some goodies for fall planting....

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  15. You will persevere! Best wishes with your projects and Zip!

  16. could zip be trained to help with the renovations? (lol)

  17. I think you are a glutton for punishment, Skeeter! We recently dogsat Sophie's sister for a weekend--it was like having two-year-old twins in the house:) Hope your house is not quite so chaotic.