Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I sit at my computer and look out into my Georgia Gardens and what do I see? Very difficult to spot so I shall zoom in for you...
Little Cottontail has a mouth full of leaves and Liriope (Monkey Grass).
Bunny ran around the stump and was doing something in the tall Monkey Grass.
I once again zoom into the area for a peek as to what is going on.
I put off my plan of grass mowing so as to not disturb the cute critter. Once the sun was beaming into this area, I noticed that he/she had moved on to the woods. I went outside to discover this. Can you see the rabbit hole?
Little fluff ball was making a nest right in the middle of my Liriope Planter!
I would love to have baby bunnies in the garden but after pondering this for a while, I decided it was not best for baby bunnies to be in our yard.
Not for fear to my plants, I can always chase them around. I would more then likely find the babies succumb to the claws and teeth of my buddy OJ kitty or Zip the Rat Terror, I mean Terrier. So I sprayed the area real well with bunny deterrent, sigh. There will be no NESTING, In the Garden...

If I spot a Monkey in this planter, I will let him/her be as it is after all Monkey Grass...

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  1. Good morning everyone! I am up early to once again beat the heat in the garden. Hot, humid and dry as a bone here in my neck of the woods....

    The renovations continue and my aches continue but the garden will die without my help today. i must endure the pains and get to the yard. Grrrrrrr, Mother Nature, we need rain!

    Everyone have a great day....

  2. Skeeter,
    If Zip is anything like the Rat Terriers we saw on this goat farm, the bunnies would be history in very short order. Oh my..

  3. We've had a few baby bunnies this year succumb to the rabbit patrol here, aka Sophie (the Golden) and the Tarzan the Cat and crew. As much as I don't want them growing up to munch on my veggie garden, I don't wish this fate on them either. I hope the rabbit deterrent works, Skeeter, and Mama finds a better place for a nest.

  4. I'm glad they don't nest in my garden anymore since we put up the privacy fence. They can be quite the nuisance even if they are cute. Plus my Terrier Spaz ( and yep she's a terror too lol) would not be very accomodating to these visitors. ;)

  5. Great photos! Does rabbit deterrent really work? I wonder if it would work on voles???

  6. Cute cute bunny! The babies are cute too but I think you are smart to chase her away. Love your humor at the end.

  7. Well, at least it looks like a secluded spot. We had a bunny next right in the middle of our lawn once. With all the shrubs and flowers, you would think momma bunny would have picked a nicer spot. Too cute the photo of the bunny with all the grass!

  8. That picture with the bunny with the grass in its mouth is priceless! I would not want baby bunnies in my garden...they eat too much.

  9. He sure is cute but they can really make a huge mess of a garden so if it were me I would try to trap him and relocate him before there are 100 little bunnies running arould!

    Very cute ending.

  10. They are cute...you did the right thing trying to change the bunny's direction away from the claws and teeth of your resident critters...I believe I would leave the monkey if I spotted one too.

  11. Hi all.
    Awwwww, how cute. But bunnies don't need to nest in the garden. They do eat too much.
    Hopefully she will go into the woods.
    Like the one about the monkey.

  12. We don't get many bunnies--but they are soooo cute! Wouldn't mind having a Benjamin Bunny in my garden maybe. :)

  13. Hello everyone. I have been in the heat all day and I am pooped! The humidity takes the life out of me but I had to get out there. I was not able to get everything accomplished so I must get back out into the heat either this evening, or tomorrow. I cannot believe how dry the ground is even after watering....

    I had a ball watching this bunny with the mouth fulls of grass and leaves. I would enjoy a bunny family but best to send her into the woods where she has a chance...

    Yes, Liquid Fence works but is pricey! It does not seem to work on Voles/Moles in my yard.

    now off to rest....

  14. What a cute picture! It sounds like you made the right decision to prevent anything happening to babies. Hope you get some rain down there soon.

  15. Oh, that was just the cutest! However, you are right, and around here our cat has been having a field day with squirrels, chipmunks, so a bunny rabbit would not be happy.
    I felt the heat today after working out in it all day, we do need rain so bad, I could probably scoop up the Georgia red clay and have a pot made in a day!

  16. you know they are the cutest things but we encourage them to nest other places too....

  17. I have been dealing with a headache again this evening so no more outside working for me today. Yep, the heat got to me once again... The Saint installed the pool so now I will have a place to dip and cool off while working the hot Georgia Heat....

  18. Hope you're feeling better soon Skeeter! That's wonderful you now have a pool to cool off in.

    The bunnies are cute, but cause a lot of destruction here in our garden! Since early spring we have had hawks visiting our yard a few times a day, and a lot less bunnies. Hawks have to eat too, and I can't say I'm sad seeing fewer bunnies here. There had been way too many, and few predators aside from neighborhood pets to keep them in check. Our dog George chases them, but has never really tried to catch one. I hope the hawks stay around. They're such fascinating creatures.

  19. Garden Girl, I am feeling much better today thanks. Yes, the hawks here would have been a baby bunny issue as well. I understand the Life Chain and respect the Cycle of Life in the wildlife world. I just dont want to see it as it saddens me, sigh. But such is life and I try to deal with it even when seeing a beloved bird snatched from the ground by my feeders. I guess if I dont want to see it, I could stop feeding the birds. Na, I enjoy my birds and know the hawk must eat too.

    Everyone have a great day...

  20. Skeeter, Yesterday and today have been unbelievably hot and humid. Most unusual for the shore of Lake Michigan. Since it is way to hot to work in the Gardens at Waters East, it is a good time to catch up on your Blog and other Blogs I am following. Nice to see that you have the rabbit in your garden! Those little buggers have really ruined the bushes here. I have red fox and Bald Eagles but they don't seem to catch all of them. I will admit they are cute, but if you want more come North and take some back with you!! Photos were nice I will admit! Jack