Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunny Flower's


Last year I planted Sunflower seeds in my Georgia Garden.
Imagine my happiness when spotting this sunflower bud.
Imagine the disappointment to have only 2 plants bloom from an entire package of seeds planted.
We fast forward to today and find sunflowers growing below the bird feeder. Do you see the squirrel below the feeder?
Not planted by me but by the beautiful birds scattering seeds from above.
I cannot believe the squirrels missed all these seeds on the ground. I am ever so happy they did though.
Every day I have a new flower waving at me.
Thank you Gold Finch, for providing me with SUNNY FLOWERS, In the Garden...
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  1. Skeeter,
    We also have bird plated sunflowers, about 10-12 of them one is blooming so far. Yep I would not buy the seeds to grow them, birds like them an awful lot.

  2. Your bird garden helpers did great with the sunflowers.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  3. The birds sometimes do it best! What a bright sunny flower!

  4. Sunflowers seem to do better when they pick the spot they grow in. Love the yellow!

  5. Good morning everyone! Another hot day and still no rain. The pool felt like bath water after only 1 day in the sun. But hopefully, will continue to cool me down before a heatstroke in the garden...

    Everyone have a great day...

  6. Sunflowers make such a bold sunny statement in the garden. Glad you have lots planted by the birds! I love watching the birds on the blooms as they age and the seeds are ripe.

  7. Oh gold finch very pretty and did a good job. We had birds brought sunflower seeds in our hanging pot and suddenly a metre tall of sunflower blooming in there.

  8. Hi Tina, I meant to plant sunflowers this year and forget all about it. The birds did wonderfully planting yours.

  9. The are so very pretty, I love sunflowers and any plant that is planted by the birds is a big welcome. I remember the huge fields of sunflowers in Germany. They were awesome!! Since you lived in Germany you must know what I am talking about. Fields as far as you could see, just a big sunshine yellow!! They were breathtaking.

  10. Good evening all. I ran my errands in town and did not die from the heat. Although, it is hot out there people....

    Jean, yes, the sunflowers in Germany were awesome. And their food was yummy as they used real sunflower oil and the taste was just so yummy....

    Picked up my first of the season fresh from the garden (roadside stand) blueberries today. They are so sweet and nothing like the ones in the stores. Crooked neck squash, zucks and tomotoes are in the house as well., Cannot wait to cook up some goodies from the local gardens tomorrow!

    Everyone have a great evening...

  11. Hello all.
    Skeeter that is an awesome stand of sunflowers. Sure wish I had room for them. Maybe next yr. I'll try to squeeze a couple in.

    Update on baby with Bacterial Meningitis. She is eating a little. Seems the drugs are working. Ggm will see her tomorrow, hopefully.
    Prayers are awesome.
    Thanks one & all.

  12. What fun! I had a similar experience last summer. :)

  13. I understand about the planting alot of seeds and only a few plants come up.

    That's exactly what happened to me..I planted so many beets, and spinach, and carrott seeds, and I only had one carrot come up, one spinach plant come up, and three beets.

    Go figure!

  14. Lola, I am so happy to hear that news. Hopefully that little sweetness will fully heal...

    Troutbirder, Nature is nice...

    ZZ, Funny how that happens. I dont really have much luck with seeds. I dont know why but I rarely have luck...